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Migrant 'jungle': Your comments

Migrant in Calais

France has said it intends to close the camp in Calais known as "the jungle", where migrants gather to try to reach the UK.

Immigration Minister Eric Besson said the closure would send a strong message that people traffickers could no longer use Calais.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their reactions.


I believe the imposition of these immigrants on the people of France is not right. They could be camping there for years hoping for something that may never arrive. The British do not want more immigrants. They have too many as it is. This disaster area can only continue to grow and is, without doubt, a breeding place for illness, disease, malcontent and misbehaviour.
Roberta Trott, Rouen

It is not before time that the authorities closed down this site. Most of the immigrants are turning to crime and violence to get into Britain. To drive into Calais is taking your life into your own hands.
Alan, Menigoutem

The authorities closed Sangatte, the migrants made up the Jungle. The authorities will close the Jungle, then the migrants will do something else. Except each time, it is something worse. They have TB and other illnesses that we haven't seen here since the nineteenth century. We treat them like they're not human. It's hardly their fault if Iraq and Afghanistan are a mess.
Eloise, Bondy


Migrants in Calais
"I find it difficult to imagine how this camp can be closed 'humanely'." Mark, Newcastle

I find it difficult to imagine how this camp can be closed 'humanely', or even that the closure of this camp is in itself a 'humane' action. The claim that this is about human trafficking neglects three points. Firstly, making human beings illegal creates human trafficking. Secondly, war has created this problem, not the greed of traffickers. In particular, wars that the UK is both involved in and guilty of creating. Finally, the fact that migrants are collecting in Calais to be exploited by traffickers is caused by UK immigration policy and this latest threat is simply the latest in a long sequence of abuse.
Mark, Newcastle

I was fined £12,000 for six illegals found in my vehicle

As a driver I am well aware of the problems these people cause. It is the innocent drivers who are penalised for these people breaking into our trucks. I was fined £12,000 for six illegals found in my vehicle, despite my vehicle being checked by security in Calais and the locks being untouched. It caused over £8,000 worth of damage to the goods. The fine led to my bankruptcy and my business has been ruined through no fault of my own. The people involved applied for asylum in England and no doubt they are all now living comfortably here while I have had to suffer all the consequences.
Steve, Walsall

Unfortunate situation, but it must be closed and sending a 'message' is critical or more radical forces in politics will start winning elections based on their fascist anti-immigrant programs.
Mike Dixon, London


The camps should never have been allowed in the first place. Perhaps the French have finally woken up to accept responsibility for these camps. The occupants should be returned to their own countries as a clear message for their countrymen.
Clive Turner, Adelaide, Australia

The camp definitely has to be closed. French authorities are encouraging more and more waves of illegal migrants with their policies. There mustn't be the choice to "apply for asylum or to return voluntarily", the only way to tackle it is for every illegal immigrant to be returned home.
Mykhailo Nos, Kyiv, Ukraine

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