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China in the next 60 years: Mariana

Ahead of celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the BBC News Website asked a range of Chinese people what their country had achieved and where it will be in another six decades.

Mariana, 25, English language teacher, Fujian province

I'm in my 20s and luckily I didn't experience the dictatorship of Chairman Mao. I think China is still a dictatorial system. Although the economy will continue to develop fast, we lack democracy. We have no freedom to voice our opinion.

I feel really sad and pessimistic simply because I am Chinese. And I am not rich enough to emigrate to Europe or America.

The past 60 years can be summed up by dictatorial governing and corruption. I respect the enthusiastic teachers and students for pursuing democracy in 1989, though many were killed. Their bravery is something Chinese youth should know about.

I think the government will manage to maintain their ways of ruling in the next 60 years. They continue trying to cut off information and news they don't like.

And I guess people who are not lucky enough to have Western friends and other sources of information will still be fooled by the information provided by the government.

They will still believe that the Communist Party is their saviour. (When I told a colleague that a Hong Kong journalist was beaten in Xinjiang, he responded that the reporter deserved it. His words were like a needle going into my heart.)

It is so sad. And for those who know the situation, we dare not voice our opinions for fear of losing our jobs or being rejected by employers.

I don't see our society becoming democratic in 60 years. We will never be like India. Even when there is chaos in India, I still think it is a better place.

I would grab any opportunity to live in a Western country, where democracy is in everyone's heart and where I can have access to all kind of information on the internet.

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