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The male biological clock: Your stories

Scientists say that they have found evidence that men as well as women have biological clocks and their fertility drops as they get older.

BBC News website readers have been sending us their experiences of trying for children later in life. Here is a selection of your comments.

We had our first baby three years ago when my husband was 38 and I was 31. Now we are in infertility treatment for baby number two after trying for over a year. I am glad this report came out because I don't think enough importance is placed on male fertility. In our case, it seems there might be something going on related to age.
N. Dillon, Boston, USA

I've always believed that men can have children at any age but this information has broadened my mind on the plight of childlessness, most especialy in Africa where men refuse to go for check-ups to ascertain thier fertility.
Hassan, Abuja, Nigeria

I started my second family at 55 and now have three boys aged five, seven and eight. I feel that keeping myself reasonably fit, eating a variety of foods, not drinking too much and not smoking have contributed to my continuing ability to have children later in life.
Leeroy Murray, London, UK

When my wife and I were married 26 years ago her doctor told us that we might have problems becoming parents. We were married in July and our first son was born the next April. I was 54 at the time. Two years later our second son was born. Both of them have graduated from college, with honors.
Don Melvin, Madbury, USA

Our society encourages us to grow up later, live your lives before having children. We think that we can have it all, but our bodies were not designed for what some people hold up as the ideal. On top of the issue of conception, the risk of having a child with Autism is increased greatly if the father is over 40.
Tim Jinkerson, Wokingham, UK

I had my first daughter when I was 32, followed by my son when I reached 35, that was with my first wife. I then (with my partner now my wife) had my second daughter in 2001 when I was 46 and in 2006 we had our third daughter when I was 51. My father also had a son at 50 so whether generically we have strong swimmers or not I cannot say but no-one in our family has ever failed to have children.
Andy Haselip, Fareham, UK

My wife and I had six kids in our twenties and thirties. I then had a vasectomy but later in life my wife wanted another child so I went to the doctor to ask for a reversal. I couldn't get it done on the NHS but went to a private hospital where it was done for 2000 when I was 41. We got pregnant quickly, but had two miscarriages. We then had a long wait with many false dawns, but now our baby is due in the next couple of weeks. I am now 43, my is wife 45.
Anon, UK

Too much stress at work, too much alcohol, a poor sex life and not enough fresh air and exercise is more likely the cause of the a male sperm count dropping after 30. Try living a healthy lifestyle and see the difference! I had no problem fathering children between the age of 35 and 43.
Andy Smith, Burton on Trent, UK

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