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Tuesday, 7 November, 2000, 17:50 GMT
Your space station dream team

Who would you want to be stuck with on a space station?

Two Russians and one American are heading off to the International Space Station this week. However, unlike previous visitors, they will not leave after a week but will be in orbit together for four months.

Only two of the crew will have cupboard-sized staterooms, the third will bunk where he can find the space. The work will be hard with the crew working about 12 hours a day, six days a week. On Sundays, they can relax, catch up on personal e-mail, or even have a two-way video conference with family.

Who would you want to be floating with in space? What would you take with you to keep yourself amused? Tell us your space station dream team. HAVE YOUR SAY

I'd take U2 for the music

Kerri, UK
I'd take U2 for the music, Matthew Perry for the laughter (and other things) and my cat for cuddles. BTW Ben Powell - if I send you some money, will you leave Liz Hurley up there?
Kerri, UK

Tom from Big Brother.

The three people I love most in the world - my husband and my parents. Plus of course my two cats...
Marion, UK/ USA

I'd like to have with me, my family (wife and two kids). No, I'm not Mr Robinson and I don't want to be Lost in Space!
Basilis, Greece

Terry Pratchett and Hank Marvin

David Hazel, UK
Terry Pratchett and Hank Marvin - then I could hear good stories and good music at the same time.
David Hazel, UK

Girls, Girls, Girls!
Billy Bob, The Republic of Texas

John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Then we could float around in micro-gravity together playing some tunes.
Frank, Canada

Blair, Brown and two jags - then I'd shove 'em out!!
Charles Porter, USA

R2D2, C3PO, and Yoda

Julian, New Zealand
R2D2, C3PO, and Yoda. The force would be with me also, I'm Sure!
Julian, New Zealand

Bill Gates, so I could impress upon him the importance of writing small, highly optimised, super-reliable fast and efficient bug-free software control programs.
Martin Andrews, Scotland

I am quite happy here on earth. But I would like to send two persons; Madam Albright and Saddam Hussain!! She can happily stay forever to brighten all darker planets up there and take the opportunity to enlighten Saddie that the sanctions are actually helping Iraqi people!!
Biren, Nepal

I would like to take Liz Hurley

Ben Powell, England
I would like to take Liz Hurley because everyday I would be-dazzled, (sorry!) by her incredible looks and I'm sure she would wear some very interesting space suits!
Ben Powell, England

No "comment". Space is future?!
Ruzhdi Sholla, Kosovo

Bond girls, tandoori chicken (lots of it) and good Scotch !!!
Rakesh, India

I would go alone. Peace and quiet. Peace perfect peace.
Nick Southwood, UK

I would love to be in the space station with Mexican beauty Salma Hayek.
Hector Duarte, Spain

I'd like to be there with some useless political man, to open the door and kick them out into space.
Morris, Italy

My companion of choice would be a can of air freshener

Tom King, Canada
Considering that conditions are cramped and the oxygen recycled, my companion of choice would be a can of air freshener.
Tom King, Canada

I would happily spend my time in space with the actor John Thaw and have stimulating conversations. Also, Patrick Stewart, as he is also stimulating.
Rebecca Stevens, Great Britain

It would have to be Carol Vorderman because then she wouldn't be on our TV screens all the time. And we could hope for a rogue computer like Hal that would force her out of the airlock
Colin Houlsonn, UK

If it's a question of who (or what) I'd like to be stuck "with", I'd have to include Oscar Wilde, Geoffrey Chaucer, Shakespeare, Arthur Machen and a generous supply of absinthe.
STC, England

I would like to go with my space hero...Buck Rogers. Wouldn't have time to be bored.
Eddie, Houston, Texas

People I can rely on in an emergency and communicate with on a serious level. So that counts out politicians too

Mark F, UK
No-one I don't know and definitely not a celebrity! They'd be too worried about their hair not sitting right. People I can rely on in an emergency and communicate with on a serious level. So that counts out politicians too.
Mark F, UK

How about Anthea Turner, Noel Edmunds and Dale Winton? Then I'll quite happily stay on earth.
Mark, UK

I would need a few crates of nice cheap red wine, and the little Christmas tree I have growing in the garden

Ann, England
I would take my husband, if he can put up with me cruising on a small boat for years I'm sure he could cope with me for months in space. Anyway we wouldn't get stuck 'cause he can fix anything! I would need a few crates of nice cheap red wine, and the little Christmas tree I have growing in the garden, oops nearly forgot - my dog, who always goes every where with us.
Ann, England

Alan Sugar and George Graham! No explanation required!
Adam, Spain

Two words: Cameron Diaz
Joseph, Canada

Al Gore and George Bush, remember in space no-one can hear them speak...
James, Australia

The Dalai Lama and the Pope for mental stimulation and the fact that they would not compete with me for the favours of the last member, Elle Macphearson
David, UK

I would love to be stuck in a satellite with Brittney Spears. As I see it, she is rather attractive and at the same time it would keep her out of the recording studio.
Brandon, USA

Two weeks ago I was actually standing under the shuttle Atlantis

Catherine Penfold, UK in USA
I'd like to share space, any space, with Vin Deisel. And in my down time I'd listen to "Cake", read Steinbeck and draw the best comic book the world has ever seen. Two weeks ago I was actually standing under the shuttle "Atlantis" at the space port, (thanks to NASA engineer Jim Thurston for the special tour). It was up on jacks as they prepared it for its next flight. I was thinking that if the jacks failed I'd be the first person in my family to be run over by a spaceship. I also got to wear a cleansuit and to see the payloads close enough to touch (not that I did, just because I didn't see marines with big guns didn't mean they weren't there). The spaces in which the astronauts have to work in are really tiny. That's why I'm only taking Vin Diesel.
Catherine Penfold, UK in USA

The Queen Mum - Gawd bless 'er.
Paul, USA

I'd have to take a tree and some grass (I mean the lawn stuff!) because I once spent too long in a hot, dry country, and that's what I missed the most.
Richard, UK

I would like to be stuck with a robot, so I could deactivate it if it annoyed me.
David J Sime, UK

Hmm...Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham and Ashley Judd.
Edward, USA

If I went into space for years I'd be considered a hero for taking Paul Daniels with me.
Dave Eyrl, UK

As long as you can get a decent glass of red in space I'd be okay

Sarah Smiley, Jordan
Really all I'd need is Colin Firth, but I'd probably miss my lovely German shepherd so she would have to come along. I'd also like Dickens, Austen and the Brontes in toe. As long as you can get a decent glass of red in space I'd be okay.
Sarah Smiley, Jordan

Without a doubt it would have to be me and Roy Keane (Man Utd captain).
Yasmin, England

I should take along a tape recorder, and lots of tapes, plus Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and find out what they really thought of each other: now that would be interesting.
John Brownlee, England

A girl in my office, but I haven't asked her yet.
Hal, UK

I would like to take the following people with me:
(a) Nelson Mandela - I would love to hear his wonderful insights and his ideas about love and tolerance
(b) President Clinton - An interesting guy to talk to
(c) Reverend Robert Schuller - A wonderful man of God
(d) Charlene Tilton - Interesting US actress
(e) Lauren Hutton
OL, NSW Australia

Several months of romantic dinners in space could never get boring

Ben, France
Someone I loved, some ingredients, lots of red wine and some good music. Several months of romantic dinners in space could never get boring.
Ben, France (English)

It would be great to be stuck in space with Roger Waters and Samantha Fox. Roger could convey, in literary form to Samantha, precisely and how truly desperately, awful our isolated living conditions were, the always reliable thought provoking manner that only he is capable of. And Sam could just convey his findings, in song, with that angelic voice that only she has. As for me, well... I could only wish we didn't have to be up there.
Sean Baranczyk, USA

no doubt about it....R2D2...cause he's always saving the do the washing up....and Princess Leia....for reasons best not described in print !!!
Jonathan, Denmark

It would have to be actress Daniella Nardini

Mark B, UK
It would have to be actress Daniella Nardini. Brains, beauty and wit. That said, I'll probably not want to come back down again.
Mark B, UK

I would love to live in space so long as there was enough room to be able to play with a rubics cube and eat food with a little friendly conversation
Toffic Salah, Canada

I would like to be stuck with Israeli Prime Minister Barak and Yasser Arafat. There would always be something to talk about!
David Easley, USA

The soothing silence of space; and, the music of the spheres.
Mohansingh, India

As long as I could take Michael Foale along to fix things when they go wrong

As long as I could take Michael Foale along to fix things when they go wrong and bring along my movie collection, I'm sure things would be just fine. I don't know about the lack of proper coffee though...

You would never ever need a reason to live or have a worry if you woke up with a view like that ever morning...
Giles, England

I would love to obit the earth. At night I gaze into the sky and watch the stars so in orbit I would have the able to see the earth.
Crystal, USA

The life in a space station is just something like the island where Robinson Crusoe lived. A woman and a dog is a must if possible, which at least will remind you that you are not the only sex nor the only creature there.
K. Chen, China

I can't imagine anything more boring than being cooped up in a pressurised bottle for 4 months

Roger Sayer, USA
I can't imagine anything more boring than being cooped up in a pressurised bottle for 4 months. But if I were forced into it I would request P.G. Wodehouse, Chopin and Mozart.
Roger Sayer, USA

Sorry, the whole space station thing is a bit cramped with far too little living space. I guess I'm a "Tropical Island filled with naked women and ice-cream" kind of fellow.
Michael, Ireland

My wife. If she couldn't make it then Elle McPherson. My Apple G3 laptop for writing, and Finnegans Wake for reading. I dream of getting over zero-G nausea quickly and experiencing cosmic epiphanies at the window at least every 90 minutes.
Jim Joska, USA

I would go along with one individual that I love. One does not require to be "amused" all the while. That will be treasured moments and probably some non-fiction and few pieces of classical music.
Amie, India

My wife. I share my life with her, so why not my space station?
Ed Damvelt, NL/Mex

I'd like to be stuck up there with GW Bush. Sure, it would be awful, but through my act of self-sacrifice, I will have saved the US from the Bush menace!
Eugenia Shlimovich, USA

Ideally I would like to go with my wife, but she wouldn't be interested in going into space. I would put up with just about anyone for the chance to live and work in space. Of course the Moon or even Mars would be where I would prefer to go. I'd take a few good books with me and some classic Sci-fi videos (for a laugh).
Jonathan Clarke, Australia

How about combining the expedition with a certain recently successful voyeuristic game show?

David King, England
How about combining the expedition with a certain recently successful voyeuristic game show? After four months together in space, the arguing and bickering which will occur will make fantastic television!
David King, England

Prince William!
Aurora Fairchild, Canada

My space station dream team includes William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, and Kate Mulgrew. It would be fun to see how they handled "outer space" and if their experiences on Star Trek somehow prepared them for life in the stars. And, I would bring the complete works of Samuel Beckett with me for my few leisure hours. (I hear Beckett makes more sense in a weightless environment...)
J D Schwetman, USA

My dream team will consist of an intelligent and adorable cocker spaniel, my humorous best friend and my boyfriend. And to keep me amused, I will bring all the Archie comics that my money can buy if possible the a computer which can log on to the internet in outer space, with a TV card installed in it (subscribed to cable TV naturally)!
Dannica, Singapore

I would have two people with me. One would be Roy Hodgson - in order to make sure he is nowhere near the England Team for the next few months. The other "guest" would have to be Chris Tarrant - and I wouldn't let him back down until he guaranteed me a spot on his show.
Ian, England

Jenny Agutter could also come along if she promised to behave

Simon Mallett, UK
A few months in a space station, great views of the earth, even better if shared with my fantastic wife and friend Lesley. (Jenny Agutter could also come along if she promised to behave). No TV but BBC World Service a must.
Simon Mallett, UK

I'd like to send the following people:
1: Barak and Arafat 2: Trimble and Adams
I'd look for similar pairings throughout the rest of the world, too, and they can all stay up there until they work out their differences.
Mark M. Newdick, USA/UK

I would send the Celtic football team because frankly there is no use for them on this planet.
James Grant, Scotland

If I had to be stuck with any one person in the world, I would like to be stuck with Lady Margaret Thatcher. She could enlighten me to no end with her opinions, wisdom and insights on current events.
Jeff, USA

Let's send Tony Blair, Anne Widdecombe, Jack Straw and Gordon Brown up in it. And leave them there forever!
Rort Moran, UK

I would live in a space station as long as possible. I would love to be reclusive, distant from the burning atmosphere and the incessant toiling of capitalist society; free from the pressures of fake people and ignorant leaders. I would relish working 18 hours/7 days a week as long as I get to live in space.
Faris Kasim, Pakistan

I would love to be stuck in space with a female Russian cosmonaut. As long as I could watch some American TV channels, I would be ok.
Dwight Turner, Canada

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