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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 December, 2003, 12:51 GMT
UK gamers suffer in winter heats
Gamers at the CPL Winter tournament, CPL/Netfire
CPL Winter saw lots of intense gaming (courtesy Arato/MFAVP)
UK pro-gaming team Four-Kings has finished eighth in the prestigious Cyberathlete Professional League winter tournament.

The result is a surprise because the team's Counter-Strike squad was seeded fifth before the Dallas event started.

However, the team was struck down by illness before a key match, which meant they did not live up to their ranking.

But the team did not come away empty handed and picked up a $2000 (1,135) prize for their efforts.

$130,000 in prize money

The tournaments run by the Cyberathlete Professional League are among the biggest in the pro-gaming world.

A total of $130,000 in prize money was on offer for the top players of Counter-Strike and Halo on the PC at the winter tournament which was held from 16-20 December.

In tournament Counter-Strike matches each team takes a turn playing terrorist or anti-terrorist forces in 24 rounds.

The Four-Kings clan started well and staged late comebacks to beat top Canadian clan Evil Geniuses and South American clan Punto in their first two matches.

The victories meant Four-Kings went up against highly rated German clan Mousesports.

Some team members were suffering from a heavy cold which took its toll in this match which the team narrowly lost. Mousesports ultimately came third in the whole event.

Four-Kings won their next match against the respected American Forsaken clan but lost heavily to Brazilians MIBR who had already staged one upset by beating the top-rated 3D clan.

Four-Kings also lost their final playoff match to US team United 5 putting them in overall eighth place.

Favourites Schroet Kommando from Sweden won the tournament meaning they walked off with the top prize of $30,000 and were crowned 2003 CPL champions.

This year Schroet Kommando has won more than $100,000 at CPL events.

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