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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 April, 2003, 08:48 GMT 09:48 UK
BT backs broadband campaigners
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Broadband is reaching out to all parts of the UK
Local communities campaigning for broadband are to be given a helping hand by BT.

Recognising the value and power of grassroots broadband lobbying, BT has developed a campaign-in-a-box website to help accelerate the arrival of fast net services to all parts of the UK.

The new website, at www.bt.com/broadband, provides advice about starting a campaign, a list of areas with current campaigns and an order form for leaflets and posters.

Currently around a third of the UK cannot get ADSL services, broadband via the telephone line, and are limited to expensive satellite services.

Infectious enthusiasm

BT has already helped local communities around the UK in their fight to get broadband, including a leaflet and local press campaign in Blackpool and door-to-door leaflet campaigns in Great Yarmouth and Thirsk in North Yorkshire.

"The key to successful local broadband awareness campaigns has been the energy and drive of the individuals who can see what broadband will mean for them and their communities," said Philippa Winterburn, BT Wholesale's head of marketing.

"Their enthusiasm is infectious and highly effective at a local level," she added.

BT has had something of a sea change in its attitude to broadband in recent years.

Initially it was reluctant to broadband-enable telephone exchanges outside of the more profitable towns and cities.

But it has now set up an extremely popular registration scheme.

As a result of the scheme, 307 exchanges have reached so-called trigger levels and have been or will be upgraded to broadband.

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