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Web win for punk kittens
SpongMonkey as featured on RatherGood.com
It's not all just kittens: SpongMonkeys also get to sing
"Thank God for little kittens".

The words chosen by creator of website Rathergood.com on accepting his prestigious Webby award and a sentiment that a growing band of net groupies would agree with.

The winner in the Weird category, Rathergood has become a cult hit on the net, with its animations of punk kittens playing a diverse selection of hit songs from Destiny's Child to The Vines.

These days it is not just about kittens though, with an animated Britney, uberpeas and SpongMonkeys all vying for the celebrity status enjoyed by the site's kittens.

Surreal trip

Site creator Joel Veitch was unable to confirm exactly what a SpongMonkey is but he does know one thing.

Joel Veitch
Veitch: Surprised by number of kitten lovers
"They sure like the moon," he said.

The site was launched by Londoner Mr Veitch, as an online vehicle for his surreal animation and writing skills.

It is an illustration of how diverse the web has become that sites such as Rathergood become such hits and tribute to the community element of the net that allows such gems to be picked up and passed on to so many so quickly.

"The net is very democratic. The essence of the web is that anyone can do something successful," said Mr Veitch.

Other winners

And with around 150,000 hits a day, Rathergood is proving to be a winner, thanks in large part to the kittens.

"The most popular stuff is the kittens," said Mr Veitch.

"I was quite surprised by how popular they are but I suppose it is obvious. People love kittens and kittens playing music is a funny juxtaposition," he said.

Other winners at this year's Webby awards, included BBC News Online, which won the People's Award for best news site.

Satirical site Get Your War On won in the Humour category.

The Webbys have gained a reputation as the most prestigious internet awards since their inception in 1996.

This years net Oscars, normally held in San Francisco were held in a somewhat less glamorous online setting due to fears about terrorism.

Killer kitten?

Despite missing out on a trip to the US, Rathergood is no stranger to accolades.

Last year it made it into the top 10 websites of 2002, selected by a panel of experts from Yahoo.

At the time, Yahoo judge Frazer Lee summed up the site's appeal.

"You can't argue with a bunch of kittens doing a cover version of Independent Woman by Destiny's Child."

It would seem that cyberspace may have finally found a killer kitten application.

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