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Road taxes: Your views

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Road taxes have been handled so badly that drivers no longer trust what ministers say the charges pay for, MPs have warned.

There is inconsistency over the justification for green taxes, the cross-party transport committee says. But the government claims that billions have been spent on improving public transport.

You've been telling us whether or not you think you've been treated fairly.


Considering that I pay fuel tax, road tax and toll fees there is little to show for the money I have poured in to the government over the last six years of driving. Public transport is not an attractive option - being slower, filthy, cramped and overpriced.

As a young, working professional, who has recently graduated and is trying to get on the property ladder, I find it somewhat infuriating that I'm taxed on income, savings and everything I buy.

This country seems to reward those who are unemployed and penalise those who are actually contributing positively to the UK economy.


The congestion charge has changed London into one of the most civilized cities on the planet. I can remember in Thatcher's time when you couldn't move for traffic jams and couldn't breathe for pollution.

It has given London streets back to the people who live there, from those who drive there to have a look. It has brought life and new business to pavement-side shops and cafes. It should be heralded as a dynamic tax which has enabled much needed social and fabric change to the centre of a struggling city.

What we should concentrate on now is the sad confused, angry chaos which we find in our suburbs.


Has the road fund tax been used to actually build new roads or to improve existing roads in recent decades? I don't think so and neither does anyone else. It's a con.

Our governments know that vehicle owners cannot avoid paying road fund tax, or reduce the amount they pay in fuel excess duty, so they can raise these taxes when they want using spurious reasons.


Tax disc
Drivers aren't seeing taxes tackle 'green' issues, MPs say

I doubt whether any motorist would object to the amount of tax they paid if they saw some benefit from it. If it was spent on infrastructure, roads, signage and facilities there would be few objectors.

Government and local authorities see motorists as 'cash cows' which is why the average member of the public distrusts government when it makes pronouncements about taxation.

The lack of a co-ordinated public transport system is one reason why present policies will never be accepted by motorists.

For an example of good practice you only have to look at Bruges. They encourage motorists to use parking on the outskirts of cities by giving free bus tickets into the centre. The cost of parking per day is 2.5 euros.


How can you trust a government that claims environmental taxes are necessary to offset carbon emissions then spends the money on other areas? If a tax is raised for a specific purpose it should be spent on that, instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I wouldn't mind environmental taxes if the money was used as grants to allow people to buy solar panels or wind turbines.

Do you think motorists need more clarity as to how taxes are spent? Send us you comments

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