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Your comments on 'Euro-whiff'

A stench over parts of the UK has been blamed on farming or industrial smells drifting over the Channel. Readers have sent their scented experiences to BBC News website.

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I live and work in SW London and noticed it as soon as I left for work this morning, and it stayed there the whole journey. And I'm still getting whiffs of it through the window as I sit at my desk in the afternoon. I'd describe it as somewhere between manure and the smell of a rubbish truck. But as for it coming from east of here - does this mean that the Continent smells like this? Perhaps people from mainland Europe can tell us.
Jim Thomas, London, UK

My wife and I live in Clapham and we noticed a smell this morning and thought it was from a fox. When I returned to the house a while later, the smell was still there and was all down the road. This afternoon it seems to have died down.
Tim Vallings, London, UK

Got up this morning, live in London SW17 and went out to work, stepped outside the door and noticed foul smell in the air. got in car, drove to work SW11 (4 miles),got out of car, yuck foul smell, thought I had trodden in something so checked shoes, mystified, glad it's not just me!
Suzanna Reed, London

I noticed this smell this morning whilst walking along Commercial St on my way to work. Thanks for clearing this up as I was getting worried that the small was coming from me!!!
Jonny, London


I've noticed a sickly sweet off smell, similar to silage, occasionally over the past couple of weeks. When we had the same smell a couple of years ago, which lasted for two weeks, it was blamed on a local sewage problem.
Joey, Oxford


There has been a terrible smell in the air here for the past couple of days. Many people have commented on it. Smells like a mixture of sick and dung. All the kids were commenting on it coming out of school yesterday.
Wendy May Bushnell, Formby, Liverpool, Merseyside, England


From the moment I stepped out the door I could smell something. It reminded me the smell we used to get in the summer when we lived near a Kent pig farm. It wasn't overpowering but was definitely noticeable.
Mark, Reading

When I went to work this morning I thought that a farmer had been spraying his fields with manure. It was so strong it made me choke. The smell followed me all the way to Windsor. Lunchtime (1.00 pm) the smell seems to have dissipated somewhat.
Kris Longuehaye, Reading, England


It absolutely stank in Bournemouth the other day. It was like being inside a cow-shed, despite being an urban built up area.
Alex, Dorset


I went outside this morning at 8.30am with my daughter and we both smelt a disgusting manure smell. We thought our neighbour had been putting manure on his garden and blamed him! It reminded me of when I used to live in the country and didn't mind it too much but not every day!!!
Susan Lewton, Kingswood, Bristol

I noticed a smell both last night and this morning, but as I live in a village surrounded by farms, I thought it was simply the start of the slurry-spraying season.
Steve, Bristol, England


As soon as I walked out of the house this morning, there was an unpleasant smell in the air. On my arrival at work, the strange smell was still lingering in the air. It's shocking to think that the manure smell has travelled so far from Europe to make its way to the welsh valleys.
Rachel Tippins, Ebbw Vale, Gwent

Yes, I noticed the smell yesterday. It reminded me of the smell when a tanker of petrol spilled its cargo in the English channel a few years ago when there were south-easterly winds.
Tim Salter, Mold, Wales

As a farmer, I know that the EU have decreed that farm animal waste built up over the winter can only be spread after a certain date in April. Thus Dutch, Belgian and German farmers have hit poo day and are letting fly. The same EU Nitrate directives are going to be imposed here soon. Mmmm, can't wait!!
Chris James, Pembroke, Pembs

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