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Go Digital 2004 archive
Missed an edition of Go Digital, the weekly BBC World Service programme that looks at how technology is changing our lives?

Then click on the link below where you can catch up with previous editions of the programme.


27 December - Biometrics for online security, software to fight fire and sensor technology

20 December - Technology to combat terror, hi-tech firefighting systems and Lego robots

13 December - Radio tags on drugs and good design in technology

6 December - How the internet has changed over the past 10 years


29 November - Fighting Aids in Kenya with text messages and hi-tech eyes for the blind

22 November - Exploring Mars by balloon, synthetic pigs and Tanzanian hi-tech

15 November - Popularity of Firefox browser, the internet in Iran and Lego insects

8 November - Wearable computers, spammers jailed and hi-tech training for children in Ghana and Nigeria

1 November - Global web poll on US elections, biometric ID cards and robots play pass the parcel


25 October - Impact of the internet on the US elections, robots in the home and green windsurfers take to the web

18 October - Hi-speed wireless, political game-playing and face recognition

11 October - Tackling spyware, lip-reading by phone and video games for street children

5 October - American legal theorist Lawrence Lessig on copyright and creativity, GameBoy training for aspiring traders and Wikipedia celebrates its millionth article


27 September - Looking forward to the World Cyber Games, older gamers and going clubbing with a micro-chip

20 September - Satellite technology to aid refugees in Chad, digital radio over shortwave and weather forecasts by supercomputer

13 September - 10 years of net cafes, computer games with a message and the appeal of The Sims

6 September - Intelligent bandages, the new iMac and virtual music to help children with cerebal palsy


31 August - Wearable computers for the emergency services, facial biometrics and composing for animated films

23 August - Insurance based on your mileage via GPS and opening the net to pupils in Samoa

16 August - Operating on a virtual heart, going online in Samoa and the UN game about hunger

9 August - Satellite navigation and the Olympics, and text messages in support of a women's rights petition

3 August - Net censorship around the world, e-farming in India and software to make a hit song


26 July - Towards a multi-lingual net and Chile's slum dwellers try out mobile phones

12 July - E-voting in Venezuela, censorship in China and training nurses on virtual dummies

5 July - Iraq seeks to plant its flag in cyberspace and learning via satellite in Fiji


28 June - Wireless sensors in glaciers, CD players for the blind and the anti-cancer game

21 June - Webcasts reunite Kashmir families and the battle for the online music market

14 June - Euro 2004 on the web and low cost technology for Sierra Leone

7 June - Barcodes tested on hospital patients, Ugandan music online and opera you control


31 May - Tackling software piracy, virtual opera and clothes that hug you

24 May - Fighting online crime, wi-fi in Nepal and is e-mail killing the art of conversation

17 May - Bringing wi-fi to the Maldives, inside a virtual church and smart dust

10 May - As India's e-elections end, a special report on the impact of the digital revolution on politics

3 May - The role of the net in the US presidential elections, in pursuit of perfect acoustics and mobiles as concept art


26 April - Using mobiles for religion, projecting images into your eye and computers in cars (no webcast available for this edition)

19 April - How mobiles can save lives, the row over radio tagging and behind the scenes at the show of cameraphone photos

12 April - How far do past visions of the future match the present? (Audio only)

5 April - The future of file-sharing, radio e-mail in the Pacific and CDs made from corn


29 March - Computing that follows you around and does technology rule your life (Audio only)

22 March - Mobile phone lifeline in Sierra Leone and sign your credit card with your finger

15 March - Online lifeline for Palestinian students and the connected home of the future

8 March - Satellite technology fights crime and how computers are more polluting than cars

1 March - In a special report on e-mail fraud, we hear from the victims and the forces trying to catch the scammers


23 February - Wi-fi football, do-it-all hi-tech cars and language software that tracks terrorists

16 February - Meet Honda's humanoid robot Asimo, teaching computers to see and fashion video on your mobile. (Apologies but due to technical difficulties there are no images with this week's webcast)

9 February - Chatroom perils, phone calls over the net and telemedicine with radio

2 February - Computer giants accused of running sweatshops and TV ads on the web


26 January - Bombay to monitor net cafes, making your own digital art and the exercise gamepad

19 January - Online help for Iraqi students, why the typical net user is no geek and the game to help deaf children speak

12 January - Is Tunisia the right place for the next UN digital summit, plus the latest from CES

5 January - Updates on Simputer and Senegal's mobiles for fishermen, plus analyst Carl Franklin on the "hype of new technology"

Go Digital is broadcast every week on the BBC World Service radio on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Local times vary.

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