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Friday, 13 September, 2002, 07:16 GMT 08:16 UK
Are you still affected?
We discussed how America has changed since 11 September in a special edition of Talking Point live from Ground Zero. Presenter Robin Lustig spoke to survivors of the World Trade Center attack.

To listen to coverage of the forum, select the link below:

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A year on from the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the consequences are still being felt around the globe.

US security, heightened to unprecedented levels in the wake of the attacks, has remained tight amid repeated warnings of possible new and deadlier attacks on a wide range of potential targets.

The Bush administration has frequently warned Americans that their country is in grave danger of further attacks.

The airline industry has made strides to recover from the losses suffered post 11 September, but the financial impact on a number of carriers reflects the decision of many travellers to stay away.

Were you personally affected by 11 September? Do you feel more or less secure one year on? Do you worry about the potential for new terrorist attacks?

Thank you for your e-mails. This debate is now closed.

Your reaction

I still cannot fathom the enormity of what happened one year ago. And yes it has affected my life and really everybody else's. Those that claim it didn't lie to themselves. Nevertheless, going for Iraq is not a solution.
Sarah, Israel/UK/USA

How will I ever feel good about my daughter's birthday?

Donna Buxton, Keighley, England
My daughter was born on 9/11. I remember coming round in recovery room and all I could hear was about what happened. Now, a year on, it's her 1st birthday and I feel bad for celebrating her birthday after such a terrible day. How will I ever feel good about my daughter's birthday when something so bad had happened?
Donna Buxton, Keighley, England

Yes, I was deeply affected by the tragic event in the USA on September 11. A year later, I am again being affected by the thoughts that something worse might happen, not only in the USA, but elsewhere in this oppressed, twisted and condemned world.
Nelson Petronilho, Portugal

As a New Yorker now living in the UK, I was disgusted, angry, depressed over what I saw as an act of cowardice on the city of my birth, and the country that has given me the opportunities to be what I wanted to be. I cried when I got home that evening. I cried because I have a two year old son, and I thought what a horrible world to be bringing a child in. After my initial shock and feeling passed, I now realize that I live each day to the fullest, and grateful for what I have, which includes have a beautiful wife and son.
Phil De Monte, Swindon, UK

I, along with all other Americans, was horrified and shocked by the attacks of last September. Today my biggest worry is the recent abuses of power by our Federal government, which make a mockery of the freedom and democracy that make this country so wonderful. I know where I stand with the terrorists. I don't want to have to second guess my own government.
Tim Harrington, Los Angeles, CA, USA

I think we are giving the terrorists satisfaction

Angela, USA
Yes I was very terrified by this, and I continue to be terrified by the media's constant review of this event. I think we are giving the terrorists satisfaction by constantly referring, televising and reporting every little detail of the event. I think we should not forget what happened, but try to go on with life. It will never be the same, but by doing so we will show the terrorist that they have affected us, but did not change us.
Angela, USA

I am not secure even after one years as long as Osama Bin Laden is still alive. You never know what, where, when, anything can happen. Worse still, the idea of fighting Iraq makes my insecurity worst than ever. If you cannot fight one person how do you fight a group that is more organized and well prepared.
Andrew Dodo, Springfield, MA, USA

I am a pilot as well as an "ordinary person", and the sheer horror of what happened that day still hurts now. I heard the news by phone from my son-in-law, and once I had realised that this was not a sick joke, started to tell my colleagues. One of them had a sister working in the WTC, which I did not know, therefore the shock and grief that ensued has always made me feel guilty of bringing that news to the people in the office.
Mike Edwards, UK

I live 20 miles away from ground zero and know several people who died. I realized after that day that my life had been devoted to the pursuit of material things. I gave up the high powered job and have become an artist. It's the best decision I ever made.
Kate, New York, NY

I was and am still very deeply upset about the events of 9/11. I feel absolute hurt when I think of the poor fatherless and motherless children and childless parents. My heart goes out to every single innocent person who had to suffer due to utter evil.
Dionne Owen, Colchester, UK

I don't know if or when I will ever be able to fly overseas again. My love of, and sense of freedom to travel has been demolished. Would I be hated for being American if I were to travel again to Europe? Why should I go somewhere where I would feel afraid and ashamed of my country?
M Davies, Madison, USA

To change your life because of this one event is accepting defeat

Dave, Sheffield, England
To change your life because of this one event is accepting defeat. Because you see a car accident do you stop driving? When you hear about someone getting hit by a bus do you stop going outside?
Dave, Sheffield, England

I've gained more respect for the wonderful, humane society we in the West live in, that I had previously took for granted. And one thing is clearest: we've got to get these guys.
TC, London

I am still unable to explain all of the feelings I had on that dreadful day. The numbing shock, the fear, and probably the most alarming fact of all was that I was in the United States of America and I was afraid.
Heather Bell, Cumberland, USA

A year on and I still can't believe what happened

J Cooper , London
A year on and I still can't believe what happened. I will never forget how I felt, watching the towers fall on TV and seeing those desperate innocent victims jumping from those towers. I know it's hard to watch but I really think these pictures should be shown so people don't forget how horrific it was, especially when the USA are looking for support to stop this happening again.
J Cooper , London

I will never forgive the terrorists for the attack. There is no substitute for loss of lives, and we shall not be dictated to. My life has changed since that day; I've become more involved with friends and family. All I have to say "Life is a wonderful gift, and to not be taken so cheap".
Leigh, Watford, UK

None of us will ever be the same again. Forget the political issues, thousands of people never went home after work and gave their children a hug, thousands of people died who didn't want to die. Who on earth has the right to decide to sacrifice oblivious fellow humans? None of our children should be subjected to seeing such cruelty inflicted for the sake of sensationalism and publicity.
Liz Carter, Warwick, England

As long as members of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are out there I fear that further acts against us are inevitable

JD, Lakewood, New York, USA
Our world has been shattered and our sense of security has been tragically taken from us. As long as members of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are out there I fear that further acts against us are inevitable. It's too bad that all Muslims are falling under suspicion, but can they blame us? Other that the IRA, seemingly every act of international terrorism or hostage taking that has taken place over the past 30 years has been carried out by Muslim extremists.
JD, Lakewood, New York, USA

I still cannot believe it happened. I feel sick every time I think about what all of those poor people went through. How can anyone honestly justify such a cruel and sickening attack? Those people who died innocently will never ever be forgotten. I admire the bravery that thousands showed that day. God will remember them and so will I, always.
Joel, London, UK

I watched the events unfold on TV. It took a week for me to realise that from then on I would retire as soon as possible & live virtually a hedonistic life treating each day as my last. I ensured my grown up children will be okay financially when I die, and tell all my girlfriends my new attitude to life. I now spend my time playing golf, tennis & travelling to as many places as possible. I am not proud of this new lifestyle but just regard it as realistic in the light of such a travesty against humankind.
Dave, England

I have more fear

Burt, Santa Monica, California, USA
I was listening to the radio overnight and suddenly realized what I was hearing on the radio: that there was a report that a plane hade collided with the World Trade Center. Now, one year on, even though I am on the other side of the continent, I can say that I have more fear.
Burt, Santa Monica, California, USA

My son lives and works in New York. I spend my life living on my nerves now worrying all the time that he is safe.
Jenny, UK

My wife was stranded in San Francisco as she had been due to fly home to the UK at 5pm pacific time on 11 September. It was terrible not knowing when she'd be home again. However, my own selfish thoughts diminish to nothing compared to the plight of downtrodden people the world over. If I have learned one thing it is to look more carefully through the eyes of others before rushing to judgement.
Brian, UK

It has been a year since the worst terrorist attack took place in the heart of the world. Since then, I am sure most of the civilised people in the world live under fear as these barbarians hiding behind religious veils do not know humanity. It is also equally disgusting, when we see that there is a growing support for these barbarians. They will continue these ruthless acts, if not in America somewhere else. Lets only pray that world becomes a little more civilised and these barbarians vanish into the thin air.
Rajeev P, India

Our hopes for a better future, if not lost then are hanging on by a thread

Bridget, Tempe, AZ, USA
My sorrow is for us all because in the struggle between civilization and barbarism, the barbarians have started to win. Our civil liberties are beginning to be compromised and our sense of security has been totally demolished. Our hopes for a better future, if not lost then are hanging on by a thread. September 11 destroyed much more than the World Trade Towers.
Bridget, Tempe, AZ USA

To this day I still feel waves of sadness overwhelming me from time to time. They do not last long, but they are powerful. Someday, we may regain our composure and be as we were before the 11th, but the images of that day will never leave our thoughts.
Jack Reeves, Sacramento, CA, USA

I'm cabin crew. On the 11 September 2001 I was working. I remember being told onboard the aircraft and I was shocked. Since then I have been more alert when on duty. The cabin crew with families tell me stories of how worried their children are when they leave for work. If one of my flights were hijacked I hope I could be as brave as the flight attendants on the 4 crashed planes. Let's not forget the flight attendants who stopped Richard Reid (who had explosives in his shoes) from blowing up an airplane over the Atlantic.
Katie, London, UK

A part of us inside is scared for what the future holds

Louise G, Surrey, UK
As the 11 September approaches, we are all reminded of the horrific pictures that will scar our minds for as long as we can remember. A part of us inside is scared for what the future holds, a part of us that remembers those lost, and what emotional disaster another attack would bring. However, if we all were to live in fear, worried about what is round the next corner, we would not be living.
Louise G, Surrey, UK

As a Muslim, I do not feel secure knowing that every move I make in a country like America will be watched.
Zaynab, Bridgetown, Barbados

My elder son was married last September and had chosen New York as the beginning of their honeymoon. They flew on one of the first planes to resume flights. I was so proud of them. They would not change their decision because to do so would mean that violence and terror had won.
Marilyn Davies, Bath

One year on the real question must still be, why?
Timothy Butt, Bristol UK

Every time I see the video showing the 767s hitting the towers, my faith in humanity diminishes. Why kill to prove a point? Why does it have to be like this? Why does it have to reach this level?
Hafizi Azmal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To this day, I switch on the TV dreading what I'll see

HSG, Salvador, Brazil
My first reaction was stunned disbelief followed by complete horror when I realised I was watching thousands of people die on live television. The next thought was about my own family - my brother worked part-time in the WTC complex, but fortunately wasn't there that day. But the realisation that he could have been killed brought the horror home - literally. To this day, I switch on the TV dreading what I'll see, but still needing reassurance that the world is still there. This will be a traumatic anniversary for millions, except for those few who are still out there, gloating, and awaiting their next opportunity.
HSG, Salvador, Brazil

I have felt very insecure about possible future extremist terror attacks since 9/11, especially since becoming more sharply aware of the tepid, wishy-washy reactions and political posturing of many spineless European leaders. It is the US that these terrorists chose to attack first, not because they object to America the most, but because they know that if they can deter or divert America, then European countries will be easy to pick off and hold hostage to their insane ideals, one by one.
Todd Hill, Toronto, Canada

My naive hope is that world leaders and politicians at all levels learn to put aside their own self-interest and concentrate on the job of serving the interests of the ordinary people. Until that unlikely day we will just have to get on with life and cope with tragedies like 11 September.
Peter L Smith, Woodton, Norfolk, UK

We really sympathised with Americans having suffered the same kind of terrorist attack here in Kenya in 7 August 1998. My worry is that the US, accused of living in an isolated world before the attacks, has not progressed much in terms of its attitude.
John Kuria, Nairobi, Kenya

The terrorists changed the perception people all around the world have of Arab society

Ita Ime Effiong, Calabar, Nigeria.
The terrorists changed the perception people all around the world have of Arab society. Precisely speaking, every Arab is now being seen as a potential terrorist who can be so brutal when applying religious sentiment as a tool in its fight against other innocent people.
Ita Ime Effiong, Calabar, Nigeria.

I saw the second plane hit the tower on the news, from then on I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen, I was, and remain completely horrified by it. Just as the bombing raids on London had brought people together in grief, so did the events of 11 September. I still remember the stony atmosphere on the trains that night on the way home, and how it continued for weeks, just a detached silence. The silence is returning one year on, people convey it without hesitation, how could one not be upset by such an awful event.
Steven, Leeds UK

I salute all the people who say they are carrying on with life regardless; refusing to be dictated to by these terrorists. I also note they are mostly British, could this be because we have been living with the threat for terrorism in the form of the IRA for the last 30 years?!
KJ, London, UK

On the 11th of September I moved to the new apartment with my window looking at the WTC building...I can see two towers falling and people crying. I am trying to believe that something like this will never happen again.
Margo, Grenoble, France

I do feel that it has made me take stock of my life and re-evaluate what is important

Charlotte Rides, Birmingham, UK
Although I didn't know anyone killed in the September 11 attacks, I do feel that it has made me take stock of my life and re-evaluate what is important. I got out of a bad relationship and got a new job. I'm now working in Canada in a job that I love - I would never have done that before September 11.
Charlotte Rides, Birmingham, UK

As a Muslim I have to wonder if my world hasn't become a worse place to live, through no fault of my own, nor through the fault of my religion, but simply because of the media and general ignorance of far too many people. I am a highly skilled professional with 6 years non-stop commercial experience. Before last September I was getting non-stop phone calls offering work and contracts and never can I remember being out of work. Since then I've had not one single phonecall. I wonder if there is a link here?
S, England, UK

The murderous violence of 11 September has transformed the very language of my generation. Today we speak in a sort of code of things that never used to trouble us: of militants, terrorists, security, patriotism, human rights. The fundamental shock to our world has made us, the survivors, re-examine who and what we are and to realize how little we really know of the things all around us.
Inna Tysoe, Sacramento, CA, USA

As an Indian living in US, I realized how civilised people here are. Had it happened in India millions of Muslims would have been slaughtered by uneducated fanatics. Hopefully at least now people start looking beyond the wells they are living in and have a global perspective.
Harsha, US

As an American in a big city I don't feel any safer than I did a year ago

Ron, Chicago
As an American in a big city I don't feel any safer than I did a year ago. I don't worry about new terrorist attacks. Let's be realistic: Terrorists will strike again, it's only a matter of time.
Ron, Chicago

That horrific day found me working abroad in London. I was due to return to Chicago in three days, but was not able to leave until the first available flight 10 days later. It was a trying time being away from family, friends and my country, but under the circumstances I can not imagine a place where I could have found more comfort. London, the terrific people of that city, the outpouring of their support and the American Embassy were truly amazing emotional crutches for me and will forever be ingrained in my memory on the day the world was changed.
Steve Dilland, Chicago, IL, USA

I find myself looking up whenever I hear an airplane

Ann, New York, USA
I find myself looking up whenever I hear an airplane. I find myself thinking when the weather is nice "it was this beautiful the morning of 11 September ". I find myself more aware of the Muslims among us. I find myself completely immersed in Middle East politics in a way I never was before. I still feel like a potential target in a city I love. A city we love for its diversity and tolerance, which makes this all the more painful.
Ann, New York, USA

I was in New York on the 11th September last year. I was appalled by the horror and carnage of that day, but was also inspired by the attitude of the American people and by the restraint of their Government in the aftermath of this atrocity. Rest the souls of those who died in New York and elsewhere, but also seek for an ending of the conflict between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. It will involve great sacrifices on both sides, but consider the prize.
David Brackenbury, Northants, U.K.

It is still so upsetting to think about all of the innocent people who perished on 11 September

Dan Fleming, Philadelphia, USA
It is still so upsetting to think about all of the innocent people who perished on 11 September. If anything of that magnitude happens again in the USA, I do not think Americans will be able to handle the emotional impact. I also do not outsiders, especially Europeans, really comprehend the emotional impact this tragedy has had on Americans.
Dan Fleming, Philadelphia, USA

I'm still affected. My Prime Minister and government are still focused on this and the US, while my country's economy and infrastructure go to pot. Meanwhile, the Americans have become even more insular and their foreign policy, even more damning of those not following the "American Way". They still seem to fail to understand that it was that attitude to foreign affairs that caused the attack in the first place. I fear for the future and judging by the economic movements recently, so does everyone else.
Phillip Holley, UK

It certainly put everything into perspective, how easy humans find it to destroy everything we work hard for, even something as fundamental as freedom.
Marcus, Kent, UK.

I'm damned if I'm going to let some terrorist dictate the way I live and work

Alex, Ipswich
My lifestyle hasn't changed whatsoever. I've flown over a dozen times in the last year and in March had a fantastic weeks holiday in New York itself. Thousands of people were killed and hundreds of millions have been affected one way or another, but I'm damned if I'm going to let some terrorist dictate the way I live and work.
Alex, Ipswich, UK

Where were you on 11 September? I was in hospital starting a five-week chemo/radio therapy course to cure cancer. I was lucky, I'm still here a year later, but I will always think about the 3000+ people who died that day.
Paul Barnes, London, UK

I think it's changed us all in that we realise just how vulnerable we can be to people who have no respect for life. I was afraid of flying before 11 September and since then I've been on 3 times as many planes in one year than I've been on my whole life. Why? Because no-one has the right to stop any of us living our lives and none of us should let them get away with it. We should all take a minute to remember all of those that died, and thank God for every minute we have - it could so easily have been any of us.
Ryan McGhee, London, UK

I have woken up a lot more to the hideous imbalance of life

Chris Jones, UK
There are so many things that have changed, mostly for the worse since the WTC attack. I think the main effect it has had on me is that I have woken up a lot more to the hideous imbalance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that exists in the world. There are now so many things I would like to change, mostly involving placing control of the resources of the world in the hands of the people of the world, not governments and corporations, many/most of whom have vested interests that are quite often completely opposed to the interests of our species.
Chris Jones, UK

The people of this world have sadly and unfairly become so suspicious of one another since September 11th. The hatred seems so much more and the lack of understanding between nations, people and culture; so much deeper. Such a tragedy should have encouraged a need to understand each other better - but somehow it has lead to greater suspicion and intolerance.

I was living and working in NYC this time last year. Can't believe it's been this long. I won't forget seeing the towers crumble and fall - the dazed people covered in dust running up Broadway, the desperate looking faces of drivers trying to get off Manhattan, and the feeling of helplessness and panic. The small fire station on our block lost over half its men that day. What a tragedy.
JJ, London, UK

I hope this anniversary is not marred by threats of war and further terrorism

Esme Hayhurst, Birmingham England
11 September was the day the world truly stood still. I cannot explain the sorrow I have for the people involved on a first hand basis. I hope this anniversary is not marred by threats of war and further terrorism, and that in the wake of the devastation we can find the right path forward through these dark and worrying times. I hope the world finds peace in my lifetime.
Esme Hayhurst, Birmingham England

I work for an American firm that lost 400 colleagues through the attacks on the WTC. For weeks after the attacks, before I went to sleep all I saw was the first plane hitting the tower from the viewpoint of the people on the ground looking up with their camcorders. Whatever America has or has not done, this most appalling act of pure evil can NEVER be justified.
Jason, Manchester, England

As a Muslim I am fearful to travel overseas where I may be targeted by airport security for no other reason than being a Muslim.
Umm Adam,

I feel no more or less secure than I ever did

Guy Chapman, Reading, UK
I feel no more or less secure than I ever did, partly because the potential for terrorist attacks has been with us for most of my life through the troubles in Northern Ireland, and partly because the behaviour of governments appears just the same as ever: the US is meddling in states it doesn't like, Europeans are posturing and doing not much, Africa and the Balkans are the usual mess of corruption and poverty, and the Middle East still has all the oil. Commemorate the dead and get on with living.
Guy Chapman, Reading, UK

The events of 11 September will stick in our minds for the rest of our lives. My outlook on life now is to live everyday as it comes but I fear our children will be bought up into a world of anger and hatred.
Robert Morton Jones, Potton, UK

One good thing came out of 11 September - the fall of the Taleban. Millions of people freed from a life of oppression and given the chance for a better quality of life.
Jon Ellison, Newcastle, UK

Can we just ignore the politics on the anniversary of this horrific act of terrorism and just spend a quiet moment remembering those poor people who died on that terrible day.
Adam Davis, Scotland

As a Muslim, I fear I am being watched by others who are afraid that I am a terrorist

Mort, USA
As a Muslim, not an Arab, but a brown-skinned Indian with a beard, I fear I am being watched by others who are afraid that I am a terrorist. Sometimes, I am being watched; other times, it's just paranoia. I fear making others uncomfortable. A lot has changed since 11 September hopefully, in another year, it will change back to what it was pre-11 September, but I doubt it.
Mort, USA

Has it really been a year? If it hasn't made you look at life differently you can't be human. Losing my job would have been the end of the world before 11 Sept - then it happened and I just coped with it. It's easier to do everything I need to do that day and not delay things until tomorrow, in case there isn't one.
Flynn, England

Even after a year when I see the television footages of the events of that black day, I wonder how cruel and barbaric these terrorists are. The only hope is that the civilised world isolates these barbarians and move ahead towards prosperity. I only pray for the kin and kith of all those innocent victims.
Anon, India/UK

As an American that has lived in Europe for the past six years, I must say that I was not in the least surprised about the September 11th attack. My initial reaction was that of horrid shock and bewilderment. However, knowing that such things like the attack are a result of accumulative issues, I felt that the attack occurred because it could not be prevented. Somewhere the channels of communications were either so faulted or disconnected that this was inevitable.
Nelson Neville, Boras, Sweden

My life has really changed in the last year

Jessie Z. Keene, FL, USA
My life has really changed in the last year. I was on the phone to my friend who was in the WTC before the attack had happened. I heard him yelling: "Oh God!". All I could hear coming from him was in a terrifying voice: "A plane is coming, a plane is a coming!" I was like what are you talking about? Then it really hurt to hear him say: "Tell my kids and wife I love them very much. It is something I will never for get. My heart goes out to the American, British, Canadian, Australian, Mexican, and rest of the families who lost there loved ones on the day of the attack.
Jessie Z. Keene, Temple Terrace, FL, USA

America has not changed since 9/11, Kyoto deal dismissed, arms sold to countries currently involved in conflict, threats of attack against Iraq, the highest disregard for world environmental issues, International treaty for ballistic missiles torn up, Son of star wars programme. Need I go on ? Business as usual
James McMillan, London

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