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Monday, 3 November, 2003, 09:49 GMT

Should childbirth care be a human right?
African women are 175 times more likely to die in childbirth and pregnancy than their counterparts in western countries. Should professional care during pregnancy and labour be a human right?

Used pants ban in Tanzania
The Tanzanian government's ban on importing second-hand underwear prompts a heated debate.
Gyude Bryant
Can peace be restored to Liberia?
Liberia's new transitional president, Gyude Bryant has been sworn into office. Can peace be restored to the country?

How can Africa's cities be improved?
78 percent of Africans in cities are said to be living in very poor conditions according to a report by the UN. What improvements should be made?

Is Nigeria's space satellite worth it?
Nigeria's first observation satellite has been launched from Russia. Send us your comments.

Should aggression be rewarded?
Liberian rebels will have a say in the country's administration as part of the peace deal. Is it right to compromise with rebel forces?

Will the peace deal create a new Liberia?
Government and rebel delegates have selected Gyude Bryant to lead the country's interim administration. Can the humanitarian crisis now be averted?

Should there be better access to Aids drugs?
The South African Government will introduce anti-retroviral drugs to treat people who are HIV positive following protests by Aids activists.

Idi Amin: Your thoughts
Former Ugandan leader Idi Amin - whose regime was one of the bloodiest in African history - is on life support in Saudi Arabia. Did you experience life under his presidency?

Can abstinence end the spread of Aids?
Former South African president, Nelson Mandela has told an Aids convention that Europe must match US funding to fight the disease. Do you agree?

Has Bush's visit to Africa made a difference?
George W Bush has completed his African tour in Nigeria. Do you think the president's visit has been a success for the continent?

Nigeria: Can strikes solve the problem?
Nigerian trade unionists have called off a nationwide strike as the government agrees to reduce petrol prices. Send us your views.

Does your height affect your life?
Bafoussam in the Western Province of Cameroon has recently hosted a cultural festival by the Cameroon Association of Short People. Can your height affect how you get on in life?

Should Africa care about the fate of its wildlife?
Several national parks in Africa could be privatised if the plan of Dutch conservationist goes ahead. Should the national parks belong to everyone?

Will the US send troops to Liberia?
Liberians have asked for US military intervention to stop the fighting in their country. The Americans seem reluctant to send more troops abroad. So, how can peace be brought to Liberia ?

Zimbabwe arrest: What happens next?
The Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is to spend a sixth night in custody after his bail hearing is adjourned again. What can be done to resolve the crisis in the country?

Rwanda constitution: Will it make a difference?
Rwandans voted on Monday on a new draft constitution. Is this the start of a new era for the country?

Is the UN doing enough to stop wars in Africa?
Two UN observers are said to have been killed in the troubled north-eastern province of Ituri in DR Congo. Should the organisation do more in Africa?

Are Africa's skies safe enough?
Following the recent air crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we ask whether more can be done to improve the safety of air travel in Africa.

Should Mugabe retire?
The presidents of South Africa, Nigeria and Malawi have held talks with President Mugabe, fuelling speculation that the Zimbabwean leader is considering retirement.

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