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Go Digital 2003 archive
Missed an edition of Go Digital, the weekly BBC World Service programme that looks at how technology is changing our lives?

Then click on the link below where you can catch up with previous editions of the programme.


22 December - UN satellites eye up Israel's West Bank fence and holding hands via touch technology

15 December - Special report from the first UN summit on the digital divide

8 December - Special report on how Ghana is trying to bridge the digital divide

1 December - Iranian blogger stands for election and how origami can help computer design


24 November - The world's most wired nations and online credit fraud in Ghana

17 November - Wi-fi and coffee in San Francisco, tracking NY firefighters online, and 20 years of viruses, plus avatars that stem paranoia. (No webcast available for this edition)

10 November - Celebrating spam, and a report on the world wide web global rich list

3 November - Intel's boss speaks out, Bangalore's tech fair and who you should trust with your secrets


27 October - Satellite images to look into the past and offering the web in a box

20 October - Online help for African doctors, fighting spam and super-charging computers

13 October - The emotional side of design, sexism and gadgets and sonic vision

6 October - The net's impact on US voters, the 'geekcorps' and a digital display dazzles London


29 September - Rifts ahead of the UN's digital divide summit, Indian animators take on Hoolywood and painting in sound

22 September - Web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee outlines his vision of the future of the internet

15 September - PCs to predict the weather, camera glasses and a voice controlled future

8 September - Hi-tech fashion, virtual reality taste and going for gold in gaming

1 September - Learning online with MIT, signing with your mouse and information as art


25 August - The threat from viruses, the translating camera and games music goes live

18 August - Digital radios aid Nepal's women, Nasa's Mars missions and wi-fi in the arts (Apologies for the lack of sound for the first 5 minutes)

11 August - Mobiles on aircraft, hi-tech theatre lighting and making a living from games

4 August - Mobiles come to Iraq, the faster net and printing in 3D


28 July - Virtual stuntmen, Iraq goes mobile and web surfing in the Maldives

21 July - Chat room safety, sexual health in China and online meditation

14 July - Low cost web for the poor, monitoring vineyards from space and surfing the wi-fi net on the beach

7 July - Creating global video games, the rise of digital radio and the smart sewing machine

30 June - Children explore wi-fi, tracking fish in Brazil and the interactive sound cube

23 June - Blogging from Brazil and how to survive spam

16 June - Computer club for children and a new wave of digital music instruments

9 June - Awards for the best of the web, Ghana's digital ambitions and virtual reality helps disabled children

2 June - The power of blogs, saving Iraqi relics digitally and computers fueled by cow manure

26 May - Space technologies on Earth, lessons on mobiles and in praise of synths

19 May - How China censors chat rooms, why write viruses and the gadget to monitor smoke

12 May - Iran bans thousands of sites and Apple's online music service

5 May - The blogger detained in Iran and a visit to the smart hospital of the future

28 April - Blogging from Everest and the website about child soldiers in Africa

21 April - How authoritarian governments use the web and the legal fight against spam

14 April - How the disabled see the web and Estonia embraces a paperless government

7 April - The effect of war on hackers and a game to take your breath away

31 March - Weblogs from Iraq and how to be a sociable mobile user

24 March - The technology of war reporting and text messaging for patients

17 March - Afghanistan plants it flag in cyberspace and anti-war activism on the web

10 March - Games guru Peter Molyneux and Microsoft's Xbox gamble on online gaming

3 March - Using software to fight crime, indigenous people preserve their knowledge online and mobiles to monitor asthma

24 February - Info wars over Iraq, saving Costa Rica's natural wealth online and skater idol Tony Hawk.

17 February - Why deleting your hard drive does not get rid of the information on it and find out about the virtual medical school

10 February - Net thinker Esther Dyson, how to archive the internet and how electric guitar are using computer technology.

3 February - Emergency technology for firefighters and the global programme to allow students anywhere in the world get a degree online.

27 January - We ask if laws can stop virus writers, text messages helps TB patients and the head of Intel on the why the future is wireless.

20 January - The murky world of child porn, novel uses for the back button and new vibrations for your mobile phone.

13 January - Why the US Department of Defense is investing in biometrics and the collapse of one of India's leading investigative websites.

6 January - New year, new virus plus dreams of what the net can do to help people get better medical care.

Go Digital is broadcast every week on the BBC World Service radio on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Local times vary.

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