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Indonesia earthquake: Your experiences

People evacuated from their workplaces gather in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2 September 2009

Dozens of people have been killed after a powerful earthquake struck near the Indonesian island of Java.

Many properties collapsed in the city of Tasikmalaya on the west of the island and thousands of people have been evacuated, officials said.

BBC News website readers have been sharing their experiences.


I was in my apartment on the 46th floor in central Jakarta, when the earthquake struck. The entire building was shaking and moving. Cracks were in various places of the wall. Many people left the building however few of them were panicking. As this is the second time a severe earthquake has hit my apartment, it's reason enough for me to move to another one.
Robert Van Buchem, Jakarta, Indonesia

I live in Bogor which is about 65km south of Jakarta and about 150 km from the epicentre of the quake. I can guarantee you that this one was real scary and frightening. I never knew how fast I could run! The shaking started very suddenly and it was very heavy. My flat screen dropped spontaneously from my desk. We all ran out to our open backyard next to the swimming pool where we stayed till it was over.

The walls shook in a wave pattern. I have never seen or heard anything like it. We were waiting for our house to collapse but fortunately it didn't. Our 12m swimming pool produced 1m high waves, splashing through the garden for about 20 seconds! The distress to your body and mind are tremendous. I felt like I was having a stroke with the ground moving so violently. The most frightening thing is you cannot control it. We were lucky... many others were not and we wish all the families in this tragedy all strength and our condolences.
Leo , Bogor, Indonesia

I work in Bumi Serpong Damai a south western suburb of Jakarta. I've been through a few Indonesian earthquakes now, but this one was different because it went on a long time. We believe the shaking in our area lasted for more than two full minutes. Thankfully damage was limited to some surface cracking on buildings and there are no injuries to report.
Christopher M. Patton, Tangerang, Indonesia

I was on the 30th floor of a hotel in Jakarta's CBD (central business district) when the earthquake struck. I have worked in Jakarta the last seven years and this is the strongest quake I have experienced. The building was swinging almost by a foot. We tried running but the quake was so violent we could hardly stand up. Fittings started falling from the ceiling. We finally managed to run down the emergency stairway all the way from 30th to ground floor. The Jakarta citizens were panicking because it was such a severe quake.
VJ Nambiar, Jakarta

I was in my office on the 22nd floor of a major office building in South Jakarta when the quake struck. There was much panic and screaming as around 5,000 occupants of the building all tried to get out at the same time. Things are calmer now, but most offices shut early this afternoon both because of the quake and to enable folks to get home to fulfil their religious obligations for Ramadan. The net result was traffic chaos with many major roads gridlocked.
Nick Fisher, Jakarta, Indonesia

This is the first time I've experienced an earthquake. We are on the 13th floor and the effects were very obvious. No shaking, just swaying back and forth, which was very unnerving. Our building was evacuated in an orderly fashion then we were let back in after about an hour. There doesn't seem to be any obvious damage to the building.
Steve McLoughlin, Jakarta, Indonesia

I was inside the Bank of Indonesia lift at around 1500. Suddenly I felt dizzy and we realized that it was earthquake. The lift swang back and forth, we were so scared. Thank God it stopped and opened at the 24th floor, we walked down the emergency stairs together safely even though we could still feel the shake. We noticed that the walls inside the emergency stairs tunnel had cracked in some places.
W. Widjayanti , Jakarta Indonesia

I was on the 22nd floor in the Jakarta CBD when the earthquake started. It was very sudden. We heard the glass windows cracking and the floor swaying heavily. I had to hold onto the desk. Most people just went into panic and started chanting prayers whilst running down the emergency stairs. Some were utterly confused and looking from guidance from the more senior staff. Luckily the security guards and the managers remained calm. They asked staff to stay in the centre of the building, as recommended by the building management.
Rihan, Jakarta

I was sitting in my apartment on the 3rd floor of a 33 storey building when I felt the room begin to move. It was when I heard concrete cracking and people screaming that I ran out and down the emergency stairs. The staircase was full of panic struck people running and crying, just trying to get out as fast as possible. I felt sorry for the old people and those with young kids.

After about an hour I returned to my apartment to grab some stuff and leave. I really don't wan't to stay there tonight especially as there are many new cracks that have appeared in the walls and ceiling. I very much doubt that the building was constructed to earthquake region standards, or that the Indonesian authorities will be sending engineers to check it out anytime soon.
David Lornie, Jakarta, Indonesia

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