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Your experiences of Terminal 5

Bags piled up at Heathrow
Passengers have suffered delays and lost luggage
Passengers and staff caught up in the problems at Heathrow's troubled Terminal 5 have been sending in their comments to the BBC News website.

My son, 11, flew home from Hong Kong this morning on BA28. The flight landed at 6:07am and I was finally re-united with him shortly before 9am.

He was travelling as an unaccompanied minor using the BA Skyfliers Solo programme. After the passengers emerged from the baggage area, (about 90 minutes after landing) I waited a further 15 minutes, but there was still no sign of him. I tried phoning BA but could only get an automated service.

It turns out that he was met from the plane by a member of ground staff who was not allowed to take him through herself, instead she had to wait with him while a member of staff, specially cleared for the work, came to take him through.

Thomas tells me she called multiple times and was told over and over again that someone would be there in '20 minutes'. 'Someone' never arrived!
Maria Shortland, Walderslade, Kent

BA's response: We are extremely sorry for the distress caused to Mrs Shortland and her son following his arrival to Terminal 5 from Hong Kong. At no time was Mrs Shortland's son left unaccompanied - he was always in the company of one of our staff. However, we recognise that it was unacceptable that it took nearly three hours for Mrs Shortland and her son to be reunited. We are investigating the matter and will be in contact with Mrs Shortland to discuss the matter further."

My parents and their friends flew early on Friday from Manchester to T5, then on to Miami. They were told their luggage would be on their flight. As yet BA has no idea where the luggage is.

They are due to join a cruise ship on Monday out of Miami and they are stuck in the United States with nothing. No clothes, underwear, shoes. They face joining their cruise ship with the clothes they left home in on Friday morning at 0300 GMT and a pair of shorts and T-shirt that they purchased from a shop close to their Miami hotel.

This has ruined a once in a lifetime holiday that they saved up for. They are meant to be cruising into South America and along the Amazon river - Malaria treatment, special clothing and mosquito sprays all inside luggage. I am in the UK, chasing it from here, and being told something different every time I call.
Susan Garner, Sheffield

We are "enjoying" a ski holiday watching others ski as we have no clothes. Advice from BA has been variable and disappointing.

More importantly, I believe concordance between luggage and passengers is an essential element of flight security. There has been no explanation of how flights were allowed to take off with no luggage at all?
Dr Stephen Golding, Oxford

It is now the third day that we are waiting for our luggage to arrive. I check the BA website at least five times a day but it doesn't give you any information about the missing luggage. The hotline is also useless, the only thing you hear is the busy signal. Great job, BA!
Laura, Germany

Our school German exchange trip to Stuttgart had been carefully planned since October. Fortunately we spotted on Friday night that the Sunday afternoon flight had been cancelled.

After considerable effort on Saturday, our organising teacher managed to rearrange coach, flight and the German side of pupil exchange for Monday, with assurances this flight would not be cancelled. Which it then was at 10pm on Saturday.

New arrangements again had to be made, contact all participants (English and German), for the flight to arrive at 11pm Monday, with tired pupils, having missed one and half days of carefully prepared arrangements.

There may only be 15% cancellations, but every one them hides huge additional uncounted effort and disruption for which BA should be properly ashamed.
Rod Palfrey, Swindon, Wiltshire

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