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The torch on the Great Wall of China

Photo: Richard Giles
Richard Giles on the Great Wall of China

People around the world are following the events of the Olympic games online or on television wishing they could be in China. Others, of course, have had the luck to be in the right place at the right time.

Richard Giles is an internet entrepreneur from Perth, Australia. His brother was chosen to be a torch bearer in the stretch of the Olympic relay that passed along the Great Wall.

Richard followed as a guest, these are his thoughts and pictures of the relay.

Photo: Richard Giles
Colin Giles carries the torch
It's certainly a unique day! The local authorities decided that my brother was a part of the community that should be carrying the torch. I've been to the Great Wall before but this is really something special. That day, 18 people carried the torch. My brother was almost the last torch bearer and he took one of the steepest parts of the wall. He passed it to a government employee.

The atmosphere was interesting. There was security there of course and about 2008 students from the local colleges all along the wall. The students wore yellow to represent a long dragon's body and there was a dragon's head on the wall at some stage too. People were chanting Go! Beijing! Go! Olympics! The noise and the sea of yellow was quite a sight!

Photo: Richard Giles
Chinese students make up a long yellow dragon
Each torch bearer gets to keep his or her baton. So my brother was carrying his after he have covered his distance. People were treating him like a celebrity stopping him for photos. Giggly schoolgirls were not so sneakily taking pictures of him along the way.

My brother gets to see all of the events at the Games. I get to see only some of them, but beggars cannot be choosers. The Chinese are good at getting things together quickly. It will be hard to beat them when it comes to the spectacle they will make of this year's Olympic Games.

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