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How do you rate George W Bush?

President George W Bush
President George W Bush is nearing the end of his eight years in office.

As President of the United States, he faced the attacks of 11 September 2001, took his country to war and provided billions of dollars to help fight HIV/Aids in Africa.

BBC News website readers have been sharing their thoughts about how he compares with former US presidents.

I probably wouldn't classify George W Bush in the top ten of American presidents but he certainly isn't in the bottom ten either.
I think time will be a great help to Bush Jr. His handling of Sept 11 was superb, he helped bring the economy back after the attacks. Iraq was his popularity downfall. However, I feel time will prove he did the right thing. The media set out to vilify him and they succeeded. I feel Jimmy Carter was the worst president.
Kathy, Caledonia, MI, USA

I think Ronald Reagan was the worst president ever. He took America's last chance to redeem itself and squandered it. Reagan introduced us to the plague of modern homelessness, and the useless mantra from his wife: "Just say no". It won't be many more years before his ideology will be totally discredited, and his time completely forgotten.
Craig Diehls, Fayette, Missouri, USA

James Buchanan's failure to stop the Civil War and Andrew Johnson's decision to favour Southern whites after the Civil War resulted in serious problems in the US for over 100 years.
George W Bush, together with his Vice-President Dick Cheney, has made not just the US but the world a far more unstable place, primarily due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If these problems escalate and last any length to time, George W Bush will be near or at the top of the list of the worst presidents.
Tom Hughes, Vancouver, Canada

Though the majority won't agree with me the worst president of the USA is Bill Clinton.
The Monica Lewinsky case was a fraud to the Americans' pride and moral standing. George W Bush made blunders along the way but was bold enough to make serious decisions. Leadership is not about how you mould words but how you feel about a particular issue.
Kapepe, Livingstone, Zambia

I'm not a great fan of George W Bush but I can easily put others in front of him. How about Lyndon Johnson for getting us into Vietnam and then trying to run the war from Washington? Or Jimmy Carter for economic policies that brought on a 20% interest rate and his failure to deal with Iran, which brought on all the terrorism we're facing today? Or what about Bill Clinton for gutting our military and intelligence which could have prevented Sept 11th?
DL, San Rafael, USA

Without a doubt George W Bush is by far the worst president the US has ever had. The litany of his errors and omissions is too long to enumerate.

Can there really be any doubt? Warren Harding might have been more foolhardy, but he didn't have the advantage of eight years to mess up the presidency. Bush Jr has escorted my country from one disaster to another with inaction at best, and corruption and mismanagement at worst.
James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover bore the brunt of events that would have made any president look bad. No president before George W Bush has so ruthlessly ignored our principles of freedom in the name of safety.
Aaron, California, USA

I've only been alive through three presidencies, but I truly believe President Clinton has been one of our worst. Yes, the economy thrived during his presidency and yes he was a great public speaker but his response to terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in 1993 and in Yemen were inadequate. I also believe Clinton accelerated the moral decline of our society since he conducted an affair in the Oval office, lied in a court of law and was impeached for these actions. President Clinton did more to damage the United States than George W Bush ever has done.
Abby, California, USA

We could argue that Jimmy Carter was one of the worst. We had runaway inflation, and interest of 17% on home loans during his administration. The only reason people have forgotten how bad it was, is that he has changed his image since leaving office, to look like a humanitarian. Ronald Reagan had one heck of a mess to straighten out, and he did that successfully, which is why he is very admired, now.
Rick McDaniel, Texas, USA

Richard Nixon did the most long term damage to the US. He had a tendency to associate himself with the shabbiest cohorts. James Buchanan inherited a situation that was bound to play itself out regardless of the sitting president. Andrew Johnson may be second to Nixon because of the long term effects of his policies regarding civil rights. I think Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky is so unimportant that it deserves no mention. I think George W Bush and other world leaders will be judged by historians to have made a serious faux pas in the invasion of Iraq, a sovereign country, without clear and true reason.
Richard Atencio, Sacramento, USA

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