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Britain's scariest roads: Your emails

Spaghetti Junction motorway interchange
Spaghetti Junction motorway interchange

Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham has topped a survey of Britain's scariest road systems.

BBC News website readers have been adding their nightmare junctions to the list.

Here is a selection of your emails:

Marble Arch isn't scary - I do it on my bike! The worst system has to be the ring road in Coventry, or some parts of the Birmingham Queensway where the on/off sections are shared and not marked.
Dave, London

The Hardknott and Wrynose pass combination in Cumbria. Viciously steep gradients, blind hills on right-angled bends and most of it single track. It's terrifying, it's also quite magnificent!
Stirling, St Neots

Try the M5 / M4 junction on a Friday afternoon.
Dennis, Bath/Bristol

A number of junctions on the North Circular Road (A406) especially at traffic lights where there are three lanes going straight on that turn into two lanes a few yards after the junction. It's fine if you know what's going on but if you're unfamiliar with the layout it's a nightmare, especially since everyone reacts to the change of lights as if they're on the grid at Silverstone. But once you've nearly died twice and got away with it you soon get the hang of it.
Mike Norman, Nottingham

The whole of the traffic system in Leeds is one big nightmare. I have given up trying to drive anywhere in the Leeds area and use the train.
Annie Mitchell, York, UK

I live quite near the M5 and Birmingham City Centre and I think it is being quite harsh on the Five Ways junction and the M5/M6 intersection but Spaghetti Junction should be 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the list.
Lee, Halesowen, West Midlands

I live in Swindon now but am originally from Hertfordshire. My first driving lesson was round the Magic Roundabout in Hemel Hempstead. "You've got to do it some time," was my instructor's comment. Now living in Swindon I have the pleasure of their Magic Roundabout. I don't know what the fuss is about - don't you just close your eyes and go! I have been driving for 20 years and these roundabouts don't bother me at all. Be brave people!
Sarah Atkins, Swindon

I would rather go around Spaghetti than try to join and leave the Coventry Ring Road. I would suggest that this rates as one of the scariest roads I've been on in more than 50 years, and that includes Hong Kong where you were taught to drive with aggression!
Alan Breward, Birmingham

Charing Cross in Glasgow is quite scary as you have got four lanes of traffic approaching it with the left and right lanes going to two junctions at the same time to Charing Cross. So, with everyone trying to squeeze in, you have plenty of people trying to cut up the side. I crashed at Charing Cross a few years ago with someone cutting a red light just as I was about to go on the slip road to get back on it. Nightmare. But once you have mastered Kingston Bridge through Glasgow Central, you can drive anywhere.
Alan Shaw, Glasgow

The roundabout at Whitletts in Ayr must be a high contender for the scariest roundabout in the UK. Travelling north, the single road opens up to a choice of four possible lanes and travelling south this choice expands to five lanes. The actual size of the roundabout adds to the total confusion with lane-crossing an absolute necessity to get anywhere and this leads to abject chaos. I refuse to select the right-hand lanes heading to Whitletts and Prestwick as this is all too nerve-wracking to endure.
David Campbell, Ayr, Ayrshire

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