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Your thoughts on the car scrappage scheme

Scrap cars
New UK car sales were down 28.5% in the first four months of 2009

Owners of cars and small vans more than 10 years old can now scrap them in return for a £2,000 discount on a new model, as the car scrappage scheme begins.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said the £300m scheme would "provide a boost to the industry and kick-start sales".

But critics say it is not generous enough and does nothing to encourage the take-up of low emission cars.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their thoughts on the scheme.


Does this mean that on my return to England that I can buy a scrap car for 50 pounds and trade it in for a new one and get £2000 off?
Michael Howard, Nanoose, Canada

I've heard it has been a success in France and Germany, but French mostly buy French cars and Germans mostly buy German cars. Here in the UK. We mostly buy foreign cars! The majority of the governments (our!) money will be going out the country forever!
David Furlong, Irby, England

This scheme couldn't have come at a better time for my wife and I. Our 11-year-old Peugeot car gave up the ghost last month and we were about to scrap it when the Scrappage Incentive Scheme was announced. We will now be taking delivery of a new ford fiesta tomorrow (19th). We were planning to buy a year old replacement car but the £2000 cash-back allowed us to consider purchasing a brand new car. I would have preferred that the scheme allowed purchase of pre-registered or 1 year old cars because they have already lost the initial high depreciation. Anyway thanks to Mr Mandleson and the Chancellor.
Mike Abbett, Newton, Swansea


TGRWorzel tweets

Car scrappage is irrelevant to me really. My car qualifies, but you've got to have spare cash to spend on a new car in first place. Scrappage seems to benefit foreign manufacturers. I would expect to haggle £2k off list price anyway. The dealers are the winners. Darling was bounced into the scrappage scheme I think. It is not really the best way of helping UK manufacturing. Also some cars (e.g. mine) are too good scrap and those that should go, don't qualify because they haven't got an MOT. All in all, scrappage is a "good idea but poorly implemented" that is typical of current Government.

I have an old car that would probably get more for scrap than I would to sell it but as this scrappage scheme is only available if you buy a brand new 09 plate car then £2K is not going to make much difference to a £12K price tag. Then with interest on top of that for buying on finance, it's usually more like £16K putting hard working people like myself who can't afford the monthly repayments of £250+. I have a government job that to be honest doesn't pay that well but is satisfying and I cannot afford these ridiculous amounts with rent and household bills too. The government seem to want us to get into more debt and in return making this economical situation worse. So I'm stuck with my old falling apart car until I win the lottery. I'm sure this government wear jesters hats.
Danielle Spilman, Manchester

I work as a consultant in the motor industry and the scrappage scheme is working for Toyota, helping them sell many more cars this month. One small group sold 30 extra cars last week and it is mainly small cars such as the IQ, Aygo and Yaris that are sold. I also work with Lexus and they get fewer enquiries which proves smaller, lower emission cars are in demand. With high road tax up to £400 and high fuel costs, the guzzlers are now only for the well off or the ignorant.
Phil Whelan, Rotherham S Yorkshire

I won't be using the scheme. The £1000 is half that given in Germany. By involving the manufacturers the issue will be fudged by dealers giving the other £1000 but reducing dealer discounts. There are already good dealer discounts and it needs to be clear that the offer is over and above existing dealer discounts before I am tempted to buy a new vehicle through the scheme.
John Sisson, Loughborough UK

At Christmas, I bought a car for £600 and have so far spent £1000 to keep it going. Yes in hindsight, I could have spent more on a newer model. Now I'm going to wait until Christmas this year, when I'll have owned it for a year and then cash in. I will definitely go for an eco-friendly car, as long as my cricket bag can fit in the boot!
Toby, Horsham, West Sussex

The scheme has certainly caused my wife and I to discuss getting a new car. Our current one is a 2000 model so we're waiting until January to take up the offer. I think this is a good scheme because it stimulates demand while helping with the environmental issues. In our case, we might have looked to sell on our current vehicle at substantially less than £2000 and have it out there not exactly doing the environment any favours!
Femi, London

I have traded in a 13-year-old Ford Escort for a new Toyota (pronounced I-go) Aygo and saved £2300 on the list price of £8500.

That's a handy 27% discount and before the scrappage scheme I would never have bought a brand new car.
Mick Roberts, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

I work for a vehicle manufacturer and the scrappage scheme is working. Reported traffic levels through showrooms is affected positively with around 1 in every 4 customers the owner of a 10 year old vehicle. It is disappointing that the scheme isn't as generous as the ones on the continent but it is welcomed and will work.
Phil Walker, Wigan

I have an 11-year-old car and I will not be taking part in the scheme. The reason? Even with a £2000 discount there is no way that I can afford a brand new car. Had the scheme been extended to include nearly new cars, then maybe. All the scheme says to me is that it shows how little MPs are in touch with people. They, with they expenses are probably able to afford a new car at the drop of a hat. The majority of people can't!
Chris, Hove

I'm taking advantage of the scheme, I couldn't afford to buy a brand new car, basically I'm being given £1000 for my car which if I sold would probably only fetch me £200. I think it's a great idea - but only if people can actually afford to do so in the current economy.
Jodie Elliott, Bedford, England

I was waiting for this scheme to change my old car which although was manufactured in 1999, was registered in September, 6 weeks after the government cut off date. Pity it wasn't a rolling date as I am once again having to look at the second hand market.
Fred Raywell, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire

I work in the car industry and waited for the announcement on the scrapped scheme hoping it would be good news for me as an automotive worker and as a new car buyer. Sadly it is just not enough discount when compared to a pre registered or nearly new car. I just hope it does provide the kick start our industry needs.
Dave Cash, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

We have an old R reg Fiesta Ghia X. Absolutely mint and like new, if you keep your vehicles in good order, £2,000 would never be enough to buy new, may get some of the junk off the roads, the scheme is not for me, what would help is a government scheme for interest free loans for the poor and unemployed.
Robert, Tamworth Staffordshire

I have a 17-year-old Mazda and I have looked at replacing it under this scheme. What I've found is that a lot of manufacturers have loaded prices ahead of this coming into force. Some others have taken bold steps and introduced extra savings over and above the £2000 to tempt buyers to their models. It doesn't take much thinking matter to work out which of the above will get the custom. Yes I will be taking advantage of this as the company whose car I'm considering is offering nearly £3000 off the on the road price under the scrappage scheme.
Frank DuCann, Bagshot

I have decided to take advantage of the scrappage scheme. The extra £2000 has allowed me to get a more upmarket model, plus larger engine size than I would have. Although the emissions are not so good on a larger size engine, they are better than my old car and the road tax is cheaper.
Karl Kimpton, Hinckley, Leics, UK

This scheme is a total farce. I went to my local Vauxhall dealer at the weekend to look at a new car. The Astra I looked at had a list price of £19K, the scrapping scheme reduced this to £17K. However, an identical spec car just 18 months old was sitting on the forecourt for £9995!! Next, I found out that the scrapping scheme does NOT apply to imports, the car must have had its first registration in the UK - seeing as I drive a 10-year-old Mazda Eunos I couldn't even scrap it in if I wanted to take the £7K depreciation hit on the new car!! Ridiculous.
Anthony, Northampton, UK

I bought a new Toyota on Saturday handing in my 15-year-old Citroen Xantia that was probably only worth about £250. I have replaced an old, inefficient and expensive to run car with a new, small, cleaner and cheaper to run model. I would not have been able to do this without the introduction of this scheme. Who else would give me £2000 for a 15 year old Xantia.
Luke Winn, New Malden, Surrey

My car is 10 next January. It's still in good nick with 30,000 on the clock. I'm thinking of getting a new one but will shop around first. If I can get the car I want and this scheme makes it the cheapest (with no catches) then I'd go for it. I'll take the potential selling value into account - not a lot - but it may be cheaper to sell then buy at a good discount anyway. Unnecessary scrapping of cars will do no good for the environment. The real alternative is to keep my present car going for another 5 years or so, run it into the ground, then think about a new one.
Ivor Colwill, Haywards Heath

Oh yes, we have a Nissan Sunny K reg, as a family car my wife uses for school runs. We have been saving to replace it with something newer and better but with other rising prices we are not able to save as much as we wanted to. We will look into benefiting from this scheme and see what car we can but with £2000 additional help.
Fahad, London

I am currently employed by a supplier to the automotive industry, and have first hand experience of the problems the economic downturn has caused. I support this scheme fully, but it still does not do enough. I desperately need to replace my current old car, and the £2000 off only new cars is just not enough, I still cannot afford the difference. So in the end a scheme that I support and that should help my future, does not help me directly! More needs to be done!
Anon, Cambridgeshire

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