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Last Updated: Friday, 29 August, 2003, 10:19 GMT 11:19 UK
New 3G handset offers much
The Motorola A920, Motorola
The handset packs in a lot of functions
The UK's third-generation phone firm 3 has expanded the range of phones on offer to subscribers.

The Motorola A920 will be launched next week and combines a handset, video phone, games machine, MP3 player and organiser into one package.

The phone will only be available on the 3 networks.

The company hopes the multi-function device will help make more stark the difference between its services and those of other UK phone firms.

Handset help

Since it launched earlier this year, UK 3G operator 3 has attracted about 155,000 subscribers.

Many people may have resisted signing up because of the limited number of handsets available for the network.

The models available are broadly similar in looks and functions to many of those seen on older, 2.5G networks.

But Ken Johnstone, head of handsets at 3, said that the A920 starts to set 3G networks apart from its older rivals.

"It will clarify in people's minds what 3G is all about," he said.

Mr Johnstone said the 65,000 colour screen was much larger and sharper than the 4,000 colour displays on older 3G handsets such as the NEC e606 and Motorola A830.

As well as doing person-to-person video calls, the handset can download good quality video clips up to 2 minutes in length in less than 30 seconds.

Turned sideways the screen is a much better size for showing off sports clips, movie trailers or music videos.

Size: 148.5 x 60 x 24.3mm
Weight: 212 grammes
Screen: 208 x 320 pixels (65,000 colours)
90 minutes talk time
Up to 70 hours of standby time
Handwriting recognition
MP3 Player
Memory card slot
Uses Symbian operating system and microbrowser
Supports POP3 mail
Plays Mpeg4 or WMV video clips
Mr Johnstone said the clips of premiership goals and action were proving popular but also admitted that 3 was as much educating customers about what its network could do as it was marketing to them.

He said that 3's main selling point was its competitive tariffs on voice calls.

The tri-band A920 would help 3 create a new category of customer that wants much more from a phone than just the ability to make voice and video calls.

The phone can do all the things people expect such as text and picture messaging but also has onboard a personal organiser, diary, music and video player. A wide range of games are available for download from 3 including classics such as Super Breakout and Asteroids.

The handset is also fitted with 3's location services that let people find out where they are or how near they are to restaurants, pubs or other destinations.

Bob Shukai, director of 3G product marketing at Motorola, said the A920 established the foundations for a series of handsets that will roll the same functions into progressively smaller models.

No prices have been given yet for the A920 but 3 said it would be in line with the prices of other handsets for its network.

The handset is being made exclusively available on 3's networks and was jointly developed by the operator and Motorola.

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