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Roman Polanski: Your comments

Roman Polanski

Film director Roman Polanski has been taken into custody in Switzerland and faces extradition to the US for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

Mr Polanski, 76, was detained in Zurich on Saturday as he travelled from France to collect a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival.

Here BBC News website readers give their views on the story.


In most countries not even murderers can be prosecuted after more than 30 years. This was 31 years ago and was consensual sex. This is ridiculous.
Helmut Wuensche, St Petersburg, Russia

Am I missing something here? He committed a crime, pled guilty and skipped before sentencing. He admitted to the crime and therefore should serve his sentence. Money and fame should not excuse him for his actions.
Sue, Newport, UK

Whether it happened last week or 30 years ago, this guy got a 13-year-old drunk and had sex with her and fled from his punishment. I am appalled at all the celebrities and the idiotic comments from [French culture minister Frederic] Mitterand. Whether the victim wants the charges dropped could factor in the sentence, but as a society we cannot tolerate either the original crime nor a person hiding from justice.
Paddy, Annecy, France

Why the special treatment if he was convicted? If the process failed Mr Polanski he should appeal the case as any other citizen. Special legal consideration because of his celebrity status is an insult to all who live by the rules of our society.
Daniel Gutman, Chicago, USA

Yet another example of special pleading for someone who is either rich, famous, talented or politically important. The law makes no allowances for the poor and stupid. It should make no allowance for him.
Robert Brettell, UK

The US justice system lacks balance in almost every respect and this provides further proof. What is to be gained by imprisoning Mr Polanski when the victim in this case has expressed her wish for him not to be jailed? The right thing is to set Mr Polanski free.
Paul Miazga, Kyiv, Ukraine

I don't get it, why now? Has he violated his initial sentence or was he set free? And I wonder who has asked for his arrest now, the victim?
Sheila Woetsa Zotorvie, Norway

Is Switzerland neutral or not? How can they claim to be neutral and then have extradition treaties with selected countries? That surely invalidates their claimed neutrality. They would have to have treaties with all countries (nightmare situation) or none.
Dan, Guildford, UK

The background to this case is well documented. The victim has received her settlement. There is no justification for Polanksi - one of the greatest film directors of our time - to be treated in this manner. Let him go!
Andrew, Norwich, UK

Regardless of anyone's fame, status or position, all efforts should be made to immediately apprehend individuals or groups who commit such offence against minors. For such a high profile person to escape any kind of justice for such a long period of time is truly disgusting. Let's hope the law now finally brings some closure to this case with a successful prosecution.
Chris Jones

Roman Polanski may be a great filmmaker, but the fact remains he had unlawful sex with a minor and should pay for it. His fame doesn't give him the right to be above the law.
Gitanjali Marcelline, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Roman Polanski should take his punishment for what he did. Staying on the run as he did only adds to speculation of what else may be unearthed.
Fergus Kelly, Worcestershire, UK

The case happened more than 30 years ago and if the victim of the case wants to drop the charges against Mr Polanski then in my opinion criminal action must not be taken against him. On the other hand he must pay the victim for what she suffered.
Anthony, Malta

In consideration of the victim's family, now long grown up and quite possibly because Polanski himself regrets this 31 year old incident, I say let the charges drop.
Douglas Cosier, Kimberley, B.C., Canada

What a farce this has become - leave the man alone!
Katherine E Tsitsos, Athens, Greece

I think that he should do the time since he did the crime. However since the victim wants the case to be dismissed then her feelings should be taken in consideration, but not by dismissing the case. Maybe probation would be an alternative and the case should not be made public.
Tameka, Atlanta, USA

He did something very, very wrong, and should go back and face what he did. If he were anyone else less famous he would not have had the means to flee.
Barbara Dax, Vienna, Austria

Why should anyone be desirous of 'expressing solidarity' for Mr Polanski? Unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl should quite clearly be punished - or does the entertainment industry believe it is somehow above the law and decent behaviour?
Philip, Wales

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