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Your memories: Cyd Charisse

Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly
Cyd Charisse found fame in the Technicolor musicals
Cyd Charisse who sang and danced with legends Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain, and Fred Astaire in Silk Stockings has died aged 86 in Los Angeles.

At the height of her fame film company MGM said her long legs were insured for a million dollars. But Charisse later revealed that had been an invention of the company's publicity machine.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their comments and memories of Cyd Charisse, a selection of which have been published below.

Your Comments

I first saw Cyd Charisse in 'Singin' in the Rain' whilst doing my film degree in 1994. I was honestly spellbound when her sequence with Gene Kelly was onscreen. I thought she was balletic and very, very beautiful. What a stunning pair of legs!
Mark Alldridge, Poole, UK

Cyd Charisse represented class personified. It is a shame that every year we lose more and more of these true Hollywood stars. Thank goodness for film, we will be able to treasure Cyd Charisse's work forever.
Rob Jervis-Gibbons, London

I met Ms Charisse six years ago at the Palladium during a charity show, obtained her autograph and told her that, in my opinion, she was the finest screen dance partner that Astaire and Kelly ever had. She demurred modestly. It was a small moment for her but a major one for me. Another legend has left us. RIP.
David Schulten, London, England

She was part of my childhood summer holidays in the late 1960s and early 1970s when her films were shown on TV in the mornings. I was lucky enough to see her perform in the West End in 'Charlie Girl' alongside Paul Nicholas, Dora Bryan and Nicholas Parsons, needless to say she stole the show. A true great, thank you Cyd.
James Wood, Cardiff, United Kingdom

One of my earliest memories of all films is seeing Cyd and Gene Kelly in the famous scene from Singin' in the Rain. I remain as spellbound and in complete awe of her as a dancer today as I was then. It's always a shame to lose someone who has brought such great entertainment to so many others through a natural and overwhelming talent. My sympathies are with her family and friends. RIP.
Michael Allison, Preston, UK

I had the privilege of working with Cyd in 1984 in the West End revival of 'Charlie Girl' at The Victoria Palace Theatre, we also did the Royal Variety that year and, due to a dancer being injured, I stood in at the last moment in white tie and black tails. I strutted my (untrained) stuff with her in front of a thousnad strong audience and a millions watching on TV, you just never forget those moments!! Throughout the six month run Cyd was a sweetie, her dressing room door was always open. What a Hollywood doll!!!
Graham Fawcett, Tunbridge Wells UK

I saw Cyd Charisse on stage in the musical 'Charlie Girl' in London many years ago. She received a standing ovation just by walking on to the stage - one of the last of the Hollywood greats from the golden era of musicals - a true superstar.
Jacqueline Downs, Whitstable, UK

I grew up watching and learning to dance from all the greats of those fabulous decades. I danced and danced all my life. What joy she gave us and when the dancing was over we still watch the glorious old musicals. Why did they ever stop? Bring them back please.
Stephanie Pavlides, Larnaca, Cyprus

When I danced in Le Follies Bergere in Vegas, Cyd (who was a friend of our director) frequently came to see the show. Meeting her backstage was a thrill. She was stunning to look at, but her beauty was eclipsed by her warmth and charm. The effect she has had upon generations of dancers can not be underestimated. She was a true original and an absolute knock-out. To quote a line from "Singin' in the Rain" that certainly applies to her, Cyd Charisse was "a true star in the Hollywood firmament."
Gary Moore, Montgomery, Alabama

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