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Wednesday, April 22, 1998 Published at 06:48 GMT 07:48 UK

Talking Point

Has our world become a more violent place?

Bullying at work and school, workplace attacks on nurses, paedophiles preying on children - it is a violent news agenda for violent times.

BBC health correspondent, Richard Hannaford, reports on violence in hospitals for BBC Radio 4 (2' 51")
Ask some of the older generation and they would say things were calmer in their day.

But is there really more violence now, or is it just better reported?

The press, television, radio, the Internet - all come into our homes, all keep us informed.

If violence occurs, we are told about it. If the police want to warn the public, we learn of it.

But there is dilemma here too.

Screen violence is generating real-life violence, say the critics.

The programme makers say they only reflect what they see.

Certainly the programmes of 50 or more years ago appear to show a less violent world .

But it was also a time of greater censorship too.

What do you think?

Has our world become a more violent place?

What you have said so far:

Walking down the street can be a terrifying experience....
Melanie Falmer, UK

I don't think this is a more violent world....
Chris Fox, US

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