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Kabul attack: Your stories

Building on fire in Kabul

Five foreign UN employees have been killed and nine wounded in an attack on a guesthouse used by United Nations staff in Kabul, Afghanistan. In a separate attack, rockets were fired at the city's five-star Serena Hotel but no-one was injured.

Eyewitnesses have been contacting the BBC to share their stories and pictures of the attacks.


Smoke from explosion in Kabul
"I began to hear heavy machine gunfire"

The building is only about 250 metres from where I live and I took this photo from my bedroom. The attack started with a grenade going off and I thought it was a bomb at first. I have worked in Kabul since 2002 and bombs are a frequent occurrence.

The initial explosion was followed by small arms fire and more grenades and I realised the attack was more serious. The building caught on fire and I began to hear heavy machine gunfire.

The authorities managed to clear everything up by 0930 and the alert status has gone from red to yellow but I am still stuck at home under "lock down" conditions and can't go to work.


I saw the militants running into the guesthouse

I was driving to work when I saw the militants running into the guesthouse. One of the them stopped the traffic. He had a gun and was dressed in security clothing.

Although this is a fairly normal sight in Afghanistan I felt uneasy and decided to take another route.

Shortly afterwards I saw the smoke and when I got to the office I found out what had happened.


Building on fire in Kabul
"The blasts actually shook my desk"

I had just arrived at work when the attack started. I work about 200 metres away from the Kabul Serena Hotel which was attacked, and the blasts actually shook my desk.

Our security staff moved us into the corridors in case the windows shattered and none of us were allowed out of the building. I and many of my colleagues were scared.


I think security at these UN-approved guesthouses is a joke. A couple of armed guards out the front are no match for determined suicide attackers, as this morning's events prove.

I'm in another UN guesthouse and right now I feel vulnerable

I'm in another guesthouse maybe 200 metres as the crow flies from the Bekhtar, and believe me right now I feel vulnerable. I would like the UN to consider our security very seriously indeed as the current operational standards are patently ineffective.

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