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A poet and you know it?

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Carol Ann Duffy has been named Britain's Poet Laureate, the first woman to be appointed in the 341-year history of the post. Will you share some of your poetry with us?

53-year-old Duffy takes over from Andrew Motion who's served ten years in the position.

The author, who is best known for her collection The World's Wife, is also the first Scot to be named Laureate.

She was such a strong favourite to take up the position that bookmakers stopped taking bets on her appointment earlier in the week.

Thank you very much for your contributions to this debate. It is now closed.

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Your comments:

e-mail sent in by reader

This is brilliant news. Carol Ann Duffy is one of the best poets writing today, both in terms of technical ability and originality of subject. And nice to see a female Poet Laureate for a change!
Kate, Aberystwyth, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

It's a real shame that people like Ronnie Barker, Pam Ayers and Benny Hill were not considered as Poet Laureate, back in the 1970s. Their kind of witty verse was exactly the kind of thing that was needed, 30 years ago, to stimulate an interest in poetry.
David Hazel, Fareham, UK

BillT on Audioboo:

Bill from Cambridge has recorded a haiku in response to Carol Ann Duffy's appointment as the Poet Laureate.

You can record a video or audio message on your own social media platform and send us the link using the form on the top right hand corner of this page.

e-mail sent in by reader

I'd like to write a comment in verse
But somehow...
it always comes out worse!
Megan, Cheshire UK

London skyline
Tanuja has e-mailed his poem about life in a multi-cultural London

what shape is the heart
what shape is your heart ?
pink and hundred red veins
shivering across the surface.
is this your heart
beyond the flesh and bone.
beyond anyone's soul.
why are you silent
give me reasons, explanations.
is it not oxygen you and I breathe?
is your heart a circle and mine a vicious serpent of another race?
isn't your blood the colour of red wine?
do we not live under the same polluted london sky?
if i take a sip from your nescafe mug
am i poluted by your religion?
Tanuja Karunarathne, Neasden, London

e-mail sent in by reader

I think that it great. Yes poetry still plays an important part in modern culture. When I am bored, I normally write a bit of poetry.
Catherine Oliver, Crawley, England


Calz88 tweets:

There was a young man from Leeds
Who swallowed a packet of seeds
It soon came two pass
That he was covered in grass
And now all the grass has turned to weeds

e-mail sent in by reader

I have read some of her poetry, and whilst I congratulate her, I haven't been able to understand one of her poems. Old fashioned I must be because I get more fun out of reading Pam Ayres. That's what we all need in Britain, someone to bring a smile to our faces. One thing for certain, Carol Ann Duffy ain't she.
Stephen Robertson, Dinnington, South Yorks

Gordon Brown at Downing Street
David Harthill and Gaz have sent in poems about Gordon Brown

I wonder what's getting me down
It is swine flu or Gordon Brown?
Outside the jobless are queuing up again
And this year I can't afford to go to Spain.

But these lazy oafs seem to have it all
Sky, Xbox, 50 inch plasma on the wall!
New Labour have turned us into a laughing stock
If only we could turn back the clock!

Obama? It's all about image and style,
His wife might keep my happy for a while.
She might be able to bring me out of my depression
Which was caused by the global recession.

Gordon Brown, listen for once to the people
We're sick of the back teeth of you and your cronies
Resign immediately and call a General Election
And bring on the Tories!
David M, Harthill, Scotland

There once was a PM called Brown
Whose incompetence was of such renown
That his limericks were shocking
And always worth mocking
As he consistently managed to lose the meter right at the end and could never get the last word to rhyme.
Gaz, Barnsley

e-mail sent in by reader

It's great that a woman holds the position but Carol Ann Duffy writes some of the worst poetry I've ever heard. I had to study here 7 years ago for GCSE and it was absolutely terrible, there are many other worthier poets out there. The Poet Laureate position appears to have become a tool in the quest for 'moderism'.
Helen, Bangor

Carol Ann Duffy
George Handley's poem is about the new Poet Laureate

So now we've heard in the news
The successor to Wordsworth and Hughes
Believe it or not
The first woman and Scot
People will definitely have views

A new Laureate called Carol Ann
Can she write poetry? She can!
She's got a promotion
Replacing Andrew Motion
So I hope that I will be a fan!

She's in the post for ten years
So make sure you've got good ears
To hear her good rhyme
Which you'll hear some time
For those so far and near

She's had such a very good life
With works such as The World's Wife
Her well-chosen words
Coming first and not third
You could cut them all with a knife

Poetry is magic with words
It's like being as free as a bird
You may not need potion
To replace Andrew Motion
But her talents just need to be heard
George Handley, Nottingham, UK

e-mail sent in by reader

I admit not being a Duffy's poetry after it was forced upon me at school. I'd love to see Morrissey put down some of his stuff into Poetry, I believe he could be one of the greatest of our time.
Shaun, Reading

Buddhamagnet on Audioboo:

Buddhamagnet from Surrey recites poetry on the day that Carol Ann Duffy is announced as the country's new Poet Laureate.

You can record a video or audio message on your own social media platform and send us the link using the form on the top right hand corner of this page.

e-mail sent in by reader

I understand that former soccer ace and reformed drinker Paul Gasgoine has taken up the pen. If this is so, then this appointment is premature. Paul is now quintessentially English. Loud, penchant for the sauce and prone to wearing false breasts. Yes, Paul would get my vote. Odes to young ladies from various parts of the country would be quite novel and a refreshing change. Don't you think?
Murksome, Kent

e-mail sent in by reader

Unfortunately for Ms Duffy I have no taste for her poetry having had it forced upon me during my Highers. I do however retain a love of Shakespeare's sonnets and the poetry of Burns. Such is my love of Burns that for a project, I rewrote Tam o' Shanter with a modern day setting.
Kirsty Topping, Edinburgh

Grab of Have Your Say site
Neil's lines on the current difficulties with the BBC News messageboards

I tried to find a way
to write to Have Your Say
but HYS was broken
so I'm sending this small token

For those that do not know it
It's good to have a poet
For my words are so bad
a Laureate makes me glad

The Engineers will fix
HYS with glue and sticks
but please, please hurry
'cos I'm startin' to worry!

I'm sorry for the damage I've done
to Poetry, for it can be fun
a Poet Laureate is a Must
for me it's Poetry or Bust :-(
Neil Hastings, Flemington, USA

e-mail sent in by reader

I was very surprised to find that Carol Ann Duffy has accepted the role of Poet Laureate- as she is fairly anti-establishment. It's a good thing as her poetry is quite brilliant. The poem she wrote on the death of Diana- London 1997- is brilliant as is her poem 'First Love'. Congratulations to Ms Duffy.
T, Cardiff

Carol Ann Duffy
Lynne Thomas sent us on Ode to Britain's New Poet Laureate

Heavy Rain
Of washed out skies
Feel the pain
Of when love dies
Sun cracks through
Broken clouds
Whispering to
Birds out loud.

A feathered dance
Against the blue
Instilled, entranced
From me to you
Trees are singing
Beautiful tunes
Love is ringing
Hope is renewed.
Lynne Thomas, Hengoed, Wales

A sign for the facilities
Dan is less than enthused by the offerings from readers

Oddly, I clicked on this link
To see what others did think.
After reading some poems
I have to be going...
As all of your poetry stinks.
Dan, Bristol

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In the meantime we are using the form on the right to ask for your comments. We will aim to publish as many of your views as we can.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

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