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Kyrgyzstan: Eyewitness accounts

Protestors in Bishtek

President Bakiyev has declared a state of emergency in protest-hit areas of Kyrgyzstan.

At least five people have been killed in clashes between police and protesters outside President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's offices.

The unrest has hit Talas, Bishkek and Narya. Residents have been describing what they have seen.


We were at school today and one of our teachers told us that we had to go home. We were all confused and didn't know what was happening and no one would tell us. The principal finally made an announcement that the school would be closing down because of the protests. Now everyone is stuck inside their homes waiting for it to be over. One of my friends told me he could hear the people shouting and the tear gas being sprayed and some shots. It's scary knowing that this is going on in the city I live in.
Nancy, Bishkek

It's true, independent media is blocked. Everyone has had limited access to the internet for the past couple of days. The opposition is already issuing statements over TV, people are very confused. More importantly everybody is worried that what happened in the Tulip revolution will happen again. There was a lot of marauding then. This isn't war yet, but for our small country and its five million people these days are worrying and thousands will be affected, just like five years ago. I'm not even sure I'm supposed to write this.
Apollo SM, Bishkek

There are lots of protesters in the streets and you can hear the sounds of stun grenades and rubber bullets being fired. Lethal force was used when people tried to storm the compound with a commandeered vehicle.
Kevin, Bishkek

I am here in the centre of this incident. I see the people are really angry. A lot of people are joining together to go to the president's white house in order to take over the control of the government. Now I am at home and can not go out because it is really dangerous.
Muzaffar, Bishkek

There are people trying to block the roads to stop people moving freely in their cars. They are using stones. The drivers are in danger of getting their windows smashed by the opposition. Public transport has been stopped. The town is crowded and in a terrible mess.
Alexiya, Bishkek

Protesters are gathering from all parts of the city. A police car was seized and used to break through the police line to the white house. Five people have been wounded and a lot of shots have been fired. Shops are closing in panic.
Arstan, Bishkek

It is not so quiet here. The people have already met to protest near the white house. Most of the shops are closed because they are afraid of marauders. We are really afraid it is going to be just like the revolution five years ago.
Alexiya, Bishkek

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