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Friday, 14 July, 2000, 07:58 GMT 08:58 UK
Your tributes to Lord Runcie

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Runcie has died after a long battle with cancer.

Lord Runcie led the Church of England from 1980 to 1991, through a decade of theological turmoil. Issues like the ordination of women, homosexuality among priests and changes to the Prayer Book caused differences within the Church.

Lord Runcie was outspoken on many issues and sometimes appeared as the leading critic of Margaret Thatcher's government.

He antagonised Lady Thatcher when he asked his congregation to pray also for the relatives of Argentine soldiers killed in the Falklands War and through his criticism of the UK Government's tactics in beating a strike by coal miners.

What are your memories of Lord Runcie? Send us your tributes.


He was a sweeping force for change for the better in the Church of England

David Holder, UK
I was very sorry to hear of his passing. He was Archbishop when I was growing up and discovering my faith, and I've held him in deeply personal regard. He was a sweeping force for change for the better in the Church of England, and we are all poorer for his absence. My sympathies to his family and friends, he will be deeply missed.
David Holder, UK

I want to send my condolences to the people of Great Britain over the death of Lord Runcie. My heart is with you at this time.
Roberto C. Alvarez-Galloso,CPUR, USA

I am saddened by this man's death; it is a loss to us all.
Jim, Wales

Unfortunately, I never knew him, but my Mum served him and his son in Boots years ago.
Paul Nicholas Grubb, United Kingdom

His death is a great loss to the ecumenical scene

Jeremy C. Brading, England
My lasting memory of Archbishop Runcie was when, as a student, I visited him at his home in St. Albans to discuss Anglican Roman Catholic relations. Though slightly nervous about meeting such a prominent clergyman, I found him to be helpful with an easy-to-relate-to style. I feel that his characteristic humour, his spirituality and leadership will be missed. His death is a great loss to the ecumenical scene, in that he furthered ecumenical relations a great deal, particularly with the Roman Catholic Church. I would hope that one of his legacies to the Church will appear as an inspiration to younger ecumenists to persevere with his dream for Christian unity.
Jeremy C. Brading, England

I had the privilege of meeting Dr Runcie during my schools quarter centenary. As a life long atheist, I was struck by his gentle nature and profoundly spiritual outlook. He was a man who was prepared listen to a belligerent teenager with compassion and understanding. He will be sadly missed
Adrian de Montfort, UK

I knew Lord Runcie when he was Bishop of St Albans - we were neighbours, so to speak, as my school was next to his house. Whenever he preached, he was worth listening to. In fact he was always worth listening to. His humility was in no way false, and he showed a genuine interest in everybody he met. I admired him for his integrity, for rattling Margaret Thatcher's cage, something few people dared to do, and for retiring gracefully from high office - also an uncommon ability.
Guy Chapman, UK

I grew up with Lord Runcie as Archbishop of Canterbury. He was a fine man, inspiring truly the fruits of the spirit to reveal themselves in every man. I am now training for the priesthood and shall miss your presence in the world. Rest in Peace+
Simon Bancroft, Dallas, Texas

I am sad to hear of Lord Runcie's death. May he rest in peace.
Tom Donnellan, Australia

Korean Anglicans remember his love for the people of Korea. In his two visits to the country, he visited a slum area of Seoul and encouraged the people and clergy. He was a very lovely person.
The Revd. Joseph N. Joo, Korea

I am deeply indebted to him for his unswerving support for us in our struggle against apartheid

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, USA
He was an outstanding leader of the Anglican Communion. The 1988 Lambeth Conference, expected by many to flop, was a personal triumph for Archbishop Runcie. I am deeply indebted to him for his unswerving support for us in our struggle against apartheid. May he rest in peace.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, USA

I think Lord Runcie was good at his job and just because he didn't do much for gay causes, it didn't mean that he didn't care. Sympathies to his family.
Babs, Scotland

Not being terribly religious, or a great churchgoer, I thought I would be unaffected by this man's death. However, reading comments by him, and remembering things he'd said and done, I realise that, for the most part, this was a truly Christian man. I'm sure his common sense will be sadly missed in the Church.
Martha, Scotland

Lord Runcie had a great personality and an admirable style. It was always a pleasure to be with him. May God rest his soul.
Canon Dirk van Leeuwen, Belgium

He will probably be remembered more for his rather lacklustre term as Archbishop of Canterbury, presiding over the continued decline in the Church's popularity and influence

Paul R, UK
On a personal level Lord Runcie's award of a Military Cross, and his defence of those less fortunate during the Thatcherite era, show that he was a man of courage and deep conviction. He will probably be remembered more for his rather lacklustre term as Archbishop of Canterbury, presiding over the continued decline in the Church's popularity and influence. He achieved high office, but history may unfortunately conclude that he could have done more to help change the world for the better.
Paul R, UK

I remember attending services that he gave at Canterbury both at the Cathedral and out in the streets at Christmas. His warmth and kindness always shone through. May god bless his family at this sad time.
Densie Herbert, Kent, England

Anyone who annoyed Margaret Thatcher can't have been all bad.
Tony Jones, UK

My memories of him are from the time he was Bishop of St Albans. I was working in an ecumenical project involving Anglicans (I was the Anglican Vicar) Methodists and Roman Catholics in Stevenage. He came to meet us once a year, and he was always supportive and also critical in suggesting new ways we could go forward. We profited greatly from his incisive comments and his warm support.
The Revd Philip J.Swindells, UK

He was a great man who like Jesus spoke up for the poor and downtrodden. The church have a need for more men like Lord Runcie who had the ability to take the "wider" view. He once said that he had a crippling ability to see both sides of an argument but this was less harmful than a single minded conviction. I for one agree. May he rest in peace.
John, St Albans, UK

I regret that Lord Runcie continued the trend for the Church of England to depart from the teachings of the Bible, and that the trend continues.
Philip Hare, England

Above all, let us remember the work Lord Runcie did towards Christian unity

Gregory White, Yorkshire, England
Above all, let us remember the work Lord Runcie did towards Christian unity. He emphasised the importance of the Anglican Communion, and especially its ultimate aim of full reconciliation with Rome. He was also never afraid to put forward the Church's point of view against that of the Her Majesty's Government and thereby showed that the murder of Thomas a Becket was to prove fruitless in silencing future Archbishops in political matters.
Gregory White, Yorkshire, England

He served the world because he was a man of God. During the Falkland War he said; A widower in Britain is the same as a widower in Argentina. God bless his family.
Samuel Kurin Njiraini, Kenya

Although it's sad that he has died, I found Lord Runcie to be rather aloof and snobbish. He didn't do much for gay causes and to be honest, I think he was a flop at his job.
Steve Fricker, England

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