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At the next junction, you will be lost

A Swedish couple hoping to holiday on the Italian island of Capri have ended up in the industrial town of Carpi. They misspelt the destination in their satellite navigation system.

It seems they're not the only ones whose journeys haven't quite worked out despite using GPS.

Sat nav users have been telling the BBC news website about their less successful car journeys.

Andy with fellow fans and the limousine
Andy with fellow fans and the limousine

When Portsmouth played Cardiff in last year's Wembley FA cup final, a group of us splashed out on a limo to take us there. When we got to the M4/M25 junction, the driver headed south on the M25 which I thought was a bit strange. I mentioned this to the driver and he said his wife had programmed his sat nav the night before so everything was fine. A while later, the driver claimed we were nearly there although we seemed to be lost in a London suburb and couldn't see any sign of the grand stadium. As we neared Plough Lane I said to the driver "isn't that where Wimbledon used to play?". It turned out his wife had programmed in Wimbledon instead of Wembley! Fortunately, there hadn't been any traffic on route and we just got there before kick-off.
Andy, Waterlooville, UK

We visited Ireland last summer with the intention of staying with relatives in Rathgar, a suburb of Dublin. All I can say is, don't leave your teenage children in charge of the sat nav! After a hot five hour journey we ended up at the empty ferry terminal in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, looking across the sea at Rathlin Island!
Jean, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

I have a sat nav and a partner. They argue and both give conflicting information. I get lost all the time.
David, Portsmouth, UK

Philip and his wife Mackenzie
Philip and his wife Mackenzie

For my birthday my wife ordered a limousine to take us to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play as a surprise. What the limo driver didn't know is that we meant Stamford Bridge the football ground and not Stamford Bridge in York. Three hours into the journey, I asked where we were going. My wife replied that we were going to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea. How her face dropped when I told her the error of her ways. Needless to say, we missed the game and my birthday present ended up being a return trip in a limo halfway to York, and yes, we are still married. Just.
Philip, Chelmsford, UK

Our sat nav once wrongly led us down a cul-de-sac at the end of which there was only a McDonalds. The kids thought it was hilarious and that the sat nav obviously knew we were hungry.
Simon, Bromley

Gethyn ended up at someone else's home

I bought a sat nav system from an internet auction site. My partner and I set off to a party in Birmingham using our new system. We got there without a problem. On the way home we set the thing for "home" but forgot to alter the home address from the seller's. A short while later we were sitting outside the seller's home in Oxford and not my home in South Wales!
Gethyn Thompson, Pontywaun, UK

John Maxwell
John did get to use his skis

Driving from Switzerland to the ski resort Val d'Isère I followed the GPS instructions and took the Mont Blanc tunnel to cross from France to Italy. I climbed up the Italian Alps for about an hour, and the GPS told me I was about 40km from Val d'Isère. It was right and there was a perfectly good road leading to my destination but it was under about 20 feet of snow. The first I knew about this was when I saw a sign saying road closed. A four hour journey turned into a seven hour journey.
John Lausanne, Switzerland

Greg headshot
Reginald from the Highlands

A friend of mine was driving from Inverness to Newcastle and set the sat nav accordingly. It was only when he got to Stranraer that he realised he was heading for Newcastle in Northern Ireland and was on the wrong side of the country.
Reginald, Highlands, Scotland, UK

When near Barnstaple I asked it where the nearest Shell garage was. Answer 24 miles away in Swansea. It forgot the Bristol Chanel!
Brian, UK

We were coming home from a family gathering and we put in our home address. We followed it and after about two miles my mum thought maybe we were going the wrong way. Five minutes later we were heading down an unnamed road which was just a farmer's track. We ended up at a farmhouse. It was all very horror movie.
Ned, Brill, UK

Paul Aitkin
Paul from Edinburgh

My sat nav clearly has a death-wish. Near the middle of the Forth Road Bridge it suddenly said, "exit left"!
Paul, Edinburgh, UK

Near where I live there is a lake, Tal-y-Llyn, which is sort of oblong in shape. The main road goes around three sides but GPS route finders take you the more direct route along the other side. People regularly turn off the main road and follow a farm track with several gates and a muddy farmyard to negotiate. How we laugh...
Si, Tywyn, Wales, UK

I recently stayed a couple of nights in Milan and decided to do a little tour of the lakes. A couple of hours into my tour I began to suspect I was in another country. This was eventually confirmed by a McDonalds billboard; not because of the language, which was still Italian, but the currency, which was Swiss Francs. Apparently I crossed into Switzerland without realising it. Thinking back, the border must have been that group of blokes in matching jackets. Still no harm done, I was back in Italy a few minutes later.
Taranita, Chipping Sodbury, UK

Our flight to Malaga didn't land until late so we decided to stay in a hotel in a town called Ronda. We had checked the location in the sat nav before we left England and it showed we were about 20 minutes away. We left the airport and started on our journey to the hotel.

Ronda bullring
Caroline did eventually get to see Ronda

When we arrived at the destination it was clear we were not in the right place; we saw prostitutes, menacing gangs of youths and a lot of graffiti! Ronda was in fact at an altitude of around 700 metres, about 120 km away from Malaga and only accessible on a winding mountain road. I did get to Ronda and it's the most beautiful Spanish town I've ever been to!
Caroline , Huddersfield, UK

I remember watching a truck drive into a low bridge in Slough. There was a horrendous screech as he ripped the top of the wagon. When he jumped out he was swearing in a foreign language which was interspersed with the words "sat nav". Hilarious.
Rick, Knutsford, UK

Gareth who waited for the band to show up

There was a rather famous American band that were booked to appear at Cheltenham town hall a couple of years ago. Time went by and there was no sign of them. The audience were getting a bit upset when they phoned the town hall. "We are outside the town hall and it's closed" they said. They had put Chelmsford into their sat nav.
Gareth, Cheltenham, UK

I once went for Sunday Lunch with my family to a country restaurant in Gloucestershire. I entered the restaurant's post code into my GPS. When the GPS lady announced 'You have reached you're destination', I was in the middle of a farmer's field surrounded by ducks.
Wyn, Wales, UK

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