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Tuesday, 16 May, 2000, 12:02 GMT 13:02 UK
Will Beckham regret his tattoo?

Manchester United and England football hero David Beckham has revealed he has the image of an angel tattooed across his shoulder blades.

The soccer star already has his son's name "Brooklyn" emblazoned underneath the new image. He says the guardian angel is watching over his baby, and if he has any more children he will get their names tattooed on his back too.

Once associated with Hell's Angels and heavy metal, tattoos are now considered by many to be the ultra-trendy fashion accessory. Stars like Robbie Williams and Spice Girl Melanie C both sport their own works of body art.

However a survey has found that while the number of people braving the needle has doubled in the last six years, a quarter of those over the age of 25 said they would consider having them removed.

Do you think David Beckham will still be proud of his tattoos when he reaches middle age? Do you think he's setting a bad example? Have you got a tattoo and then lived to regret it? Tell us your views and experiences. HAVE YOUR SAY David and Victoria Beckam have been blessed by nature with a full set of physical attributes wrapped in an attractive package. They have also been fortunate with their respective careers and parenthood. They enjoy all that money can buy and yet David still feels the need to permanently mark the perfectly good skin which nature gave him.
Russell Ingram, UK

Anyone can have a tattoo if they want to, who are we to judge? If David Beckham gets a tattoo, why should we care?

John Ngo, UK
Less of Beckham in the news would be BETTER !!!
Roberto, Italy

Anyone can have a tattoo if they want to, who are we to judge? If David Beckham gets a tattoo, why should we care? It is his personal choice and we should respect him for it, as it is not us who will be wearing the tattoo.
John Ngo, UK

Tattoos are a very personal undertaking, and should be considered thoroughly before having one done. I have three, and in each case I spent a long time ruminating before deciding on a design and position. I also have long hair, wear black leather and have body piercings. All of these combined have an additional advantage: They serve as a filter that stops me having to deal with narrow-minded idiots like Mr Rune, who judge people on appearance rather than individual merit.
Chris S, UK

Why should we be so bothered about every single thing that David Beckham does? The more such attention we pay to these "stars", the more they seem to think too highly of themselves. Be concerned about something more important!!!
Mike Yap, Malaysia

He might...but his son definitely embarrassing!!!
Jonathan, Denmark

It is all sheer, unadulterated trailer park trash taste

Kerry Woodward, England
In the last month we have suffered in-depth coverage on Victoria's decision to go blonde, Beckham's decision to shave his head and now the latest tatoo fiasco. Has it ever occured to the Beckham's that if they spent less time forcing themselves into the media limelight, it would afford Brooklyn a measure of privacy and security.
Surely this is a good thing in light of the recent kidnap and death threats against them. Beckham's decision to cover his body in tattoos as a means of self publicity is presumably the result of his inability to communicate via the written or spoken word. It is all sheer, unadulterated trailer park trash taste.
Kerry Woodward, England

I have tattoos, there is an old saying "Never judge a book by its cover". My wife once said she would never have dated someone with tattoos, but after she got to know me, it didn't matter at all. It doesn't make you any less intelligent, and I recently read an article about the highest people in society having tattoos or piercings, albeit private to themselves. The moral here is, live and let live.
Michael, UK

I have one which no-one can see unless I choose to show it to them

L, England
I believe that tattoos should be done for personal and spiritual reasons, not as a way to keep in "fashion". I have one which no-one can see unless I choose to show it to them, which is what I have always intended. David Beckham's tattoos obviously hold much personal meaning to him; and I would hasten to add that those who have tattoos are not merely "jumping on a bandwagon"; as tattooing is a cultural art that has existing in many societies world-wide for thousands of years.
L, England

Who taught us to put tattoos on our body? It looks ugly and irritating to see people with tattoos. I wish I could know the reason for having one. Do we think we are economically and technologically well off than other countries so that whatever we do would be considered appropriate? I don't think so...
Rufus J Selvaraj, USA

All too often, we see results of drunken decisions and individuals with anarchistic leanings being displayed

Hazel, UK
Historically, skin markings, including tattoos have used amongst tribesmen to denote which tribe and status within the group. To begin with they were no more than crude scars with pigments being applied later in history to give more permanent marking. Through the ages, tattooing became an art, with intricate patterns being cut, as in the cases of the ancient Celts and Maoris. A lot of the patterns have endured to modern times but are at risk of dying out.
In modern times, we have the most advanced technology for achieving tattoos of high standards. These days it is down to the individual's choice of design and the skill of the tattooist to produce the best looking art. Unfortunately, all too often, we see results of drunken decisions and individuals with anarchistic leanings being displayed, none of which can give a favourable first impression, unless that the other person were blind.
Tattoos are fine, provided the tattooed individual has the tatoos placed where he/she chose to reveal all or covering up altogether.
Hazel, UK

Is one's body not a temple? How we adorn our bodies is totally up to us. In the moment of saying "yes, put that tattoo there" we are accepting it 100%. I got a tattoo, a large one on my left upper arm and never will I say that I regret it for if I'm to say that I regret it then I deny that my choice to have a tattoo was wrong. But it was so right in the moment. Maybe in my maturity - if you will or my old age - if you wish, my thoughts on my tattoo might change. Until then, I think that I'm a groovy 26 year old!!
Chris, UK

Tattoos can be original but you do have to be careful, as there are so many roses and dolphins

Joanne, UK
I have three tattoos myself and at the end of the day is it anybody else's business. It is his body so what right does anybody have to judge him or me. I think also that tattoos can be original but you do have to be careful as there are so many roses and dolphin's etc. If you do choose to have one you should think long and hard about it as they are there for life
Joanne, UK

The sooner this vacuous man and his equally pathetic wife are out of the news for good the better. The sum up the sort of famous people who are well-known for nothing more than simply "being famous because of being famous". They are uninteresting, unintelligent appalling role models who should be banished to the scrap heap of celebrity.
Ben Dunnell, Germany

To suggest the Beckhams do things just to get in the press is preposterous. Victoria has had numerous death threats, don't you think she's had enough of the smutty press attention? The tattoo indeed looks tacky (as all do), but if he wants it, let him have it. Good luck to them
Roberto Skeggobar, UK

Ignore for a moment "tacky" tattoos and consider seeing a decent tattoo that becomes a living piece of art. My tattoo took 12 hours and every last person who has seen it cannot believe that something of such quality could ever be a tattoo.
Chris, UK

I think that it's lovely showing interest in his son because so many dads neglect their children

Kerry Grainger, Scotland
David's tattoo is up to him. I think that it's lovely showing interest in his son because so many dads neglect their children.
Kerry Grainger, Scotland

Another Beckham publicity stunt to keep them in the public gaze. Does ANYONE care??? I don't think so, except them of course...
Dickie, UK

Tatoos are as common as football players - unoriginal, uninspired and not worth the money.
Adam Underwood, UK

Now that he is in his fifties, he wishes he could have the one on his forearm removed

Jeanne, USA
Will David Beckham regret getting tattooed? My brother had both upper arms and one forearm tattooed while he was serving overseas in the Navy. My poor mother was positively horrified (this was the sixties and one of his bits of "artwork" was a topless mermaid). Now that he is in his fifties, he wishes he could have the one on his forearm removed as it is so easily visible.
At least David Beckham's are in a discreet area that is easily covered by clothing. By the time he might regret his decision, I'm sure laser technology will have advanced to the point where removal will provide better results. I say leave the Beckhams to their fun. Why is everyone so critical of them for heaven's sake? They're young and they're having a bit of fun. Ah, youth!
Jeanne, USA

The right tattoo in the right place can look great but in this particular case it would seem to be yet another attention seeking device which further points to the Beckham's general insecurity. Rather sad really.
Michael, Ireland

Tattoos will always denote trash to many people

Hugo, UK
Tattoos will always denote trash to many people. As soon as you see a tattoo you judge a person. Unfortunately that judgement is one of low intelligence bad manners, and poor taste. Why do people brand themselves for life?
Hugo Rune, UK

I find it very sad when teenagers wander into their local tattooist's and pick something off the wall just to impress their mates. I have a number of tattoos myself and each one means a great deal to me, not only have they been designed by me but they hold great spiritual meaning about the my life. Tattoos are highly personal and should not be thought of as fashion accessories.
Hannah, UK

I beleive tattoos should be symbolic and mean something to you, David obviously loves his child and always will so I doubt he will regret this very much. A body is like a canvas: it was meant to be painted on!
jenny, New Zealand

So, tattoos are popular with pop stars and footballers then? When these groups decide something is fashionable, it's normally on its way out already.

I am very embarrassed by my tattoos

Mattt, Wales
I had my tattoos done at the age of 18 when I was in HM Forces. I was very naive and also drunk at the time and truly regret having them done. If I had the opportunity to have them removed I would do so straight away. I am very embarrassed by my tattoos and will not reveal the top parts of my arms where the tattoos are located.
Matt Stephens, Wales

If you can't make a mark in life, make a mark on yourself.
Grant Haworth, Netherlands

I can't believe all this anti-Beckham bile! David and Victoria are two young, talented (no-one can dispute HIS talent), well paid people. Who can say that if they were as well rewarded they wouldn't live a little excessively? And who wouldn't accept the monies offered to David and Victoria? I believe that the invective says more about envy than about the Beckhams.
David, UK

All I can say is that all these people have written in moaning and groaning about the amount of press coverage that the Beckhams are getting but they still read it. So what if Beckham has had a tattoo? Do you really think he cares what any of you say about what he has done, what he does or how he acts? If you don't what to read about what they've done recently don't buy the magazine/paper !!!
Jo, Berkshire

If there ever was an example of visual pollution, it must be the constant pushing of Beckham and Posh Spice's trivia in front of our noses

Bob, UK
If there ever was an example of visual pollution, it must be the constant pushing of Beckham and Posh Spice's trivia in front of our noses. Who cares? If they were actually to do something constructive for others, then maybe they could create some genuine interest.
Bob, UK

As others have said, it's his body, but it is SO lower-middle class. Bleh!
Csnad, USA

If I see one more rose on a shoulder/dragon on a leg etc. I'll scream!

Mel, UK
I think he'll regret it the same way I think all people will regret tattoos. You wouldn't wear an item of clothing that you thought was fashionable/to your taste at one given time forever would you? Also, most tattoos tend to be fashion led - for example Celtic arm band tattoos will always be associated with the late 1990s... which also brings me onto how unoriginal tattoos usually are. If I see one more rose on a shoulder/dragon on a leg etc. I'll scream!
Mel, UK

There is no such thing as individuality anymore. Tattoos have become just another fashion accessory and David Beckham is jumping on the bandwagon along with the rest of them. However its obviously an expression of his love for his son and has to be taken in the spirit as such. Lets hope he keeps his shirt on in his 50's though when it all starts to sag and go wrinkly by which time the angel will look more like the T in a t-bone steak!
Lisa, London

Who "REALLY" cares about David Beckham's tattoo? When are the UK media going to wake up to the fact that this vapid, plastic pair of fashion victims have NO relevance whatsoever to the lives of ordinary men and women?
Gillian, Scotland

Perhaps it is yet another of his wife's ideas.

Angie, Singapore
Frankly, what has gone into Beckham's head? I shan't go on about his past attention-grabbing deeds, as we all know what they are.
I'm not too sure if he'd still be proud of his tattoos when he's getting on, but I get the impression that this latest antic is yet another trend he's following. Or simply seeking attention. Or perhaps it is yet another of his wife's ideas.
Angie, Singapore

A major talking point about tattoos is always the statement that "they will look terribly wrinkled and saggy when you get older". With all due respect, when you are of an age that your tattoos start to get wrinkly then it is usually the skin (tattooed or not) that looks slightly worse for wear and not as appealing as it once was.
Ronnie, Scotland

I was forcibly tattooed when younger, but would in any case advise Mr. Beckham NOT to have any more tattoos done. If he changes his mind later life - as a man like he surely will - he will find that he can never get rid of it. I tried to have mine removed and the (rude) words are still visible to close inspection.
Major Hamilton Moore, UK

So long as those who have been tattooed are not allowed to have them removed on the NHS, they can do what they like to their own bodies.

Ed, UK
So long as those who have been tattooed are not allowed to have them removed on the NHS, they can do what they like to their own bodies. If they cannot find a job due to their appearance, and claim benefits, then the tattoos should be removed at their expense (out of their benefits allowance).
Ed, UK

I think that fashionable designs that are meant, and thus positioned, to be displayed are more likely to be regretted in later life. At least the tattoos of today appear to be more discrete than those before, i.e. faces, necks and hands.
Cameron, Scotland

The Beckhams will do anything to keep themselves in the press - what I find sad about is that papers/media keep reporting their pathetic acts?
Colin Bird, England

Tattoos are fashion statements, but all fashion comes and goes. A few years ago tattoos were worn by people we aspire to. Now when I meet a nice girl and she wants to show me her tattoo or belly-button piercing, I think - "yawn, how mainstream... everybody's got them". Hey, my tattoo is placed on my left shoulder and looks good - but the magic has gone.
Per Petersen, UK

I wince when I hear people say they got a tattoo because it's "cool".

Paul, UK
I am a 37-year-old chemical engineer (a very conservative profession) and am classified as heavily tattooed (full back tattoo from neck to upper thighs plus more on chest and shoulders.) However, my tattoos can all be hidden by a T-shirt and my clients are none the wiser.
I started getting tattooed when I was 21 and have no regrets at all. In fact, in the right circumstances, I am very proud of my tattoos. It is personal and serious decision and I wince when I hear people say they got a tattoo because it's "cool".
The majority of people I know who regret their tattoos did not give the matter a great deal of consideration before proceeding. Like many things in this life it's not for everyone, and don't forget that it costs considerably more to have a tattoo removed that it does to get one!
Paul, UK

To be blunt - less of Beckham in the news would be good
Jamie T, UK

Obviously it's his skin and he can do with it what ever he wants but I wonder if he has considered the embarrassment that his children will feel when they walk down the beech with their Dad who has a fading Angel and their names emblazoned across his back! Well intentioned? Possibly. Tacky and embarrassing? Most definitely.
Stuart, UK

I think it is ok to have tattoos, but they look better when they are hidden from view. If you know what I mean.
Steve, UK

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