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Iraq three years on
Your comments - KEVIN - 1950 GMT

We devoted the programme to looking back at three years since the US-led invasion of Iraq. We wanted to give you as wide of a range of opinion as possible, including the views of ordinary Iraqis.

We had an overwhelming response both from callers and from those of you who sent us texts and e-mails. Here is a roundup of your comments:

    Richard in Athens sent us this message:

    If the Iraqis were politically mature, they would have peacefully supported the provisional government until the Americans just left. The insurgency indicates anything but political maturity. Democracy is a sad and disastrous dream for a vendetta-ridden feudal, multi-ethnic state.

    Simukonda from Lusaka Zambia had this to say

    My message is that BUSH AND BLAIR are war mongers. Please tell them to get out from IRAQ. People are dying like animals. Can't UC?

    Onen in Uganda sent us this text message:

    The war was unjustified. No weapons of mass destruction were found, and tens of thousands of civilians have died. Coalition forces should be brought 2 justice .

    Iyasele Onyeke in Nigeria sent us this tex:

    The US & its partners did not consider the cost in cash & life of regime change before embarking on it-

    Omusugu Henry in Uganda sent us this message:

    After ousting Saddam, America has lost direction. There is no need 4 commemoration.

    James Iko in the Democratic Republic of the Congo said this:

    USA get out of IRAQ and there won't be a civil war. You went there to divide and rule Iraq.

    Colin McAuley in Amherstview, Ontario, Canada had this response to our guest Douglas Murrey:

    So, by your guest's measure, things are "better" than under Saddam. Faint praise indeed!

    And Jon Carlisle who sent us a text message from the Czech Republic had this follow up:

    I said I doubted the US motives. Of course every country has a right to self defence. But this underlines a basic need for a world police force made under the control of an EMPOWERED UN which could deal with tyrants, genocide etc Then no country could be suspected of using self defence as a cloak for other motives.

Thanks for all of those comments. World Have Your Say is your programme. See you tomorrow.

Your verdict on Iraq - 1245 GMT

It's three years since the invasion of Iraq and in a speech ahead of the anniversary US President George W Bush gave an upbeat assessment of the situation in Iraq.

Iraqi civilians killed: 32,600-35,700 on 1 March. Police: 1,900. Source: Iraq Body Count campaign group
US soldiers killed: More than 2,300
Other armed forces killed: 205 (103 of whom British)
US forces now in Iraq: 138,000 (UK: 7,800)
Iraqi forces: 235,000 Source: UK defence ministry
Oil production: 2bn barrels a day. Pre-war: 2.5bn
Iraq funding needed to 2007: $55bn (UN+US estimates). Pledged: $38bn
Cost of war to US taxpayer: $248bn. Source: National Priorities Project based on congressional appropriations

Do you share his optimism? Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi doesn't: ''If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is'' was his alarming verdict. Is he right?

We'll be finding out what Iraqis think of the situation in their country today, and asking you if the events of the past three years have changed your mind about the invasion.

Did you support or oppose the invasion in March 2003? What do you think of the presence of foreign troops now?

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says that "turning our backs on post-war Iraq today would be the modern equivalent of handing post-war Germany back to the Nazis". Should the troops be pulled out of Iraq or are they essential for security in the country? Join the debate.

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