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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 March 2006, 18:02 GMT 19:02 UK
Our new home online!
We've moved - Kevin - 1330 GMT

A few of you have e-mailed to let us know that we haven't updated this site in a while. That is because we have a new home online.

Please visit us at http://www.bbcnews.com/worldhaveyoursay.

You'll notice that things are a little different at the new site. Some of you might recognise it as a weblog.

We moved to the new format so that we could hear more from you. You can leave your comments. You can ask questions, or let us know topics that you want to talk about.

So please update your bookmarks and visit us at our new home online.

And you can still send us an email or use the form below.

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The BBC may edit your comments and cannot guarantee that all emails will be published.

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