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How can the Taleban be defeated?

Pakistani Taleban fighters in Buner, north-west Pakistan (24/04/2009)
The talks come at a time of increasing Taleban activity in the region
The Pakistani Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, has ordered the army to carry out what he called the elimination of militants and terrorists in the country.

Pakistani troops are battling the Taleban for control of the Swat valley in the north west of the country.

His announcement follows the security summit which involved US President Barack Obama and his Afghan counterpart.

Speaking in Washington, Mr Obama said the goal was to "disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-Qaeda" and its allies.

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Your comments:

When the Pakistani Army and ISI can weed out the traitors and spies in their organisations
Benny Blades, USA

First stop the supply route of weapons and money, and use force mercilessly, they are the real culprits who are trying to destroy Pakistan's nuclear assets. The Taleban is the enemy of Pakistan. I support the Pakistan army and USA.
Rashid, Hyderabad, Pakistan

Well the USA should know how to defeat them, it was the USA that created them, but in those days they were known as The Northern Alliance.
jrr123, UK and Middle East

Of course the Taliban can be defeated. The United States alone could route the Taliban into history in two to three months. However, that is not going to happen. The only way it can happen is if the US is allowed to wage a war of utter destruction and annihilation. Nobody wants to see innocent people die but unfortunately some may have to for the Taliban to be defeated. The Taliban knows that the Western world is very weary when it comes to civilian casualties, therefore they hide and store arms amongst them in order to deliberately cause civilian casualties resulting in public outcry on both sides. If the US Army was allowed to conduct this war without all of the pc mumbo jumbo the Taliban would have been swept into the history books in 2001.
Michael , Washington DC

Fight sneaky, fight dirty, fight quiet - kick out the media and start to treat the whole proceedings as the war it is, rather than an exercise quasi-liberal, technological bullying (otherwise known as expensive losing).
MercThrasher, Brno, Czech Republic

We need to adopt their way of fighting. They have a strong will, they're well-trained and are so determined (to their cause). Why can't our military fight them with the same determination and tactics to eliminate them forever?
Maryamsufi, Lahore, Pakistan

The Taliban are a single cell organization. You can't destroy something like that because if you kill the leader or cut off their funding, they will always be able to ether have someone else take over or find some other way to get funding and be supplied.
Evan Lindberg, Albany MN, USA

Taliban as a military force can be defeated. Taliban as a systems of values and beliefs cannot.
Nigel Darwent, Trinidad and Tobago

The Taleban is made up of men who are on the fringe of society and poor. The Taleban promise they will help them with a job (killing anyone who disagrees with them, including innocent women/children) and justice. If the government offered a welfare system to help the poor and give them justice you would not have this terrorist group. Disenfranchised people are ripe for these terrorists. Give them jobs/food and let them have religious freedom.
Monetha, Salinas, Ca. USA

The menace of Taliban will be eradicated from the grass root level. Pakistan Army is doing the right job in fighting and eliminating Taliban. The whole Pakistani nation stands behind Pakistan's Army. Our army is fighting war with Taliban and very soon our Army will restore Pakistan's image on the world map. People of Pakistan will fight the war shoulder to shoulder with our army and will not sit back until a single Taliban will remain alive in Pakistan.
Syed A. Mateen, Karachi, Pakistan

The Taleban can only be defeated through education and improved living conditions of those who swell their ranks. Afghanistan has proven to be the graveyard of empires many times in the past, and the current conflict will be no different. It will be impossible to eradicate a determined, well-armed people who are fighting for their homeland and for a cause they believe in. Just look at Britain in WWII, Vietnam in the 1970s. I fear that the best opportunity to defeat the Taleban would have been to pre-empt its creation and invest money in the restructuring of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal. Too late now.
DW, Milwaukee

The Taliban can never truly be defeated in its entirity. The Taliban can be contained and monitored more closely, just the way any other terrorist group. The amount of power that they hold over the governments affected can be lessened if measures are taken to throw the Taliban out of power and control. A big problem with the Taliban is that they are allowed too much power, then too much leniency once they are censured or caught.
Nikki, Staten Island, USA

Taliban can be defeated only if the Pakistani Army and ISI see them as foes and not as friends who can be used for troubling neighbouring countries. Civilian population has to be disarmed if necessary by force for peace to return. Giving Dollars without Pakistani will to act will be counter productive. Taleban has supporters in all Institutions which explains the official paralysis. Sad to see criminals having taken shelter under the banner of religion.
F.Daruwala, India

Success has to be measured more in terms of containment rather than defeat.The Taleban are too fast to pick up an AK-47 for conflict resolution. They need to accept that there are other means of dealing with those who do not share one's beliefs. Somehow, the concept of live and let live has been lost to them.
Rufus Leaking, Houston, TX

Only friendly, diplomatic, political and such nature strategic approach may help solve Taliban problem, not any sort of forceful military action because the latter may give temporary victory giving ultimate heavy loss to lives and economy for all concerned to that, as per experience.
A.R.Shams, Pakistan

We don't seem to learn our lesson from history. Change can not be forced upon by the enemy. It has to come within. Get out and stop being enemy. Creating a puppet government only delays it. Win the people. Taleban & co cannot be toppled by war but changing the people and their support however unwilling initially. Every human wants and needs freedom but you can't force freedom it must be gained. So far all we have done is occupy not free the people.
Sam Hope, London

Step one, stop the free dollars going to corrupt governments! Our dollars only perpetuate the bad situation. Better to fund independent agencies who help the common people, not the rich. These countries do nothing to improve the lives of their own people. Our dollars go into politician's pockets.
Stan Willmann, Concord, CA, USA

There seems to be no effort made or reported to control the flow of arms. Who is supplying these arms and ammunition. Unless there is an agreement and enforcement of that agreement there are always factions that are unsatisfied with one or other issue. The next thing needed is to transfer the funds to the common man for improvement of their life. Sure there are set backs but there has been no pronounced effort. What did the west do after the Pakistan's earthquake - essentially walked out and left it to the Pakistan government and army to take care of - and everyone knows how this path leads to militant allegiance sooner or latter. The principals need a new policy not the same old of sending in troops. It is food and building roads that is needed.
Gopal, Albany, USA

Punish those countries who supply the arms to the Taliban? They are the countries behind the Taleban. Search for them and you will eliminate the Taleban.
Ashokgosar, Mumbai, India

It's not a question of defeating the Taleban, it's more a question of winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. Gain their trust, show compassion, invest in industry, healthcare and education. This is unachievable without extra resources and support from the global community, not just the usual few but all countries and it's not just a case of military support but also expertise in other fields. Win the Afghan people and they will defeat the Taleban by choosing a better way of life.
M Ward, Derby

Short term: Joint Military action.

Longterm: Political negotiation.

Also weaken or block illegal and legal supply routes of arms to the Taliban though it may cause some financial loss.
Dksethi, Bangalore, India

'Fuelled by anger against USA caused by frequent attacks by US drones that has killed hundreds of innocent people. Qamar Ahsan, Flint, USA'

In fact the drone attacks have been highly successful, and extremely well targeted. Although they can never be 100% fail safe, the fact that the Taleban are demanding an end to them is proof of their success. Remember, when you hear stories like 'I have lost entire generations of my family ' it is nearly always sheer propaganda.
Simon Morgan, Sydney

Revive CENTO, Involve India. Some three million Afghan refugees are currently in Iran; still more in Pakistan. Nuclear proliferation is real enough but appeasement of Islamabad is not the answer.

Afghanistan hasn't the resources to defend itself, let alone defeat Taliban. AFPAK talks are pointless unless Iran and India are involved.
Akbar Javadi, Tehran, Iran

Provide justice and stop interfering in other countries. This is best US can do to stop the war. So far no US or NATO soldier has been punished for killing civilians. This helps in getting more enemies against the US
Ahmad Mir, Sialkot , Pakistan

"How can the Taleban be defeated?" They can't. Get used to it.
Walter Donavan, Fort Lauderdale USA

The West needs to separate the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban's moderates, who are frustrated by the long-time absence of honest opportunities for advancement, from their radicals who devotedly want an apocalyptic clash-of-civilizations. For such a division to occur, the West needs to provide the Afghan and Pakistani states with the tools and infrastructure to effectively protect and educate their populations, while these states need to reform and de-corrupt their own legal and political systems to provide their populations with open and honest leadership. These steps would make the Afghan and Pakistani peoples economically viable, which would draw away the moderate elements of the Taliban and leave the true extremists unable to resist their removal from power.
Joe Schaedler, Minneapolis USA

It is evident that all the Allies have forgotten hard won lessons from the past. In order to win a war, you need to send in millions of ground troops to win the territory and clear it, and then to occupy it. The area concerned now covers much of Afghanistan and some regions of Pakistan and it is easy to hide from small numbers of troops in such places. Take the time and expense to send in a couple of million troops to clean the place out in a year. Cover all area's, hills, mountains and valleys. It could be over in a year or it can drag on and on for another decade with no victory by keeping troops at current levels. Do you want to win the war or continue fighting forever and a day? Act accordingly.
Peter, Melbourne, Australia.

Taleban can not be defeated through such military operation because the higher the civilian casualties the less support will be from both civilians and the government. But for the Pakistan and Afghanistan government, I think there is hope for peace in the region through reconciliation.
Nazifi, Katsina, Nigeria

Pakistan did a big mistake by letting the Taleban spread in the first place. The only way for Pakistan to get out of this mess is to evacuate civilians and use military force to get control of the regions now under Taleban rule. If Pakistan fails to do this, India may be forced to attack Pakistan to secure its borders.
Veera, Santa Clara, USA

Create an Army of Islamic Scholars for peace from all Islamic countries of the world. Build alternatives to madrassas in Pakistani border cities and send these Scholars to teach Islam, Peace and co-existence.
Salim, Amesterdam, Holland

Pakistan have only 2 choices: indirectly help India by taking on those extremists, or get consumed themselves by all this mess they helped fan. Also, by choosing the second option, they are permanently going to lose US support.
Raj, NC

Show the Taleban and other fundamentalist Muslims that we can work with them: Give ground on the small things (offensive cartoons, American troops in Saudi Arabia, etc) and the things we shouldn't be doing anyway (supporting Israel's aggression, supporting non-democratic governments, etc.). That would go far to stop the violence in the short term. For the long term, do all we can to make the modern world available to them --it's advantages over medieval dogma are so legion, they will find some way to incorporate and make peace with it.
Dennis, Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Taleban will defeat itself, eventually. Its ultra-violent terror tactics are emblematic of a dying movement; not a growing one. The West must continue to stand with the forces of modernity. Eventually, Afghans will reclaim their civility, along with their civilization. It takes time to steer a country of fighters into peaceful endeavours.
John, Cleveland, Ohio USA

A photo opportunity with a US or UK leader when NATO forces are bombing your people, without the care they would take if the people were Anglo-Saxon is a "kiss of death". It shows the total ineffectiveness in nationalistic terms of Zardari and Karzai. This is another gift to the ruthless Islamist Taliban. The Taliban will bide its time and return with some Afghans hailing them as "better the Devil they know".
John P, Edinburgh, UK

The Taleban will never be defeated while Obama is in office. By the closing of Guantanamo Bay he has showed them that they have nothing to fear from the U.S. The only way to defeat the Taleban in to wage war as they do. Take no prisoners! It is the only solution because they now view as what we are week willed.
Joaquin Polin, Rock Hill, NY

Education is a powerful way to end what I feel is the the manipulation of the youth through their piety. We must also improve upon the relations there, we cannot win this fight by simply fighting, we must build up Afghanistan and help the citizens of Pakistan, I say citizens because the government their is not well liked by the majority. It is important that the forces representing us in these regions both be the "good guys" and look like the "good guys". This is unbelievably hard because everyone there views us as an occupying force, we must work to change said image. We must also make the changes that they want, we cannot force on them something they don't want, we must build what they need, and then they will *hopefully* function on their own and maintain good relationships with the international community.
James Cardough, Auburn, New York, United States

American should learn from british and russian. The fight against taleban is not to bomb them to oblivion because they will hide and when the bombing stops, they will come out again. Solution: support and form a goverment that can deliver jobs to the youth most of whom are the fighters. Provide schools for the children, farms nd markets. A just and non curruptible sytem backed by money and not empty donor promises.
Wariz, Lagos, nigeria

War or killing people cannot be a solution; there has got to be a better way to solve this. What have Americans achieve out of illegal war on Iraq other than the massacre of Iraqis and their own soldiers? And what has NATO achieved in Afghanistan? Question goes back to reason of these wars, they have achieved nothing and in hundreds years, they will achieve nothing. Now we have to ask ourselves why these great leaders of over world and tigers of peace really cannot avoid those wars. I think Pakistan leaders should start using there own brain and stop taking dictation from West. Make more peace deal and involve in more dialog with Taliban.
Wajid, Karachi, Pakistan

The only way to defeat Taliban is close and honest cooperation of the Pakistan with Afghanistan. During Past years Pakistan was the brain of the Taliban and when the trouble started to knock the Pakistan's doors they eventually woke up. Pakistani government should control his borders more strictly.
Mohammad, Leeds

The solution is to buy every bit of poppy Afghanistan can produce. Turn it into biofuel. The price of poppies might go up but every dollar that it goes up will be a dollar that the Taliban don't have.
Robert, Canada

Only true education can end religious extremism in any form and in any country, including Taliban problem. Young kids must be groomed to become an independent individual, with own mind and body. Infusion of any religious or political "ideology" at an early stage, before a person develops his/her own sense of right and wrong, will only bring "my truth is more true" than yours attitude and eventually invite violence and suppression of others (mainly the weaker section of the society).
Jay Chatterjee, Dublin, USA

We in the west do not really understand why a people want to harm us. We suspect however that these people are dying to defend their homelands and way of life. It is sad that we all lack the opportunity to live without the cost in lives of the brave and heavy burdens our militias are costing all of us. Hopefully President Obama will be able to shed some good grace on this horrible situation. In the meantime pray for peace.
Lou, Stewartstown USA

The reason the Taliban are active is the mere presence of foreign troops in their lands since time immemorial. How would you react if any foreign military patrols your area? It is time for troops to get out.
Michael Issigonis, Brandon, Canada

Regards the Taliban...the world will soon be right back to where it started with them...only worse, they'll be a nuclear entity!
V.gerrard, Dublin, Ireland

The question should be " How can we defeated Pakistani and Afghan people from America " As you know,Taliban has been created by America in Soviet-Afghan war to avoid Soviet risk on Middle East--Taliban won against Soviet troops, took gun from America which made poor Taliban as powerful. However, American ideology failed now because Taliban is fighting against them who went their country for illegal occupation like Iraq ,in future will be same Iran and Syria. Taliban or any other thing are same, typical toys.
Johhny Job, England

I am a Pakistani and unfortunately, no matter how much I disagree with the Taliban's way of life (and how they enforce it upon others) I honestly feel that a military solution is not going to work because every Taliban "father" that is killed will breed ten more Talibans in his place. Pakistanis have to show their own resistance to the Taliban culture. I think this is possible because they have already "tasted" freedom and will not like to go back to the "Dark Ages". It is only when we Pakistanis get rid of the Taliban themselves that the results will be permanent, otherwise the fighting will continue forever. As Pakistanis we have to stop expecting that the Army or the US is going to solve this problem. The public has to get out in the streets to get rid of the Taliban. Let them know that they are not wanted and will not be tolerated.
Ahmir, Jakarta, Indonesia

The only way to defeat Taliban is All foreign forces out from Afghanistan and keep support to Pakistan's civil government and Military.
Abul Hasan, Karachi Pakistan

The only way to end the terrorist acts of the Taliban is through education. The young men are brain-washed into believing that they are fighting for Islam. Secondly, there is no problem with establishing the Sharia Law in Pakistan. However, the Sharia Law established should be the same as the law in Saudi Arabia. Education and Law must be closely regulated by the Pakistan Government and the Taliban will lay down their weapons.
Adil Altaf, Leesburg, United States

The simple answer is that they can't and will not be defeated. People forget that we have invaded Taliban homeland and they are defending it, no different to the French Resistance in WW2. What else would one expect them to do? Meekly bow down to western nations who have an entirely different agenda than stated?
Ian C. Purdie, Sydney, Australia

The war against the Taliban and their ilk is a long term one and entails rooting out all extremist elements from Afghanistan and Pakistan. This also means that a major change in the psyche of people living in these countries in needed, to actively support and back up military action. No amount of help from our Western allies will avail us until we can begin to do this.
Omer, Lahore, Pakistan

Taliban can be defeated by:

1)Afghanistan/Pakistan opium production is Taliban's financial lifeline. Defeat them by addressing opium production in Afghanistan and Pak.

2)Clean up Pakistani ISI that is by far their major supporter providing training and information to Taliban

3)Clean up Pakistani Army from pro-Taliban elements

4)Remove Taliban sanctuaries inside Pakistan

5)Improve economy in Afghan/Pakistani border cities and educate people about true face of Islam
Ehsan, Kabul Afghanistan

Who are the Taleban anyway? Our Western thinking in trying to pinpoint an enemy where only a nebulous entity exists, like Al Quaeda, has failed before with Britain and the Soviets. It won't work this time.
John Gilbert, Canada

US has a history of creating monsters and not completing the job properly. Taliban is a internal matter of Pakistan & Afghanistan, US should not involve in their internal matter and let both countries sort it out their own problems.
Shahid, Ontario, California, USA

You can only defeat the Taleban when you win the hearts and minds of the local population. The U.S.A. has failed miserably in this area. The corruption is rampant with the Karzai government as is the corruption rampant in the Pakistan government. It is sad when the peoples choice is between the lesser of two evils.
Rocky, Berlin

Taliban are not an enemy, Taliban is a way of life, and it is very difficult to defeat a "way of life"
Aamir Zia, VA, USA

It's impossible, unless the US is thinking about staying in Afganistan 3 centuries. You can't change the culture of a country in one generation!
Ricardo, Toronto

Best solution for all these problems is to dismantle the Pakistan-ISI and no terrorists will survive!!!
Prakash, NM, USA

Taliban is an imaginary entity. What we are seeing is the uprising against the lawlessness and corruption in Pakistan

Qamar, Flint MI, USA

Not imaginary at all. The Taliban clearly identified themselves as such when they were the governing clique of Afghanistan, and acted to support and protect Al Qaeda before and after they murdered 4000 Americans on 9/11.
Tom Harwick, Emmaus, PA USA

The Taliban can only be conquered if allowed to practice their religion without interference by the us and its allies.
Abubakar, jos nigeria

We just need to be patient. The Taliban will overplay their hand, the Indians will feel forced to step in. End of one problem, beginning of another.
Jon, Salisbury

There is no difference between the Taliban in Afghanistan and in Pakistan as both of them are united to fight against the US aggression. Every time when a Taliban is killed in US drone attacks, ten more Taliban comes out from their caves to fight against the US. If US want to get rid of Taliban, then it should change its foreign policies. US should stop killing the Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and simultaneously Taliban will evaporate like vapours.
Syed A. Mateen, Karachi, Pakistan

The Taleban can be defeated by giving the supporters a better choice. But wouldn´t it be sufficient to make the Taleban turn away from their oppressive behaviour?
Guenter, Essen, Germany

The Taliban are humans and not animals. As humans like you and I, they need to eat, live and be respected. They have their value systems which may not be like yours and mine. Don't impose our value systems on them as they would not do likewise on us. Are we not made up of black, brown and white? Just leave them to themselves and try to coexist and the world would be a better place for all. Don't assume we have a better value system just because some despots come begging!
Fadzil Abd.Rahman, Perlis, Malaysia

I saw one map of Afghanistan recently published, showing areas of Taleban activity and fields were drugs like opium are grown. They are identical which means that Taleban is using drugs to finance their terrorist activity. Destroy fields of drugs by napalm and Taleban is finished for good. Russia already officially stated that opium from Afghanistan is the number one source of illegal drugs in Russia.
Marshal Max, Los Angeles, CA

There is only one way to resolve conflicts and that is through dialogue eventually getting you to a common understanding. In a lot of cases "war" is the easier option. I guess we still are learning, despite our apparent intelligence.
Joris, Mechelen, Belgium

Tough question. Pakistan must get some backbone and deal militarily with the Taleban. Also the Afghan government must work with the United States to fight the Muslim extremists in their county. If Pakistan fails to deal with the Muslim extremists they risk war with India I believe.
Rob, Jackson, USA

The first step in solving a problem is to realize the exact dimensions and character of it. "The Taliban is that part of the Pakistani army that doesn't wear the uniform. " Whoever doesn't realize that is ill equipped to advise a solution to the problem. And whoever understands this truth knows the solution too well.
Sam Mukherjee, Yardley, USA

There is no way you can defeat Taliban, except defeat them militarily. If any sign of laxity is shown, they'll continue fighting viciously, suicide bombing, taking hostages, beheading people, taking more and more territory and implementing their own brand of legal system in these territories. A peace accord will lead to the same results. These people don't know what peace is and with them no one else will have it either. There is no diplomatic solution to this, no win-win, no soft peaceful coexistence and blah, blah. It is fight or be conquered and be subjected to a barbaric demonic order. Chose your option.
Philip, Amsterdam

Pakistan's existing regime exists in a peculiar condition of extreme strain between the stronger pro Islamic and the weaker more liberal political voices. While it could somehow walk the tightrope between both conservative and liberal factions, while playing these suitors in a triangle with the United States, it showed a semblance of stability. Unfortunately that semblance of stability could not last and we are now seeing the results of decades of Islamist ideological pressure, contrary to Pakistan's official political stance, turning the official government into what threatens to become little more than a political circus sideshow in a nation that is veering radically and quickly in the very direction it was pushed for decades by a competition of Arab and Persian pro Islamist influences.
Bob Ezergailis, Hamilton, Canada

American policy is always based on bribing the most corrupt elements of any society. The policy in Pakistan and Afghanistan is no different. Because both these countries are predominantly Muslim, the element of religious war is no small term. No one knows what will have to happen to confirm "defeat" of the Taleban. If the aim is mass murder, America will be able to claim victory. But America will never succeed in creating good government by its methods.
Canjudge, Mississauga, ON, Canada

The problem is not the Taleban. It is their country and they have the right to live as they want. The real problem is that they have access to nuclear material, bombs and technology. Pakistani "rulers" know it very well and it is their trump card to manipulate the World. The world should go after these.
Bal Rajput, Mexico

They can be defeated the way the old Soviet Union was defeated - let them win, take over many governments, mismanage, and collapse from within due to their viciousness and incompetence.
John McGarh, Providence, USA

By waging war with them in the same way we waged war against Germany and Japan. This would mean controlling the media to a role of support of nationalism, loyalty and against treason and cowardice. These values have been discarded for the most part at the urging of our foolish intelligentsia.
William E Smith, Canada

Taliban is an imaginary entity. What we are seeing is the uprising against the lawlessness and corruption in Pakistan, fuelled by anger against USA caused by frequent attacks by US drones that has killed hundreds of innocent people. There is no easy solution for this mess. For starters, how about putting an end to aggression by Pakistan Army and US Forces against the civilian population?
Qamar Ahsan, Flint, USA

Talbanisation has many shapes now, all are worst than each other and all needs to be addressed, specially. 1) Armed Taliban 2) Tablighi Taliban 3) Political Taliban. Armed Taliban can only be defeated by fighting, the rest of above two shapes are too hard to handle and it needs a deep study, how to address them.
Shahid Riza, Pakistan

There is nothing that really concerns the US although they may be having some with Al-Qaeda. US have put Pakistan into this meaningless war. Now Pakistan and Afghanistan should fight this as their internal matter without any dictation especially as far as Pakistan is concerned. Pakistan is an independent and republic country equipped with a great army. But US should leave this matter on Pakistan and try to distinguish between Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Al-Qeada may be a terrorist country but the Taliban are the angry brothers of Pakistan who are being played in the hands of Pakistan's enemies.
Ainy Raja, Pakistan

It still amazes me that we haven't worked out how to defeat terrorists.... There is only one way: You have to live like him, eat like him, sleep like him, smell like him, think like him, fight like him and kill like him. In other words you have to be him. You have to be the terrorists' terrorist. Conventional warfare tactics will never succeed. Take a look at some of the failed wars against terror in recent history.
George Snodgrass, USA

It has to be a three step process:

i) Force Pakistan and India to sort out the Kashmir issue so the whole debate of strategic depth, having militants as a back-up militia is resolved once in for all.

ii) Force Pakistan to clear out the Taliban in its home army action with the US pledging funds for the reconstruction efforts.

iii) Force Afghanistan and Pakistan to resolve their border issues and encourage Pakistan to fence / mine the border to stop constant cross border movement so the armies on both sides can work together to clear the Taliban without worrying about them escaping.
Tahir, Karachi Pakistan

I think the question is not how can "Taleban be defeated". The question should be "How can the ideology of Taleban be put to rest."
Farhan, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

How can an ideology fully supported by its citizens be defeated, that is what type of culture they want and the only thing to do is to isolate them. It has nothing to do with the US, India, Israel, Palestine or the UK, they want Sahria law and there own country, well have it but you will not be allowed out!
Danny, Manchester

Win, lose, defeat? Is war just another ball game? Do we not have a better way to describe a desired outcome? I disagree with a neighbour. We talk. We come together, understand and move on with greater respect for each other. Not this stupid "win/lose" talk. Call me simple minded!
Willis Marshall, New Bloomfield, Missouri, U.S. A.

I don't think it is the job of Nato forces to defeat the Taliban, only the Afghan people can do this. When the predecessor of the Taliban, the Mujahideen, were, like the Taliban, fighting to rid their country of foreign invaders - this time the Russians - they were hailed as freedom fighters by Ronald Reagan. Double standards as usual.
Fred, Montreal, Canada

The Taleban are fanatics who want to impose their way of thinking on everyone or they will kill you. Not much room in that thinking for discussions. A devastating military defeat would work best as this is the game they wish to play. This nonsense about talking to them holds no water. Pakistan has found out that if you deal with them they see it as a sign of weakness. It is unfortunate but only force will deal with this issue. Maybe when they start creating problems for China this will be dealt with as China does not delude itself about threats.
Richard, Norfolk, Virginia USA

Taliban can only be defeated if Pakistani government has a resolve and commitment to do so. As I see it, elements of the army are in collusion or sympathetic to the Taliban and are reluctant to wage an all out war. How can a so called professional army in Pakistan face its adversary India when it is incapable of dislodging the Taliban from their expanding territory, I feel Pakistan has been playing a double game with America and now the ante is up.
Naeem Akhtar, Vancouver, Canada

There will be no Whitehouse breakthrough. The Taleban want to end lawlessness; they want peace. They want to bring peace in the only way they know. This means the enforcement of the Islamic law of Sharia. To the west Sharia may seem like a step backwards, but who are we to judge Sharia? Are we Pakistani, Afghan, or Islamic? What should count is the opinion of those who may be subjected to Sharia. (The Taliban has been successful. In several countries they control, they have disarmed radicals and even on occasion, absorbed warring groups into their fold.) If the Taliban have failed, most of the blame must be placed at western doorsteps. If they have failed to improve economies, foster democracy, re-evaluate policies, etc. would any country or group be able to accomplish these reforms with drones raining down and the west screaming: You have got to do more to stop terrorism, to stop the Taleban!

What is needed is honest brokering by the west; a willingness to extend an impartial and well-intended hand. East and west can meet in true friendship, but only after the west stops spinning, exploiting, and builds trust.
R. Gabrielle Berry, Toronto, Canada

Easy: if the world's media refused to report anything about Taleban activities they would not receive the Oxygen of publicity and they would revert to being what they actually are: local, fanatic, psychopathic bandits. Just do not publicise them - please.
Asia Haleem, London, UK

The US or any other individual country's involvement rather than UN's seems and sounds strange and peculiar in this ‘horns of dilemmas’ situation about Taleban in the region. This regional issue of Pakistan and Afghanistan should be undertaken, initiated and settled by themselves. However, UN being the global organization may be asked for assistance in case of need.
AR Shams, Pakistan

The best way to tackle this problem is to cut the sources of funding and weapons to these criminals, who hide behind their faith. Who is supplying them? I would contend that it is the Pakistani Government/Intelligence/Military who are morally aligned with this ideology and also see this an evergreen excuse for free funding from US/international organizations.
Anil Chandan, Ottawa, Canada

Raise one hand in the air who thinks US and Nato presence in the region will improve the situation. What! No hands to see! Has the world come to its senses?
Olaf, Oslo

Why are the Pakistanis on here with their begging bowl, this ideology is supported by many Muslims and they need to sort it out, if you harbour these lunatics you should sort it out, meanwhile close the borders.
Danny, Manchester

It's too late now, the incompetent politicians of this blighted land have made the things go beyond the point of no return.
Amir, Pakistan

By talking to the tribal leaders that influence events in Afghanistan and by focusing on positive deeds instead of indiscriminate bombings.
Dominick, Florida, USA

Building trust among Pakistan, Afghanistan and US is vital for the three countries. Apart from it, the Indian government should not be allowed to hijack the whole scenario and the American lean towards New Delhi should be corrected.
Muqaddam Khan, Swabi-NWFP-Pakistan

The situation is critical: the Taleban are attempting to gain ground and have a strangle-hold on activities there. President Obama needs to map out a fool-proof strategy with Mr Karzai and Mr Zardari to thwart the Taleban forces. For starters there has to be better cooperation between the Pakistani and Afghan leaders as the relationship has been lukewarm so far. The Taleban have managed to infiltrate Pakistani lines and this is extremely worrisome.
Pancha Chandra, Brusels, Belgium

The Taliban can only be defeated by their fellow countrymen in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They would know the terrain, the Taliban's social, religious and cultural language as well as the their terrain and military tactics. Therefore a proxy war is more certain to yield a victory - a direct one by outside powers won't - no matter how powerful they may be. That's been tried before and it's failed before.
Muhammad Zaman, Oxford

This summit of the three cannot eliminate or decimate the menace of Taliban. If anything it will create more sympathisers among the Islamic world. Over the years since the start of the war on terror, the Taliban has only gained strength. With tentacles spread globally, and anyone who does not fall in line with their set of beliefs, being a heathen, not only people of other religions but also moderate Muslims are the targets of these fanatics. Truly this has become a Frankenstein monster for Pakistan.
Hari Kumar, New Delhi, India

Can you believe that the Pakistan army cant defeat the Taliban? This is all game of dollars. The US must help Pakistan with a strict accountability check on the financial aid for the "War of Terrorism". Only a major military action is the solution. Every other US Attack is a lost cause.
Usman Javaid, Pakistan

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