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China in the next 60 years: Justin

Ahead of celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the BBC News Website asked a range of Chinese people what their country had achieved and where it will be in another six decades.

Justin, 23, engineer, Shandong province
I graduated from university this summer and found a job in a foreign-owned company. My life is full of hope and challenges, just like the PRC.

The founding of the PRC is a turning point in Chinese history, a major event leading to the rise of our nation. Nuclear weapons, man-carried spaceship and the Olympics - the PRC has many great achievements.

Yet the rise of people's standard of living, especially in the last three decades, is of the most significance. All Chinese people have tasted the benefits of the economic boom.

For example, how many digital devices did our family have 15 years ago? Now I have two video game handhelds and two mobile phones.

At the same time, China is facing up to several problems: unfair social rules, ethnic tension and the environmental crisis. None of these are easy to solve. However I have confidence in the wisdom of the Chinese people.

In the next 60 years, China will be another global superpower, not only economically, but also politically. We'll enjoy a better political system, human rights and living conditions. We will enjoy a better tomorrow.

The truth is that although not everyone supports the CCP [Chinese Communist Party], all Chinese people are looking forward to a greater and better country, which must be united, powerful and harmonious. I think, despite its shortcomings, our government is competent to lead our country.

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