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Nuclear power: Your views

The government has released a list of 11 sites in England and Wales where new nuclear power stations could be built.

BBC news website readers have been sending in their views:


This is the catalyst for the regeneration of West Cumbria. With the increase of employment, small businesses will flourish and the skills gap will reduce. I'm 100% for the development of nuclear power stations in Cumbria.
Shaun, Cumbria, England

I lived near Hinkley Point and Oldbury for most of my life. I really don't give a second thought to their presence and have no problem at all with new reactors being located at either. It's one way forward for fulfilment of our future energy needs.
Douglas White, Bristol, UK

My parents live across the bay from Dungeness. The simple fact is that unless we want the lights to go out, the nuclear power stations being decommissioned have to be replaced.
Philip Le Roux, Aldershot, Hampshire

I am delighted that Dungeness is a chosen site as it has been nothing but positive for this area. I believe that nuclear power is the future as it is clean and sustainable. We need to get rid of fossil fuel power stations as soon as possible.
Alex Irvine, Folkestone, Kent

I feel adding a new reactor next to the existing ones is a good idea and I welcome it. It's one of the biggest employers in the area and this will secure these jobs and many more for the future. I also feel nuclear is a very green form of energy. I live within a mile of the existing two, and do not feel concerned by them for myself or my family.
Colin Galbraith, Bridgwater, Somerset

Nuclear technology is better and safer than it used to be. I lived close to Hinkley for many years. Job prospects outweighed dangers. People have to realise that power needs to be produced somehow, but no one wants it on their doorstep.
Philip Harris, Birmingham

Nearest reactor is Hartlepool and can be seen from Yarm. No problem with locality. Why does the UK make such a big issue of what is an essential part of the UK energy sector? We always seem to make things more difficult than they need to be. Just get on with it.
Peter Hopkin, Yarm, UK

I fully support new-build on Anglesey. The existing power station at Wylfa has been in operation for 40 years and has had an excellent safety record. The proposed new-build will be good for the local economy.
Bryn Jones, Holyhead, Wales


I oppose the building of the proposed nuclear power station at Heysham. The current power stations have been plagued with problems and their current safety is questionable. Half Moon Bay is an area of natural beauty, but unfortunately the area has been ruined by the current reactors. I can appreciate the economic benefit the new power station will bring to the area. However the environmental cost far outweighs the benefits. There will be an increase in traffic. The health of the surrounding population will continue to be put at risk.
Lyndsey Harrison, Lancaster, Lancashire

I live in Medway which is between two designated sites. Now, as I understand it the risk of a Chernobyl style meltdown is rare but to be honest when living between two sites, that risk is unacceptable. Have they never been to the Kent Downs? It's windy over there, what's wrong with a few turbines?
Richard, Medway

It would seem disastrous to site a power station in an area of Cumbria that is so unspoilt and that UK residents are starting to see as an attractive area for holidays. The devastation to the local area for many years, both during and after construction, will put most holidaymakers off coming to the area. The idea that many local jobs will be provided is a red herring as most jobs will go to foreign workers or those with specialist skills in the nuclear industry.
David Smith, Millom, Cumbria

Having lived in Cumbria for much of my life, I think it's insane that people would even consider to continue to ruin the Cumbrian coastline with the addition of power plants.
Lorna, Kent

So the unwanted, unnecessary nuke sites get dumped on the north, where economic desperation and short-sighted MPs cluster. Yes to wind, no thanks to nuclear.
Roger Higgins, Hexham, Northumberland


I appreciate the need for power generation and nuclear power on balance is cleaner than burning fossil fuels. However, what I am surprised about is why we are ignoring one of the cleanest forms of energy which is right under our feet - geothermal energy. If we have the technology to drill for oil and gas under the sea surely we can use what we've learned and harness geothermal energy as it's clean and safe and won't run out for millions of years. Iceland can do it so why can't we?
Martin, Swindon

I am against nuclear power as it is wasteful, expensive, dangerous and it too will run out. Why not invest in hydrogen power as hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and there are no harmful by-products.
Nikki, Norfolk

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