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Thursday, 15 June, 2000, 16:05 GMT 17:05 UK
Prince William turns 18 - Quiz our Royal Correspondent

Prince William turns 18 at the end of this month, and after a period of protection from the press, it is feared that his private life will become the fodder of the national and international media.

How will William cope living his life in the glare of publicity? What kind of life does he lead now, and how will that change? Is he like his mother? What kind of relationship does he have with the Queen? What's his outlook on life?

BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond took your questions on the young prince.

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Bernadette McNulty, England: Now that the reporting embargo in place until he is 18 will be lifted do you think that the British media will show restraint towards him or will he be hounded by the press like his mother?

Jennie Bond: We're not certain that this embargo, which is a voluntary code of practice, is going to be lifted. In fact, this week the Press Complaints Commission made it clear that William remains at school for the rest of this month and must still be subject to the restraints that have applied in the past.

At the end of the month there is going to be another statement from the PCC which will sets out specific guidelines as to how we should treat William in the future. No one can deny that things are going to change when he leaves school. According to a tabloid photographer that I spoke to this morning, William is going to be a huge international star and that is something that he is going to have to get used to. However, I do think that there will be a measure of restraint and extra guidelines.

Riwa, Britain: It must be very difficult growing up in the glare of the media and it is often claimed that William hates the paparazzi, but have there been any incidences when he has shown that hatred? Has he ever argued with them or shouted at them?

Jennie Bond: I don't think he has but you're quite right that he does dislike the media intensely. I think that it's getting a little bit better. He was tremendously shy some years ago, especially after his mother's death. His father has suggested to him that if he allows some access during the course of the year featuring key moments of his life, then he can "buy" some freedom during the rest of it.

Toko Suzuki, Japan: What makes Prince William so popular with people in Britain?

Jennie Bond: Well he's gorgeous, isn't he? He's a teenage heart-throb. He's very sporty, bright and intelligent and he'll be a big man on the world stage before too long.

Mario Delgado, Canada: Why has William been so accepting of Camilla knowing that his mother blamed her for the breakdown of her marriage with Charles?

Jennie Bond: I think that William is very close to his father and has accepted that his father is very much in love with Camilla and has been for quite a while. He has taken an adult view towards this and wants to see his dad happy. However, I don't think that he treats Camilla as a kind of surrogate mother or stepmother but as someone that he gets along with. Perhaps as years go by, he will turn to her for advice.

Helen Adeosun, Atlanta, USA: What kind of things will William be doing now that he hadn't done before, state banquets, foreign tours, speeches?

Jennie Bond: I don't think that we'll see William taking an official role for quite some time. I think that he's going to concentrate first of all on his "gap year" and we haven't been told yet what he's going to do. He will then go to university providing his "A" Levels turn out well. We're talking about 4 years hence when he'll have time on his hands. He is then going to have to find a role for himself and that will be a problem. He knows his destiny but may not become King until middle age so he will have to carve out a role for himself like his father.

Noriko Saito, Japan: What college is he going to? What subjects does he like and is he going to study at college?

Jennie Bond: We know that he's doing History of Art, Geography and Biology at "A" Level and has applied to various universities. There are reports that he has been accepted by Edinburgh University.

Katie Russell, Devon, England: Does Prince William have a good relationship with the other Royals or is he a rather quiet person?

Jennie Bond: I understand that he has a very good relationship with younger members of the Royal Family, especially Princess Anne's children, Peter and Zara Phillips

Carrie, USA: Given the longevity of the Queen Mother and the Queen herself, it would appear that Prince Charles may not become King anytime soon. So, will William be allowed to pursue a professional career (besides a military career), or will he have to perform Royal duties only?

Jennie Bond: People think that William will go into the military but this is by no means definite and I think that he'll keep his options open. He will have to find some sort of charity work to apply himself to. Prince Charles has been hugely successful with the Prince's Trust and William may do something similar.

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