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Search on for top net cafes
Everest's internet cafe could be contender for most remote location
To mark the 10th anniversary of the UK's first internet cafe opening in 1994, Yahoo is launching a search for best cafe of 2004.

There will be four categories - the cafe in the most unusual or remote location, the most stylish cafe, the one with the best coffee and food and the most accessible.

Nominations can be made until 1 November 2003 and the lucky winner could receive a free round-the-world ticket to deliver the award in person.

As well as the nominee's contact details, entries should include a maximum 500 words about why the cafe deserves to win.

Remote access

Nowadays it is a challenge to find anywhere in the world without an internet cafe but in fact the first one was opened in London's Whitfield Street just 10 years ago.

Cafes in remote locations and areas where people cannot afford home internet access play a vital role in allowing people to stay in touch.

Cyber cafes in the developing world are extremely popular and even in hi-tech cities such as London, they have no shortage of customers.

The internet cafe on Everest is likely to be a contender for the most remote location. It opened early this year in time for the recent 50th anniversary of the mountain's conquering.

Internet Outpost in Broome, Western Australia is also pretty remote. Between the Great Sandy Desert and the Indian Ocean it is 200 kilometres to the nearest town.

It is testimony to the importance the internet plays in the modern world that people have gone to extremes to wire places that would otherwise be cut off from the information highway.

In Afghanistan, people are now free of the internet ban imposed by the Taleban Government and the Afghan Wireless Communication Company has just set up an internet café in Kabul's Intercontinental hotel.

Net beats coffee

The Pacific Island of Tuvalu might be under threat of being swallowed by the ocean due to global warming, but while it is still afloat it offers a two computer internet café in the offices of website Tuvalu.tv.

The site's motto is: "We don't have coffee yet, but we have the internet."

One of the UK's remotest internet cafes is in Inverie, a village in the Scottish Highlands.

Despite having no main road network and having to rely on a boat service to the local town, residents and visitors can still pop down to the local pub The Old Forge to do their shopping on the internet.

Entries for the best internet cafe should be sent to internetcafeawards@yahoo.co.uk.

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