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Joe McElderry wins X Factor - your reaction

2009 X Factor winner Joe McElderry

Eighteen-year-old Joe McElderry beat Olly Murs to win the sixth series of the ITV talent show X Factor.

The pair battled it out on primetime TV across the weekend to win a lucrative £1m recording contract with Simon Cowell.

More than 10 million viewers voted in the final show of the series, which has dominated TV screens this autumn.

Hundreds of people have written to the BBC with their reaction to the winner.

e-mail sent in by reader

Yes, I watched the final and I could hear my heart thumping as the programme progressed. I wanted Joe to win from early on in the series, but the final night was breathtaking.

Joe has grown as the weeks have gone by and always gave a professional performance. The final show was phenomenal, the performances of Olly and Joe and all the world class stars performing. It's been a great series. Roll on next year!
Sue Robson, Hexham

e-mail sent in by reader

Olly and Joe were both phenomenal but there has to be a winner and that doesn't mean to say that Olly is a loser. However, whilst Olly is a great entertainer, the X Factor is all about the voice, and Joe certainly has the edge on that.

He is a very modest, delightful young man and will go a long way. Good luck to both of them.
Barbra, Alicante, Spain

e-mail sent in by reader

hoped and prayed that Joe would win and was delighted with the result! Excellent! I am sure he has a great future, I will certainly buy his single! Loved every minute of his singing!
Francine MacDonald, Buckingham, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

I am 100% certain the right person won the X Factor. Joe is phenomenal! He has a wonderful voice, is really good looking and seems to have a lovely personality. He deserves to do well!
Viv, Norwich, England

e-mail sent in by reader

Joe was the deserved winner. He has been flawless throughout and always entertaining. He seems such a lovely guy as well, I think he has a long career ahead of him. X Factor delivers yet another fantastic artist!
Fiona, Stockton, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

Olly should have won, all round entertainer, moved and danced around the stage not like Joe who just either stood or sat down to sing. Would fall asleep if saw Joe. Hopefully Olly will get some kind of deal as he did have the X Factor.
Andy, UK

X Factor runner up Olly Murs

e-mail sent in by reader

It's absolutely ridiculous that Joe has won! Olly was definitely the best overall. Joe will follow in Leon Jackson's footsteps and be a one-hit wonder, whereas Olly has the staying power to be around for a long time. The wrong man won!
Lauren, Essex

e-mail sent in by reader

I think Joe is amazing. He has a fantastic voice that I think will take him very far in the future. Olly was also amazing and deserves to be the runner up. Joe was definitely the favourite among the two to win.
James, Bristol

e-mail sent in by reader

I think it was a complete fix against Olly. The song was clearly aimed at Joe - you could see it in Olly as he performed, he knew he had lost.

Whenever they put the numbers up, Joe was always first, even after Olly performed. Joe was the only performer to get full standing ovations. I think that the result was decided weeks ago, shame on you Simon Cowell.

Joe will make an album then disappear - Olly will make an album, tour, sell out shows - but all you want is a quick buck.
William Shankie, Aberdeen, Scotland

e-mail sent in by reader

The right person definitely won. I predicted him from week one. A lovely young guy with an outstanding voice. He is always so polite and thanks everyone and is so gracious. He also doesn't know how good he is which is always a good thing. Good one Joe, you are the best.
Kym Acott, Peterborough

e-mail sent in by reader

Olly was robbed, he should have won. Joe is bland and boring who wants to watch that? Olly is an entertainer, Joe will be a one hit wonder. Don't worry Olly you have definitely got a bright future ahead of you
Claire Bloomer, Stourbridge, West Midlands

e-mail sent in by reader

Am I the only one who doesn't know or care who this is?

Why do we need all these manufactured pop stars because it's not as if they're even writing their own songs for the show, they're just singing other people's
Tom, Lichfield

The X Factor semifinalists

e-mail sent in by reader

I knew Joe was going to win however I really wanted Olly to win. Joe will head into the theatre end of singing whereas Olly will - hopefully - excel in the pop industry. Olly Murs - you're an absolute star! He didn't need to win - though it would've helped - because he is such an entertaining performer and that is what this show is about!
Zoe Ingran, Sutton, Surrey

e-mail sent in by reader

It was difficult to know who to vote for as both were great entertainers. Joe was the best singer but Olly was a great showman and extreamly entertaining to watch. It was sad to have to pick one over the other from that point of view. A very great show and riviting all the way through.
Alex Innes, Ely Cambs

e-mail sent in by reader

I am really pleased for Joe. He has been my favourite from the start. Consitantly brilliant with a fantastic voice. Have pre-ordered the single, can't wait to get it. I like Olly too and am sure we will hear more of him. I wish all the very best for the future to both of them.
Terri, Evesham, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

The winner was irrelevant because either way, the music industry loses. I say Rage Against The Machine for Christmas No 1!
Dan Egerton, Birmingham

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