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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 April, 2003, 08:09 GMT 09:09 UK
Campaigners call for unlimited broadband
Woman listens to music downloaded from the internet
Downloading and listening to music is popular activity
A lobby group has been launched in the UK to campaign for unlimited broadband access.

AntiCap UK has grown out of cable firm ntl's decision to limit the amount of downloads customers can make to one gigabyte per day.

Many of the founders of the campaign are subscribers to ntl's fast net service and have been angered by the capping, which ntl introduced without warning.

"We consider it a very sharp business practice to attract users and later adversely change the contract and service conditions, especially in a hushed up, and in our view unfair, manner," reads a statement on the AntiCap UK website.

More to follow?

One gigabyte = 200 music tracks
or 100 software files
or 10,000 pictures

Ntl has admitted that it did not handle communication of the changes well, but it is convinced that download limits are essential to maintain a good quality of service for all its customers.

"Bear in mind that it is only a tiny number of people that are affected by this," said a spokesman for ntl.

"Having looked at what is happening in other countries and the comments of other ISPs in recent weeks it would seem others are considering it," he added.

However ntl has delayed a decision to remove users exceeding the daily limit from the service, preferring instead to talk to its heavy users on a customer forum.


It has, as yet, reached no decision about what to do with those that abuse the download limit.

Fast net services are attracting more and more people in the UK, and one of the biggest selling points is the ease and speed with which users can download music, video and other files over the net.

The idea of capping, and the possibility of introducing tiered pricing with heavy users paying more are likely to become increasingly controversial issues over the coming months.

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