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China in the next 60 years: Alex

Ahead of celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the BBC News Website asked a range of Chinese people what their country had achieved and where it will be in another six decades.

Alex, 26, business consultant, Shanghai

I personally loved the Chinese Communist Party before 1949. I thank the party for creating a new China which is strong, unified and noble. But I do not see hope for the CCP now. It's rotten and corrupt and it's getting worse every day.

But I don't want to see it collapse because that might bring turmoil, which will hurt everybody. It is a dilemma blocking China's progress in establishing true democracy.

In the next 60 years China will restore its ancient glory and it will become the strongest country in the world

If you ask me whether I am willing to sacrifice all my family has got for democracy I can give you only one answer - no.

Foreign criticism of how China has dealt with the unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet has pushed us closer to our government. I don't expect China's territory to change in the next 60 years unless the CCP is replaced by a soft, Western-backed government. That's another reason why I support the CCP to some degree.

If there's no war in the next 60 years, the Chinese economy will surely get stronger and stronger. It will replace Japan, South Korea and even the EU and US to be the world's real factory. We have cheap labour, a complete industrial system, smart and diligent people.

I expect to see a much better environment in the next 60 years if the government can keep going. More and more ordinary Chinese people have realised the importance of a good environment. Lawsuits over environmental issues are much more common than before. The government is starting to act aggressively in some ways, like banning the use of plastic bags.

In the next 60 years China will restore its ancient glory and it will become the strongest country in the world. Unless of course it doesn't succumb to war and revolution like in the early 20th Century, in which case it will end up in deep problems. We are at crossroads. Defeat us now or never.

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