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Your Toy Stories

Lego bricks

Toys costing less than £50 will dominate kids' Christmas lists this year, according to industry research. The Toy Retailers Association has unveiled a list of the 12 toys that it expects to be most in demand.

We asked BBC News website readers to tell us about their favourite toys.


People playing monopoly
"My aunt bought us a board game every year"

The best toy I ever had was my Raleigh Chopper. I wish I still had it now. I'm nearly 50 but I swear I would still ride it. Pure class, best bike ever built.
Nick, Bristol

My favourite toy for years was an Etch a Sketch. I sat for hours drawing different things.
Dawn, Glasgow

My favourite was the Johnny Seven gun for which I lost all the missiles by Boxing Day.
Mike H, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best boys' toy in the 60s was the Johnny Seven gun. It had more gadgets on it than 'Q' and boys who owned one were always followed around by boys who didn't. It was an awesome toy!
Nick Smith, Dartmouth

"A young imagination knows no bounds "

As a child I received a model James Bond Aston Martin car - it had a working ejector seat and a pop-up bullet-proof shield. Other toys from the early 60s included several Thunderbird models (1, 3 and 4 - my brother had 2), and a motorised speed boat that unfortunately eventually sank in the bath. However, my favourite toy was my Lego collection, especially as this included motors, lights, and railway tracks.
Julian, Winchester

I am not surprised Lego and Transformers are high on the list. Having grown up and had both, I can see the appeal. Heck, I still collect them now even as an adult.
Unclejoe420, Stevenage

I remember getting the hottest toy one Christmas, the original Transformer Optimus Prime. Santa did me proud.
Douglas, Aberdeen

My favourite toys as a child were colloquially known as "teenage dolls", in other words Sindy, Tressie (whose hair grew to incredible lengths) and Mary Make-Up. Collecting and making clothes for my precious dolls was the highlight of my early years.
Margaret Shaw, Airdrie

Spy Ring was typical of the board games that we got every year from my aunt. We had everything from Railroader to Mine a Million and the battle of the Little Big Horn. Apart from being a difficult game to play you could only 'use the radio' by sticking a one inch long piece of copper into the head of the playing piece, something these days would be banned under health and safety rules. Our favourite toy that year was You Steer Scalextric which enabled you to move the cars around obstacles on the track.
Nic Holc-Thompson, Havant

I had the James Bond Aston Martin when it first came out. I lost the 'villain' in the ejector seat the same day!
Pete, London

You're wrong about Action Man being the first boys doll. Tommy Gun was out in 1968 well before Action Man and was a better toy than the first Action Man which fell to bits easily.
R. East, Bradford

Rayleigh Chopper
"The best bike ever built"

I had two favourites way back then. Meccano and a Philips junior electronics set. I spent many hours creating my own toys, a young imagination knows no bounds.
Les, London

The best toy I ever had was an Action Man tank. A big plastic one, just big enough for me to sit on (aged about four or five) and my sister could push me about at breakneck speed. Another toy I had was a Tonka digger. It didn't matter what you did to it, it just would not break. The old saying is very true; "They don't make 'em like they used to!"
Simon, Manchester

I loved soft toys and books, though Baby Alive, the doll that actually cried tears and wee'd, was a real hit. Now, I have a sideline business in sock monkeys, and Christmas orders are insane. There seems to be a big backlash against overpriced toys.
Kirsten, Bournemouth

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