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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 December, 2003, 11:47 GMT
Broadband arrival for GNER trains
GNER train
GNER is the first UK rail firm to offer passengers broadband internet
First-class train travellers speeding along GNER's East Coast route can get fast broadband net too as wireless web trials get under way from 1 December.

The train company is the first to offer wireless net - or wi-fi - in a three week trial on one train, in the hope of attracting more business travellers.

Customers with wi-fi enabled gear can register on the GNER site to take part.

Broadband without wires is growing, and analysts predict 90% of business laptops will have wi-fi by 2006.

High-speed ahead

GNER, which operates the London to Scotland main line route, is the first train operator to offer high-speed net coverage and says it will revolutionise public transport in the UK.

"Offering wireless internet access on the move makes time you spend travelling by train even more productive," said GNER.

Business travellers using wireless technology
Wi-fi allows high-speed net access with no wires
First class passengers who want to use the service will be able to send and receive e-mails, surf the web and access corporate networks at broadband speeds.

But although the service will provide an "always on" link, users will not get a uniform connection speed.

The train in the trial is fitted with a satellite dish which will access a combination of available networks as the train travels.

Connection speeds will vary depending on objects that get in the way along the track, and according to the coverage afforded by the multiple networks used.

GNER plan to put wi-fi in 10 high-speed diesel trains and 30 electric trains if the trial is successful.

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