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DJ Kevin Greening: Your comments
Former BBC Radio 1 breakfast DJ Kevin Greening has died at the age of 44, his agent has confirmed.

You can read a selection of readers' comments below. Or use the link on the right to add your comments.

Absolute shock. First listened to Kevin when he presented weekend shows on Radio 1. He seemed such a genuine guy who never made it as big as he should have, always the good that are taken first. RIP.
John Rimmer, Berwick, Northumberland

I'm very saddened to hear of Kevin's death, I loved his shows on Radio 1, one of the best voices ever to grace the airwaves, and he will be sadly missed. Kevin - we may hear you no more on earth but we can see your star shining brightly up there, rest in peace Sharon
Sharon, Diss, England

I've just arrived back from holiday in Australia and was catching up on the news, when I read about the sad death of Kevin. As many of the previous contributors have said, Kevin's death is sad and untimely and his contribution to radio is greatly appreciated. Long gone are the days of 'Get down Gripper' echoing from the radio, but like Kevin, they wont be forgotten.
Anthony Perlman, Bahrain

So sad to learn of Kevin's death. I always enjoyed his dry outlook on life. A tragic end to the year. My condolences to his family and friends.
Michael Brown, Chippenham

So sad to hear of Kevin's death. One of my favourite broadcasters, a real appointment to listen, especially on his Radio 1 shows, as I was growing up. My condolences to his family and friends.
Ken Rayner, Salisbury, UK

I'm devastated to hear this terrible news. I've fond memories listening to GLR in those early days and following his broadcasts from station to station. I'll miss your take on the world over the airwaves Kevin. From a fellow biker, rest in peace mate. Steve. BAMCC
Steve Ayres, London England

Very sad news. I greatly enjoyed Kevin's style. A true unassuming star amid a generation of fame seekers.
John Coles, Somerset

I went to the same college as him at Cambridge University, and he was my inspiration for trying my hand on university radio for 3 years. His XFM show got me through my GCSE revision many years ago. Sorely missed.
Martin White, Watford, Hertfordshire

Rest in Peace Kev, you'll be missed....
Dave, Watford, UK

Blimey, what a shock. For me, Kevin was the last DJ I listened to just because it was his show. He brought something worth listening to and never let his ego run away with him. I lamented the passing of his Radio 1 shows and I lament his early death. My thoughts to his family and friends.
Mark Brunning, Leavenheath, England

Very sad news indeed. So tragically young and with many more years in broadcasting ahead of him. A fine, natural talent lost.
Rob Townsend, Currently in Moscow

I very much enjoyed Kevin's Radio 1 show. A tragic loss at much too young an age. RIP Kevin.
Cheryl Emmanuel, Jersey, Channel Islands

I remember him doing the breakfast show the day after Diana died. He described it as "the show I never wanted to do on the day I never wanted to happen" and he got the tone just right, a very gracious man and a loss to quality broadcasting.
Susie, London

A great broadcaster, I'll always remember him for his handling of Radio 1 Breakfast during the death of Diana. His talent will be sorely missed.
Gary Allen, Manchester

I remember Kevin from my days in London and his days at GLR. He was very bright, had a sharp wit and was always good fun. I always felt it was a privelege to be listening to him. I am really shocked to hear of his death. I send my deepest sympathy to his family and those who knew him personally.
Fiona McGrath, Bostock Green, Cheshire

I will never forget when I first heard Kevin on the radio. I was on holiday in Cornwall and me and my brother were driving in my car listening to radio 1. It was an Eric the Gardener sketch, and let me tell you - we were laughing so hard I nearly crashed the car! To this day, my brother and I still laugh when we say to each other, "Come on, Gripper!" Kevin was a very funny, talented individual who will be sorely missed. He brought great humour to our lives, and his memory still does. May he rest in peace. And Radio 1 - please re-play some of his old sketches as no-one makes radio like that any more. A true legend.
Greg Claridge, London, England

A rotten end to a rubbish year. I first encountered his dry humour when he turned up on Radio 1 after the Bannister purge, doing weekend breakfast before Danny Baker's show, and became a massive fan. The humour was only a part of it. Years later, he interviewed me down the line for the World Service about a book I'd written, and it was one of the most perceptive radio interviews I've ever been involved in. He had one jingle that I think sums his attitude up perfectly: "Kevin Greening - however you dress it up, it's just a bloke playing records". He'll be missed.
Louis Barfe, Lowestoft, Suffolk

God Bless Kevin's Soul. May his Soul Rest In Peace. Kevin was a very nice person. He always encouraged me with my music career and always took time out to give me feedback on my new songs out of his busy schedule. He was a great DJ and I loved his shows on Smooth FM.
Shady Blue ( Singer-Songwriter), London

Kevin and I worked together at Radio 1 in the mid-90s. He would play the records and provide the comedy while I read the news. Kevin's wit, warmth and sincerity made him a joy to work with and I am deeply saddened by his death. He was a hugely talented broadcaster - but it was as a friend behind the scenes that Kevin leaves me with fond memories. He was the antithesis of your average Radio 1 DJ - quiet and unassuming. Not so long ago we exchanged emails and agreed that it would be good to meet up again one day. I am so sorry that we never managed it. Rest in peace, Kev.
Peter Bowes, Los Angeles, California

Kevin took the time to reply to his emails. The volume of them and weight of work meant that responses were sometimes delayed, but it was clear that he had taken the time to consider everything sent to him and felt that it merited a personal response. In an age of naturally aloof celebrities, I found this extraordinary. The manner of the responses said a lot about his special character - committed, talented, but never carried away.
Chris Rutherford, Caerphilly, Wales

Kevin was one of the founders of Cambridge University Radio, a station still going strong today and which I was lucky enough to be involved with as a student. In 1996 Kevin came back to Cambridge to talk with students about about careers in radio and he was a lovely, unassuming guy who gave of his time freely and generously that evening. Such an untimely death, I am much saddened to hear of it.
James Bullock, Los Angeles, USA

I am deeply saddened to read this story. Whilst I studied at Brunel University, Kevin (and Ze) were the first voices I heard every morning as I woke up before starting my day. He was great on weekends but even better on a daily basis. To me, Kevin was the comedy part of their show, witty and at times side-splittingly dry. His sketches even as a solo DJ were purely magical. Joke du Jour has become an English phrase thanks to this man. I remember his last Radio 1 show back in 2000 when we listeners got treated to hearing a collection of his best sketches performed over his duration at R1, they could have filled a whole day with that material. I cannot begin to explain how gutted I am to read your report. All I hope is that he had fun in the last few years of life, he certainly brought fun into many people's lives each and every day. A sad loss. Truely gutted.
Dave Small, Freiburg, Germany

What a sad loss. As one of Kevin's Radio 1 listeners in the mid ninties I always remember his warmth, wit and easy charm. He made listening to the radio a genuine pleasure. I will always remember his Elvis take off when, at the end of his show he said "Kevin Greening has left the building" Rest in peace Kevin, you are missed already.
Jeffrey Ferguson, Edinburgh

Eric the Gardener, Raymond Sinclair and the wonderfully slightly seedy Blowchap voiceovers, the wit and banter. Radio 1 had an intelligent and genuinely funny presenter and somehow lost him. Now he's gone for good and we're the poorer for that. I'm saddened to hear that Kevin has passed away, my main memory of Kevin was his hosting of the breakfast show the week after Princess Diana's death, he was very understanding and sincere to the nation's grief and that is something I have always remembered about him. rest in peace Kevin
Claire, Leyland, Lancs

I still remember his weekend shows on Radio 1 with great fondness; in particular I loved "Eric the Gardener & Gripper" - possibly the funniest thing I have ever heard on radio. I haven't heard any of his broadcast work in the last few years but his passing is still a shock and IMO a terrible loss for radio
Chris Elmes, Cirencester, UK

Kevin's style and sheer professionalism blew me away during my teenage years. He was one of the reasons why I yearned to become a radio jockey. I think it would be fair to say that some of his contemporaries, particularly Scott Mills owes Kevin a debt of gratitude for opening the doors to a much more lively Radio 1.
Neil Ramjee, Salisbury, Wiltshire

I was very saddened and shocked to hear of Kevin's death this evening. I first came across Kevin when he started at the brilliant GLR and his wit, style and delivery fitted in perfectly. I've only recently started listening to Smooth FM in London and I smiled when I heard Kevin on there - it was like meeting up with an old friend. To hear of the passing of such a talented individual at such as young age is very sad indeed. RIP, Kevin, you'll be sorely missed.
Colin, Welling, Kent, UK

I used to love his weekend breakfast shows on Radio 1, his unique style always brought a smile to my face. RIP Kevin.
Chris Williams, Wirral

What Terrible news. I was very sad to hear he has passed away. I remember his very first weekend radio weekend breakfast show on radio 1. I was in the car going to work and I thought: "What a refreshing DJ and show." I followed him ever since. Very sad. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Rob, London England

What awful news - I am a bit of an anorak about radio and liked Kev's style. There are few people in the world who could bring broadcasting order out of chaos, and he was one of them. A great loss to the broadcasting world, and my condolences to his family and friends. B.I.P! (Broadcast in Peace!)
Dominic Hill, Burnham, Bucks,UK

I loved listening to Kevin when he was on Radio 1. He always brought cheer into my dull old life. Rest in peace, love.
Foxy B, Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland

I am very shocked and saddened by the news. I remember he was the first DJ who got me really excited about radio. I thought that I may always do a job with some connection to music but I can remember listening to him when he started on the weekends on Radio 1. I even managed to get a day's work experience working with him and his team when I was at college. I remember listening to his very last show for the station too. I started working in radio professionally in 1997 and continued to try and listen to him whenever possible on whatever station he was working on. I know that he will be very sadly missed.
Simon Greening, Liverpool, Merseyside

In the days when I used to listen to Radio 1, Kevin Greening and Mark & Lard were the funniest presenters. Condolences to his family.
Sanjay, London, UK

Kevin. God bless you. You brought many wonderful songs and memories to all who listened to your shows throughout the years. Rest in peace.
Max, Birmingham

I mostly listened to him in the early days of virgin radio and really enjoyed his refreshing approach to broadcasting. Very sadly missed
Nick , Newbury & Berkshire

He was as witty as Wogan, as off the wall as Ray Moore and had charm, charisma and warmth. I longed for the day he'd come to Radio 2, sadly this will never be. Lovely broadcaster and by all accounts a lovely fella
Marc B, Shrewsbury UK

He was the DJ that made me want to be a DJ. Subversive on air but always oozing warmth, he was also - plain and simple - a nice man.
Neil Grayson, Northampton, England

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