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Bracelets: Your comments

Magnetic wrist strap

Copper bracelets and magnetic wrist straps are useless for relieving pain in people with arthritis, say University of York researchers.

BBC News website readers have been giving their comments on the story.


I have worn a magnetic bracelet for a number of years and without a doubt it eases the pain. If for any reason I leave it off for a few days, I notice the difference and the aching returns. It eases the pain for me so I will continue to wear it, whatever the reason.
Jim Fox, Swansea

I wear a wrist band and found it to be instantly helpful - within four to six hours - and it is still working. Many of my friends swear by theirs too. I am surprised at the study. Perhaps it depends on the type of arthritis you have, and maybe people have a different reaction to the metal.
Charles Wheatman, Newbury

After a motorcycle accident in Italy I had tendons repaired in my wrist. If I do not wear a copper bracelet my wrist ceases up after a while. This never happens whilst wearing it, so I have been wearing one for 13 years!
Richard Jones, Birmingham

I suffer from gout and find that using a magnetic bracelet lessens the time of an attack without using anti-inflammatories. They may well not work with osteoarthritis but might with other forms of arthritis.
Liz Parkin, Chelmsford

Coloured X-ray of hands suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis
"If I leave it off the aching returns"

About 15 years ago I had so much stiffness and pain in my fingers that I couldn't open a screw top bottle. I bought a magnetic bracelet and it took several months but the pain went away. After a few years the bracelet got a bit tatty so I threw it away, the pains came back. I bought a new bracelet and still have no pain so it works for me.
Jim Anderson, Finspong, Sweden

I used to sell the cheaper variety of these (around £5) when I owned a shop and the university's findings do not bear out the anecdotal evidence from my customers who came back time after time to renew their bracelets. No one knows how magnetism works on the body and like all complementary therapy it will have its detractors. If it is just mind over pain, what's wrong with that?
David Neal, York

I tried a copper bracelet after reading about professional golfers who claimed relief of symptoms. Clearly there was no scientific or medical explanation and I accepted it was psychological. I still wear it and take fewer painkillers. Oh, by the way, I am a doctor!
Len McDonnell, Dublin, Ireland

Forty-five people wore four devices over a 16 week period. So each device was worn for four weeks. If this research had produced a similar result regarding a pharmaceutical drug, much would be made of the short-term nature of the trial and the small size of the sample.
Bridget, Rochester

I have used magnetic boots on my horse. She has severe arthritic changes in her lower legs and she seems to have benefitted from wearing them. She is moving more actively. However I have tried magnetic products as I have osteoarthritis in my lower back with very little effect.
Anke Twigg-Flesner, Newent


I did use a copper bracelet for years for arthritis and eventually gave up as I found they were of no use at all.
Ian Rothera, Seaford

I used to use a copper bracelet years ago but apart from discolouring my wrist it had no affect on my osteoarthritis. Now instead I use dietary supplements which do work! The only reason that I started using them was after seeing the positive affects they had on one of my friend's dogs that had been lame after a minor collision with a car - proving in my mind that it was not a placebo effect.
John Somers, Chesham

I have tried them all and they are all useless and a waste of money.
Guy Martin, Canada

I have used a magnetic bracelet for year and it has not helped my arthritis but it did reduce the frequency of my migraines.
David Beattie, London

Like the reports stated, it's all in the mind. It did nothing to ease or cure my complaints.
Iyabo Baker, Antwerpen, Belgium

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