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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 13:37 GMT
Paris and Birmingham
As often happens, the programme didn't turn out as we'd imagined at lunchtime. So after a couple of reshuffles, here's what we've ended up with:

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First up, we heard from Nadir in Paris and Thelma in Birmingham about the recent riots in both those countries.

Then we looked at how countries promote integration and belonging through citizenship policies - Britain started testing new citizens on "Britishness" this week.

We haven't found Osama Bin Laden, but plenty of you sent comments about the hunt. We put them to Abdel Bari Atwan, who's just written a book on Al-Qaeda.
And to finish, we heared about Hur al-Ayn (Maidens of Paradise), a Arab television drama showing the impact of terror attacks on Muslims.

As you can see, we weren't able to speak to the Syrian ambassador today. But hopefully he will be available on Wednesday.

And, as ever, send us your comments on the programme, and what tell us you'd like to hear in the future.

A selection of the comments we have received so far:

I am a long term resident here and attempt to assimilate into local Polish culture as a matter of self interest and good manners having lived here for 15 years.
If I were to apply for citizenship in Poland it would be completely reasonable to ask me to take a test.
I think that not just immigrants but everyone who wants to vote should pass the citizenship test in the UK.
Richard, Poland

I love your new format for discussion. I have really enjoyed this part of your website since I get to read what ordinary citizens of the world like me have to say on issues that affect us. This makes me feel I am part of an extended global family and I get to hear fresh opinions not stained by rhetoric and spin or biased media views. Please keep it up !
Hiren Desai, Toronto, Canada

Podcasts - since I spend most of the year on board a ship, even though I can receive short wave, it isn't practical for me to be able to listen to certain programmes at the time they are broadcast. Now I can download them as MP3 files onto a pendrive in a Internet Cafe when my ship is in port and listen to some of my favourite programmes on my computer back on board at my own convenience!!! Thank you BBC!
Capt Mehran Wahid, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

Syria and the UN

Hello and welcome to World Have Your Say. It's a brand new interactive radio programme. Click here for an explanation from Editor Mark Sandell about the programme.

Monday was our first programme - we were pretty happy with how it went but you can listen for yourself by clicking on the link on the right. And let us know what you thought of it using the form below.

Syria Foreign Minister Farouq al-Sharaa
Syrian Foreign Minister al-Sharaa criticised the UN resolution.
Moving on, this is what we'd like to talk about today:

  • On Syria and the United Nations, we hope to have the Syrian Ambassador to London on air to answer your questions. Please send them to us using the form below. And you can read what other people have been saying about the issue here.

  • Is there common ground between the riots this week in a Paris suburb and last week in Birmingham? Tell us what you think.

  • Riding on the back of the debate over integration is the question of citizenship - here in the UK immigrants now have their knowledge of "Britishness" tested. Should immigrants be tested?

  • And it's a year since we've heard anything from Osama Bin Laden. Why so long? Where is he? Have you heard anything? Send us your theories...

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