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Friday, 15 June, 2001, 12:24 GMT 13:24 UK
Can King Gyanendra restore confidence?
King Gyanendra
Nepal's King Birendra, revered by many as a living god, is dead and eight other members of the royal family with him.

With the explanation for the tragedy being slowly pieced together, the newly-crowned King Gyanendra is facing a difficult situation, as Nepal struggles to make sense of the killings.

So what can the new king do to restore a sense of cohesion and stability? What should his first priority be? And how will he gain the widespread support he needs to rebuild a sense of harmony in the country?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Revealing the true picture of the Royal massacre is the first challenge for the new King Gyanendra. If he fails at this very first step then he can never restore confidence. Since he is well known as a business person, he needs to rebuild his image as a successful monarch of the nation. For that he has to balance democracy with constitutional monarchy. At present, unstable government, Maoist activities, access to the world market, unemployment and widespread poverty are the major problems of the nation. If he can make the effort to solve these problems then he will gain the faith and trust of the Nepalese people. Time alone will tell and we wish him all the best!
Jamuna Ulak, Nepal

If Gyanendra can be an advocate of the people instead of their adversary then there is a chance for stability

Valerie, PA, USA
As a student who is scheduled to spend my summer in Kathmandu, I am saddened and worried by the recent occurrences. The Nepalese government can hardly afford the turbulence that it has experienced in the past few weeks, and I fear that this is an opportune time for the Maoists to move in. They may try to overthrow the still nascent democratic government by using the prevalent feelings of disillusionment and anger to their advantage. With little faith in the current king and waning trust in the democratic system, people may be convinced that Maoism is their last and only alternative. If Gyanendra can be an advocate of the people instead of their adversary then there is a chance for stability. I hope that for the sake of peace, stability and democracy the people can come to terms with Gyanendra's past and look with hope and faith to the future.
Valerie, PA, USA

Nepal needs stable government not a King.
Amit, US/ India

It is in King Gyanendra's interest to maintain cordial relations with India and enhance them into commercially beneficial ties. It would help if he makes someone else other than Paras the Crown Prince.
Jayant Mehta, New Jersey, USA

Nepal is going through the hardest of times

G.B. Banjara, Nepal
No doubt, Nepal is going through the hardest of times. Our spirit cannot probably hit a lower ebb than this. Ten years of frustrating (mis)rule under the guise of "democracy" have utterly frustrated the Nepalese people. Today poverty, unemployment and security are the most common concerns of Nepalese people. People are desperately looking for a change towards better future. The sad incident at the Royal Palace also marks the passing of an era in the Nepalese history. The new King now has to prove that he does not mean only to occupy the royal throne, but also that he cares his people. If he can play an instrumental role in improving the current situation of the country, he will be as revered as the late King Birendra within a short time. May Lord give wisdom to our King.
G.B. Banjara, Nepal

King Birendra proved time and again that he was a sensible and compromising king. Every time there was dissent, he fully co-operated and gave up to the popular demand, although reluctantly. The new King's acceptance by the people hinges on; whether he can be more democratic and more transparent as the time progresses. As he severely lacks popular approval, it might as well be better for him to voluntarily renounce some of the perks, privileges and authorities. This way he could gain some acceptance and approval from overwhelming number of people who are deeply sceptical of his reign.
Anuj Mishra, Nepal

The first job of the king should be to let a proper enquiry take place

Sayantan Chakravorty, India
The first job of the king should be to let a proper enquiry take place. This inquiry should be by people who know the job, not by politicians or cronies. All witnesses should be allowed to come back and if necessary be protected. The investigation should take place through the law enforcement agencies of Nepal. Only when this mystery surrounding the king's death is cleared up can the people of Nepal rest assured and trust the new king.
Sayantan Chakravorty, India

The country is suffering with many crises. If this situation continues, it can poison the royal palace. Only one way the king can save his throne for himself and for his son is to bring economic prosperity to the people. At least, people should realise that they are better off now then they were before Gyanandra. What is the new king's plan to restore economic prosperity in the country?
Suyash P. Sen. USA/Nepal

The new King should try to bring peace, stability and democracy to that marvellous country which I visited last year. This is one more problem he will have to tackle and I hope he will succeed. Nepal and its people need it.
Ubbiali M., Belgium

Gyanendra should try to win over the confidence of all the Nepalese people

Dwarika Dhungel, Nepal
As a new king, Gyanendra should try to win over the confidence of all the Nepalese people. He should, as soon as possible, provide true information about what happened inside the palace that Friday. He should honour the right to freedom and be informed of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution of the country.
Dwarika Dhungel, Nepal

The most important thing is to stabilise and develop the nation. King Gyanendra should try to prove that he is committed to Nepal and the Nepali people.
Raju Adhikari, Nepal/ Shanghai, China

My heart bleeds even to think of the tragic death of our King and Queen along with several members of the royal family. He was a great patriot and loved Nepal and its people. We have lost a great leader. May all of their souls rest in peace.
GP, Nepal

While Gyanendra comes to the throne with severe lack of credibility, the best thing to do in the interest of Nepali people is for him to strengthen the parliamentary form of democracy. This way, it will be immaterial to the people who reigns on the throne and it will provide the stability and continuity the nation so desperately needs.
Ashesh, USA

Majority of Nepalis do not have faith in him

Amod , Nepal/now in Australia
Gyanendra cannot be a good king. He will take the country 30 years behind. He has started showing how he will support democracy in the country. Isn't editor's arrest proof of that? Majority of Nepalis do not have faith in him.
Amod , Nepal/now in Australia

The new King should move Nepal forward to constitutional democracy, transparency and economic opportunity for its people. It is a slow and evolving process which starts with education, information flow and evolution in social structure. Caste, privilege and discrimination are issues to be confronted head on. Let's not dwell on the old King, the massacre and the gory details.
Mo Ahmed, USA

I am sure, we as a nation will move on; it's just a matter of time

Sudeep Pant, Australia/ Nepal
Before anything else, the new king has to satisfy and fully inform the public of what happened on that fateful Friday night. I see the new king on the way with the formation of an enquiry commission to investigate this terrific massacre. Winning the trust of the people and integrating the whole nation in harmony depends upon how the king chooses to establish himself as a monarch. Refraining from attempts to get into active politics and establishing himself as a symbol of monarch only, as like late king Birendra, will win trust of Nepalese people.

Nepalese public are very sceptical and hasty in their opinions, but it's just matter of time before the public realise that regretting and indulging over the spilled milk all the time is of no use. I am sure, we as a nation will move on; it's just a matter of time.
Sudeep Pant, Perth, Australia/ Nepal

First and foremost he should cooperate fully with the investigation committee. The result of the committee can be crucial for the vitality of the monarch. King should stop immediately the rumours emerging from monarch's relatives. Secondly, king should prove in action that monarchy and democracy can match each other. Thirdly, role of monarch must be non-partial to any political thoughts/parties within Nepal.
Tara N. Niraula, Nepal (now Japan)

The king should try to constitute an independent committee for fair investigation of the whole episode

Ashwani Kumar, India
Massacre of royal family is a big setback for the people of Nepal. They have full confidence that conspiracy is behind this massacre. Nepali Government has failed to provide full description about this incident. In such situation the newly appointed king should try to constitute an independent committee for fair investigation of the whole episode and make available its report at earliest to public. People should be provided true picture of the whole incident and should control all types of propaganda.
Ashwani Kumar, India

King should ask the committee to investigate the incident thoroughly. Let them interview all eye witnesses. Have forensic expert evaluate the situation. Then report should be made public. Most people will accept the report and go forward in their life. There will be some groups who will try to create problem. No one can satisfy 100%. After the report, King and the Government should just close the chapter and move forward for routine business (if there is no one alive to punish for the crime).
Prakash, USA

King Gyanendra should ask all witnesses to the massacre to come forward and publicly bear witness to the events of that fateful evening, without fear of any recrimination. He should also reiterate publicly his support for constitutional monarchy and reassure the public that he is fully committed to democracy.
Chandra P. Shrestha, United States

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