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North-west earthquake: Your experience

The British Geological Survey confirmed there had been an earthquake of 3.7 magnitude at 1120 BST on Tuesday.

Police and the fire service said there had been no initial reports of damage or injuries.

You have been telling us what you felt as the earthquake hit.


Some of us felt the tremor at work on Michaelson Road by BAE however I thought we had some large lorries going past the building. Some staff did not feel a thing.
Hazel Chambers, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria

My sister and I were sat watching the TV when the earthquake came. It was like a low rumbling and then the house seemed to shift. It was over quicker than it began, definitely scared us, and our two dogs were not happy!
Mandy Williams, Kendal, Cumbria

I don't know what it felt like in Ulverston but it shook us over here on the other side of the bay in sunny Morecambe. We didn't know whether it was an earthquake or if a plane had crashed nearby. Lets hope that first reports are confirmed and there hasn't been any injuries or damage.
Mark Rushton, Morecambe Lancashire

I was in a lecture at Lancaster University when the ground started to shake pretty violently for approximately 3-4 seconds. Everyone then started to look around in confusion, later we found out it was an earthquake
Aaron Turner, Lancaster

I was at home, and I thought that there had been an explosion on the motorway nearby. It was really scary, because I thought perhaps a car or something had hit the front of my house.
Sarah Hobart, Lancaster, Lancashire

We work at the local quarries in Carnforth, Lancashire and have received masses of calls from the public thinking we had blasted stone from our quarry face without prior notice! It was felt throughout our surrounding area.
Nicola, Carnforth

We're across the bay from the epicentre and the whole office shook. There's no visible damage in the street, but the earth definitely moved for us in the North West this morning! I guess it makes for a more exciting day - and it's certainly put us on the map.
Joanne Allday, Carnforth, UK

I felt the tremor whilst in Endmoor. It felt and sounded like something had landed on the roof of the building. The noise was the worst thing. Didn't see any damage though.
Sally Phillips, Kendal, Cumbria, UK

We felt the staffroom shaking in the school I work in, and just assumed someone had slammed a door somewhere in the building. It wasn't until a few minutes later we realised what had happened.
Chris, Lancaster, UK

I thought an HGV had hit the side of my house! it definitely felt like it came from one specific direction though. It was enough to make things on the table rattle.
Rosa, Lancaster, England

I live in Natland just outside Kendal I heard a large bang like an explosion the house shook several milimetres and there was rumbling afterwards, the event made me go outside and check the house for damage.
Paul Ridgewell, Kendal, England

I was glad to see this story. My dad thought I made it up. When I felt it, it was only a slight tremor and didn't last very long. It was about 11.21ish this morning in Blackpool.
Julie Smith Marshall, Blackpool, Lancashire

I was sat on the sofa reading to my daughter when the quake hit, my house started shaking, so I grabbed her and ran outside, a few of my neighbours were out in their gardens, I could hear the houses' guttering creaking as they had been violently shaken.
Jessica Mylroie, Blackpool

I felt the earthquake at about 11:20 while at work, it made the whole building shake. Their was a lot of confusion in the building as we thought someone had driven into it. Some of our colleges were a bit shocked and are still talking about it now.
Martin Greenwood, Lancaster, North West, UK

Me and my work colleagues felt it in Blackpool, perhaps not as strong as other areas but it did feel like someone had jumped on the roof and shook the ceiling.
Mark Watson, Blackpool

I was working in the library at Lancaster University on the top floor and everything shook for about 5 seconds. Everyone working on the top floor looked up and around to each other wondering what it was for about a minute afterwards. It was a short interruption to my studies but I didn't realise it was actually an earthquake until I heard it had been felt by friends all over Lancaster!
Laura Thomas, Lancaster, UK

I was there in my house and suddenly the house felt like it was shuddering (like the kind of feeling you get when on the London Underground). I was thinking that maybe something fell from the roof or a particularly heavy truck passed by the house, but I wasn't convinced. The house is unscathed but I was a little shaken (no pun intended) to say the least. A friend also reported that in Grange the floorboards and glasses in her house shook. Certainly a very unnerving experience!
Jack Grossman, Kendal UK

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