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Toyota recall: Your stories

A Toyota dealership

Toyota has started repairing the accelerator pedals on 180,000 vehicles across the UK. It will involve 200 repair centres dealing with 6,000 cars a day.

Toyota hopes that all recalled cars in the country can be repaired in a month.

Readers to the BBC News website talk about their dealings with Toyota.

Mike with his Toyota
Mike with his Toyota

My 2009 Auris is affected by the recall. I had a voicemail message yesterday afternoon from my Toyota dealer to arrange for the work to be undertaken. I haven't experienced any problems with it so far.

I have also owned two new Corollas for three years each from 1996 to 1998.

I think Toyota has handled the situation better than other manufacturers. I first registered my VIN on the Toyota website week commencing 1 February 2010. On the following Sunday, I had an e-mail from Toyota asking me to visit their updated website where I was able to re-input my VIN and Toyota did an on-line check as to whether my vehicle was affected. It was and I was able to select which dealer I wished to use and let Toyota know.

I am perfectly happy with the way Toyota and my garage have handled the situation

I had a voicemail message from the garage two days later asking me to contact them about the recall. I phoned them Wednesday and they can fit me in next week. I just have to touch base with work tomorrow before booking car in.

I am perfectly happy with the way Toyota and my garage have handled the situation.

It has not put me off driving my Auris. We will be using it in May to go on holiday to the Isle of Skye. We are due to swap our 2007 Mazda before September of this year, and the Yaris is definitely on our list of possible replacements.

Hats off to Toyota for coming public on this.

A mechanic checks a Prius car

We have a 2009 Yaris. We registered our details on the Toyota recall site the other day and Toyota have already phoned to ask when would be convenient to go in and get the fix. Yes, it's a pain, and it's utterly shocking that such a fundamental flaw wasn't caught earlier, but I can't fault Toyota UK who have been prompt and courteous.

Toyota phoned my husband Tuesday and asked which garage he would prefer to go to, as well as what time and date were convenient. My husband is taking the car in on Saturday but I think he could have taken it in earlier if he had wanted to.

I placed an order for a new Auris in January so when the recall was announced the car hadn't left the dealers. As they felt it was a safety issue the accelerator pedal will be replaced before the car is handed over. The new accelerator pedal part is being fitted today. Once it's done, the car will be released to me this week. They will not release the car even as new without the part being sorted.


I have every confidence in the brand

I have driven a Corolla for the past five years and as the Auris is the direct replacement, I was completely happy to buy it. Over the past years I have owned Toyotas as well as other makes and have always been happy with them and would not give buying one a second thought.

Toyota has been honest and open about the problem and have kept me up-to-date as to the action being taken and phoned me on the days they said. They are due to phone me on Thursday with the time and day I can collect the car.

I have over the years been more than pleased with the Toyotas I have owned. The Corolla that I have traded in has done 77,000 miles and never missed a beat.

After driving many Toyota cars I have every confidence in the brand and the ability of the service system.

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