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Smartphones: Your comments

The public's "insatiable appetite" for social media is leading to a boom in the smartphone market, according to technology analysts. Which do you think is the best?

BBC news readers have been fairly strident in their opinion about which device they prefer. Click on the image below to take you to the comments about the appropriate phone.

Blackberry CurveBlackberry StormHTC Diamond Touch 2HTC HeroNokia N95 8GBApple iPhone 3GApple iPhone 3GST-Mobile G1Nokia E SeriesNokia E SeriesSony Ericsson Xperia X1Sony Ericsson P910iNokia N97Nokia N86


Blackberry Curve 8900

I have a Blackberry Curve 8900. I was reluctant at first but it's been excellent so far beyond being a bit sluggish on the web. There seems to be a trade-off between a 3G phone and good battery functionality.

I think the camera has been excellent though its not a professional quality. At times, the pictures taken were much more crisp than my digital camera. It's been useful for MMS's.

I must admit that the big draw of the Blackberry has been the excellent e-mail servers. It's been the best feature of the phone.
Sameen Farouk, Birmingham, England

Blackberry Curve 8900

I have the Blackberry 8900 and I got the phone because it doesn't have a touch screen, my last one did and it lost its responsiveness and got easily greasy. The 8900 has lots of good apps and a fair few of them are free. It has a lot of very good features such as shortcuts on most apps.

The internet is not the fastest without Wifi, but with Wifi it is a reasonable speed.
Jonathan Mackie, Preston

Blackberry Storm

I have a Blackberry Storm and have had it for nearly twelve months.

As a schoolteacher I wondered how useful it would be, but I have it out at staff meetings, log every date, event, and appointment. I schedule tasks to be done and very usefully, I can access my e-mail much quicker than anyone else. The school e-mails teachers with updates to laptops in classrooms, but this still relies on teachers checking their mail.

My phone vibrates, I respond as soon as I can via my phone and can give the office vital information. Personally I could not do without it and two of my colleagues have also now switched to Blackberrys too.
Nich Starling, Norfolk


HTC Touch Diamond 2

I use an HTC Diamond Touch 2 with Windows Mobile 6.1. Although it's fair to say Windows Mobile lacks the sparkle of newer alternatives, the operating system has been around for a while, and is solid.

Although the concept of an application store is still fairly new with Windows Mobile, there is a huge wealth of software out there available directly from many other websites.

Personally, I think it's a good thing being able to choose your own software and be able to install software from whoever you like, as you can with Windows Mobile and Android.

I'm paying for the phone, so it's mine to do as I like, rather than having to only choose from what the handset maker has allowed me to download.
Dylan Hayes, Wakefield, UK

HTC Hero

I have the HTC Hero and I think it is the best of the bunch. It allowed for multitasking of apps, whereas the iPhone doesn't.

The Palm Pre is unfamiliar to me but the professional look of the Hero is a winner every time. The recent update of firmware has made it a real speed contender for the iPhone in my eyes and direct linking to Googlemail and social networking sites is great too.
Paul Stewart, Glasgow

HTC Hero

I have used most of these handsets / OS's but my personal preference is the HTC Hero for the slickness of the interface, comparable to the quality of the iPhone's.

The only issue with this handset in my opinion is the 'fiddliness' of the keyboard as even in landscape mode the only feature that redeems the keyboard it is the auto-complete quality.

The Google Android Market is comparable in quantity and quality to the iPhone's app store, whilst, as you mention, very few apps are currently available per device for WM6.5 but I'm sure that will increase rapidly.
Oli, Bristol

Having owned a Hero for about a month now I can honestly say that I wish hadn't bought it.

It's slow, it hangs, there are bugs in the OS (well documented, fundamental bugs). Oh, and navigating with the trackball is erratic to say the least. I'm sure Android will be a good OS but it just isn't good enough now.

Don't get me wrong, it's an exceptionally trick bit of kit but as a demanding power user I expect my kit to be more responsive & less frustrating.

And by the way, I've just typed this on my Hero and it's taken me a good 15 mins. So if there are any typos in this text, you know why....
Philip Turpin, London


Nokia N95

I've still got my Nokia N95 8GB which I've had for two years. The reason? I can't get a better phone.

Great operating system, great non-touchscreen keypad (which doesn't require my gaze to be fixed on it while typing), great camera and video & audio recording, flash player, including the BBC iPlayer, reliable web browsing, superb e-mail and calendar integration and my battery gets recharged every night whether it needs it or not.

Once the iPhone's battery, camera and video get sorted out it might be a conceivable alternative, but until then I'll cherish my faithful Nokia.
Roo, Northern Ireland

Nokia N97

I have had a Nokia N97 for three months now, and just love it. It has so many features packed into it. I love the ultra fast GPS / Satnav system.

The live apps are great too, showing you real-time information from sites like Facebook and blogs etc.
Stephen Woodhall, Princes Risborough, Bucks

Nokia N97

I use the Nokia N97 and find it to be very responsive.

I have not had any issues with the widgets and find that everything I need is there at a touch of a button. Admittedly there was quite a lot of setting up to get it how I wanted it.
Symon Borny, Ashford, Kent

Nokia N86

Have a Nokia N86 which decided upon partly because of the great 8MP camera but also because have experienced problems with touch screens in past after long periods of use.

Has a fantastic range of capabilities including full web access, good range of apps, games if you have time, large storage, good music player, solid feel, nice two way slider action and even digital compass! Navigation using the rocker control is frustrating though which is where a good touchscreen or even roller ball would help.

So far proving to be reliable, compact (if a little heavy) and high quality.
Barry Thompson, Chichester


Nokia E90

I am using the Nokia E90, having upgraded over the years from the 3 previous Nokia E models.

The software is powerful and integrates very well with the phone interface, and I could not manage without the Qwerty keyboard; but the whole package now looks dated next to the iPhone.

I have tried an iPhone and the user interface is wonderful but it isn't a very good phone and the built-in software can be inflexible.

I am saving myself for the next Nokia upgrade.
James Semple, Seaton, Devon

Nokia E71

I have a Nokia E71, which I consider to be a very good phone. Battery life is pretty good, and it is well made with a metal casing.

I've had the odd problem with apps hanging, but nothing serious, and there is a good choice of apps through the OVI store and third parties. Integrated GPS is good, though OVI maps subscription a bit expensive.

It is easy to use and can be customised easily, and has a nice keyboard, even for my fat fingers!
Jon Whiteside, Tiptree, Essex


Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

I have had an Xperia X1 for nine months.

It is fast, intuitive, has excellent Wifi and mobile broadband, apps for YouTube and Facebook.

The phone also has enhanced GPS, excellent audio for MP3, an FM radio, MS Office, an Adobe Acrobat reader and syncs easily with my desktops and acceptable battery life.
Peter Hughes, Durham City, UK

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

I currently use an Xperia X1 which runs Windows Mobile 6.1.

I was toying between the iPhone and the Sony Ericsson, but went for the X1 because it was much easier to adapt it to the way I wanted it to work. With the iPhone you are severely limited by what Apple want you to do with it.

The battery life is good, often lasting about three days. And it is extremely easy to synchronise my email, calendar and contacts from my work PC so I can keep up to speed when away from the office.

The fact that it also runs TomTom satnav is a real bonus as I often visit sites for my work which are well of the beaten track.

I am looking forward to the updated version, the X2, being launched next month.
Kevin Browne, Southampton, Hampshire

Sony Ericsson 910i

I'm still using a Sony Ericsson P910i.

The camera is pants, the data transfer is modem speeds and it has no WiFi. But the handwriting recognition is sublime, the thumb operated jog-dial wheel is incredibly useful and the calendaring software is miles ahead of anything else I've used since an old Psion Series 3c.

I haven't found anything close to it.
David A Cox, Whitby North Yorks


Apple iPhone

I own an iPhone 3GS. It is the best phone I have ever had and has definitely set the benchmark, there is still no phone out there that can beat this phone and as for expandable memory - who needs it when you can have 32GB of the stuff!?
Jordan, Maidstone

Apple iPhone

Until recently the only smartphones I had used were Nokia N95 and the HTC Windows Mobile offering. I did feel that the Windows mobile was the best in terms of features, functions and overall price.

However, having bought an iPhone 3G, I must say the iPhone does set the benchmark. Yes it does have its annoyances but everything that does work, works beautifully and intuitively.

All the features come together very well and the whole experience is much better than any other phone I've used.
Qaiser Abbas, Luton, Beds

Apple iPhone

There are two obvious iPhone cons that seem to have been overlooked. Firstly there is no flash support for websites and second is the phone's inability to multitask. It's very annoying when your phone's Satnav switches off as you are driving along because someone has called you.
Leon, Leeds

Apple iPhone

I upgraded to an iPhone 3G from a Nokia 5800 and frankly I am disappointed.

The iPhone has less features than the Nokia, for example only six text alert sounds with no option to add your own. The iTunes software is too controlling and restrictive, for those reasons I think way behind the Nokia.

I will be changing it next time round.
Dave Smith, England

Apple iPhone

I use the iPhone 3GS.

Whilst it has it's not without its limitations with a low-resolution camera, no flash, and with multiple apps not being able to run at the same time, these are very small things which are overshadowed by a fantastic piece of equipment which does everything with the ease and intuitive nature that Apple customers have come to expect.

My major gripe however, is that to reset the phone if it crashes requires it to be connected to iTunes. And when you are far away from your computer, this can be challenging!
Matt, Gants Hill


T-Mobile G1

I currently use the G1 which has an excellent Qwerty keyboard.

The UI, browser and apps are exceptional and having access to Google maps at a click of a button has helped a lot. Recently went on a road trip to Liverpool, Blackpool, Newcastle, Skegness, London and Bristol for my 21st with a few other stops on the way.

The only thing planned was the locations; the G1 helped us find hotels, attractions and basically everything with ease. Finding anything was in the palm of our hand.
Ryan Haddon, Hinckley

Important note:
The phones shown and the number of comments about each device reflects the balance of the total number of e-mails sent to the BBC.

All the devices relate to products available in the United Kingdom only.

Here are a selection of some of your comments about the views expressed above.

e-mail sent in by reader

Another vote here for the N95 8GB - I really don't know what I'd do without the internet on the move. I travel a lot with work so train times, BBC traffic, email etc are essential. Also has Wi-fi so I can use it for free on trains etc. Very reliable, Nokia user-friendlieness and decent size for my fat fingers - it's ace!
Owen Williams, Shipley, West Yorkshire

e-mail sent in by reader

I love my G1, it makes me feel fully connected no matter where I am and the added addition of Google Docs allows me to have important information to hand for reference. The full Qwerty keyboard is a must for ease. It's fast and reliable. Just wish it came in pink and not just black or white.

Some of the apps are hilarious and brighten up my day. I think its the most serious contender to the iPhone because of the keyboard - everything else is comparable. Only downside is the battery which needs recharging virtually every day if used for any serious surfing or playing.
Maxine, Preston

e-mail sent in by reader

I own an iPhone 3G and it's got to be the best phone around as it does almost anything that you want it to do.

It calls, it texts, it has internet, it has email, it has a camera, its an iPod and it has millions of apps to choose from. So what the camera doesn't have a flash.

You have got to admit it if you have an iPhone all your friends are jealous.
Brian, Scotland

e-mail sent in by reader

I bought a HTC Hero thinking this should be the last phone I attempt to buy before I plan to switch to iPhone next version.

I have fallen for the applications and clarity of the HTC Hero.

I must admit I have downloaded huge amount of android applications and it works fantastic even in muliple browsers. Camera quality with 5MP is superb and the surfing appearance is amazing.

The only drawback is the life of the battery needing constant which is incomparable to Nokia. A real threat to iPhone if it doesn't pull up its socks.
Pranab Kumar, London

I have a Nokia E71, which I selected after seeing a colleague at work with one.

I'd been looking for a smartphone, with the requirement that it not be an iPhone (tried one, didn't like it), not run Windows Mobile (tried that, didn't like it), not a Blackberry (don't like their pay-for email service and it's not clear I can use email without them) and had a keyboard, so that narrowed the field quite a lot.

I considered a G1 but I thought I'd let it mature a bit. Perhaps next time. However, the E71 is great, so no plans to upgrade any time soon.
Dave, Cambridge, UK

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