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Your support for Eurovision

Norway has won the Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Singer and violinist Alexander Rybak, 23, smashed the record for the most points awarded during the competition.

Iceland came second in the vote, followed by Azerbaijan which took the third place.

Thanks for sending us your comments on the event and who you supported and why. Here's a selection of your contributions.

e-mail sent in by reader

I think the true winner tonight was Norton. Haven't laughed so much in ages. Well done that man!
Morag, Staffordshire

e-mail sent in by reader

With all the current outcry about MP expenses, I think it was somewhat inevitable that a chap on the fiddle would win
Tom, Bristol


Suburbman tweets:

Yep, it's definitely International Year of the Eyebrow.


triratnai tweets:

Norway is winner. I am glad. Ceremony was beautiful. Congratulations Everyone!


harabanar tweets:

Thought Iceland and Turkey would do well. Can't believe Norway is doing so well though. Typical Eurovision

Richard Porter
Marking the Eurovision Song Contest

e-mail sent in by reader

Loving Eurovision. Graham Norton is doing a fab job! Mr Wogan left some big boots to fill.
Bruno Leul, Horsham, England


toimhseachan tweets:

My top 3: 1st, Portugal. 2nd Turkey. 3rd, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Who'll take betting that they'll be the bottom three?


PeachyPictures tweets:

Shows it was better this year. Didn't feel as looonnnggg.


equaliser tweets:

Russia don't want to win next year; seemed genuinely disturbing by the end with the aged crying version of her on the screens.

e-mail sent in by reader

I support Azerbaizan in this year contest because Arash who is an Iranian singer and musician has composed the music and he is really great I cross my fingers for him and Azerbaijan band, good luck to Arash
Afarin, Tehran, Iran


sfltv tweets:

I am in the US, from the EU though ... watching via It's cheesy and campy as usual, but their stage is nice and flashy


MikeSnos tweets:

Turkey can be very inconsistent. Sometimes fantastic sometimes plainly weird... This is Shakira-like in look.


BerlinAde tweets:

Last few have all sounded the same cos you've been listening to Balcans! Ronan Has changed all that! Proper pop song. Won't win.


robsteadman tweets:

Lots of weak songs. Bosnia, Iceland and Greece so far.


antpeople tweets:

Oooh liking Armenia's #eurovision entry - reminiscent of the backing singers of Doctor & the Medics...


BerlinAde tweets:

Greece These folks mean business! Wife overheating!


toimhseachan tweets:

Iceland has definitely got the best Ballad so far, though still prefer Portugal's entry.


BerlinAde tweets:

Patricia Kaas is HUGE in France. Love last year's French song which bummed but was good enough to become a Renalt advert theme!


toimhseachan tweets:

Massive stage to fill and Lithuanian performer sits at piano then stands centre stage not moving. Not bad song though.

John Egan
John Egan. ready for the big show.

After 2 exciting semi-finals, I'm ready for the big show on Saturday! On merit I too would support Estonia: unique, polished, passionate. But if France, the UK, Iceland, Albania, Portugal or Malta won I would be happy as well.
John Egan, Vancouver Canada

I'm British so I have a sneaky wish that the UK will do well this year. Jade is singing a beautiful, powerful ballad that should win - but is just to un-Eurovision to come anywhere better than fifth. The Scandinavians are strong this year, so I think Norway will snatch it, possibly Iceland, Sweden at a push.... and watch out for Malta... It could be Malta's time!
Kevin Tubb, Alingsås, Sweden

I quite like the UK's song but my absolute top favourite is Noa and Mira from Israel - the song itself, the singers and their voices but also their message should be awarded with the number one from all countries for Europe to show "There must be another way".
Lucia, Bratislava, Slovakia

I'm backing the UK but like the Turkey Song.
Andrew Webb, Nuneaton, UK

I am a big fan of Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan's songs. I just love that Eastern beat they all possess. They are all songs you could easily get up and dance along to. I am sorely embarrassed by our attempt this year. How anyone expects us to win with it is living in a dream-world. Eurovision is all about having fun, letting your hair down and being a bit crazy. The UK's song is terribly self-indulgent without an ounce of fun or excitement to be seen anywhere.
Nikki, Stratford-upon-Avon

Stefan's underdog tip is for Azerbaijan

Yes Jade's song is a skilfully woven ballad and yes Britain finally did what they quite frankly had to, namely do a promo tour ahead of the contest, however I still don't think she will give Britain the much desired win. France's Patricia Kaas and Chiara from Malta have the strongest songs since they are simpler and easier to the ear. Jade's tune is too complicated to appeal to the masses. Also want to put Azerbaijan up there as my secret underdog tip.
Stefan, United Kingdom

The UK entry must win. It's been 12 years since they won. The song is very touching especially the last chorus, it's the best song of the United Kingdom since 2002. I think now everyone thinks that Jade should win. Nowadays, Eastern European countries have been winning (since 2001, with the exception of 2006 because Finland is actually a Nordic nation). At this point, the UK is the ultimate contender in the finals.
Aric, Quezon City, Philippines

Darren Cooper
Darren Cooper supports Finland

I'd have to plump for Finland as my choice this year. Having won in 2006 with a fabulously crazy song, they not quite hit the mark since then. For me, "Lose Control" performed by Waldo's People is catchy with a great chorus and some not too shabby lyrics in the verses. The video though we don't get to see it on the night) is interesting as well. It's performed well at a couple of the warm-up events in the UK I've been to. It's something a little different to everything else this year and my fingers are all crossed, ready and waiting. Special mentions of course have to go to Norway, Sweden and strangely, Armenia.
Darren Cooper, London, UK

I'm rooting for England and possibly Denmark this year, but I think there will be rivalry because I'm English and my boyfriend is Danish so we will be fighting against each other. I don't think England will get very far because of all the political voting that goes on.
Stacey Luscott, Ludlow, Shropshire

Diren Yardimli
Diren is supporting Scandinavian countries this

Scandinavian countries are doing great this year. Norway, Iceland and Sweden deserve to win. Norway, with its A-ha quality entry is my favourite, Iceland comes next with a beautiful performance by a beautiful performer and Sweden with a very beautiful and innovative song. Eastern European countries do not stand out this year, however some of them deserve some credit as well - and will surely get it from loving neighbours. As for the UK, good luck! You too are coming with a song that's not just Eurovision-popcorn but a real song. Diren Yardimli, Istanbul, Turkey

Denmark has a good song but England can't win unless they actually enter a song of their own.
Denise, West Lothian, Scotland

Kostia says the Bosnian and Estonian songs are beautiful

I am torn between the Bosnian and Estonian entries. Both sing in their respective languages; both sing extremely well; and both songs are, simply put, beautiful.
Kostia Andreev, Falun, Sweden

If I have to support someone I will of course support the British entry, being British. I am in Bosnia at the moment, but I won't be supporting them, although I will be happy if they win. In a way, I hope the UK don't win as if they do it means the UK will have to host the next one and that will mean a lot of expense for what really is a non event, which for some reason those in Eastern Europe take very seriously.
Tony, UK

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