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Exam results: Your comments

Scholl pupils sitting an exam

BBC News website readers in Scotland have been telling us about their exam results.

Higher and Standard Grade pass rates for Scottish pupils have reached record levels, the Scottish Qualifications Authority has confirmed.

Nearly 160,000 school pupils across Scotland have received their examination results. Almost 30,000 students received their grades by e-mail or text message.


Mobile phone

0400 I woke up to check my phone. No news.

0750 I woke up again - the results could be just 10 minutes away. I grasped my phone - when will you ring???? And opened my email. I needed BB in my two Advanced Highers and C in my Higher.

0812 an email appears in my inbox. I received AAA, comfortably enough to get into Medicine at Glasgow University.

0822 my text arrives. It too brings great news. I am ecstatic. I cannot wait for UCAS Track to change my "Conditional" offer to "unconditional" later today. I have only now stopped jumping up and down.
Andrew Grosset, Glasgow

I received my standard grade exam results via text message today and was delighted! Six of my grades were top grades, better than my expected grades. Just goes to show that with revision and hard work great things can happen! It's a really good day.
Cameron, Edinburgh

Feeling happy. Mainly I'm relieved that it's finished and I can relax. I received my results by text this morning at about 0830 and I am still waiting on the envelope. This is a great service, and you can see instantly how well you have done, plus, no parents to look over your shoulder!
Gavin Lauder, Kinross


I am a mature student and have been studying at college for the last two years. I passed my Highers today with Bs & Cs, and all my modules with 6s. No matter what anyone says, it is not easier for students nowadays, if anything its harder. So congratulations to all who passed, well done.
Maggie Ferguson, Perthshire

Pupils opening exam papers

I got my Higher exam results today by text message. I got three As and two Bs and was delighted! My school had a tremendous set of results this year and everyone seems really pleased. I can assure everyone that the exams this year were not any easier than in previous years. Getting a pass in a Higher exam in any subject is still a huge achievement! Regardless of the media claiming that exams appear to be impossible to fail.
Conor, Edinburgh


I was so worried about getting my results and it doesn't help when everyone keeps telling you that "these results determine your future". When they finally came through my door, I was delighted to discover that I had passed with flying colours (all 1s to be exact). At least all the hard work paid off.
Emily, Dundee

For my Higher exam results I got three As and a B - I sat philosophy, business management, health and food technology and English. I was so nervous but I now have all my grades to study my Advanced Highers which I can't wait to start!
Scott Galloway, Larbert

I got one A, one B and two Cs. The thing I hated the most was waiting for the results as I didn't sign up for email or mobile results. I'm just glad I got what I wanted.
Megan Macaulay, Helensburgh

I thought I'd done well straight after the exam and in the few weeks following the exam, but the long wait makes you incredibly nervous. I didn't bother signing up for the e-mail and text so I just waited for the letter which actually arrived at almost exactly the same time as the text or e-mail would have. My result was a pleasantly surprising: 1 so that's made my day.
Chris Miller, Ayr


Five Higher As...I'm satisfied!
Rebecca, Dunfermline

I'm over the moon about my results. I got As and ones for the subjects I'm taking in my Higher year. I was also surprised by my science subject marks, I got credit grades in both chemistry and biology which has made me feel that those two years weren't a waste. But in all I'm so pleased with my marks.
Rebecca M, Cumbernauld

I got:

A - psychology

B - history

B - English

B - biology

C - maths

I am very pleased with this I got what I needed especially in history. I had to wait till 1230 for my results which was horrible but worth it. I am staying on to get more Highers and then go off to uni to study history
Amy Murdie, Forfar

I received my results through email this morning and was very pleased with them, my highest grade was an A and that was for hospitality. My lowest grade was a 4 and that was for maths and chemistry. Overall I was very pleased with my results.
Ashleigh Turnbull, Orkney Islands

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